How to Unlock a Door With a Bobby Pin? A Detailed Guide

how to unlock a door with a pinhole

Are you locked out while not having keys to unlock the door, and now you are trying to break the lock with the help of a bobby pin? If yes, then be aware that a bobby pin could be a constructive way to unbolt the door if used with appropriate knowledge; otherwise, this experience might be very frustrating. In addition, it can create personal anxiety, creating a sense of helplessness and panic.

Getting a locksmith for the job can be very expensive, So comprehending the easiest one, knowing how to open a door lock with a bobby pin, will be your rescue for the day! Keep the first things first; don’t lose hope if you get locked outside a room.

9 Simples Steps on How to Pick a Lock With a Hairpin

1. To open up the door with a bobby pin, bend the pin at a 90-degree angle and spread out the wavy and straight ends apart from each other to create a shape like L.

2. Remove the rubber tip side of the bobby pin and prefer using a knife or razor blade to remove the rounded tip of the rubber on the straight side of the bobby pin. Moreover, you can use your teeth or fingernails to stick into the lock as it will create the pick.

3. Stick the pin’s flat end into the top of the lock and try to bend it. Stick the pin in about 1 centimeter, and then fold the rest of the bobby pin until it flushes against the face of the doorknob. This will bend the tip at another angle. You can use the bent end of the pin to free the lock’s pins.

4. Bend the wavy-sided end of the pin into a handle for more power control. Bend the wavy end of the pick at an acute angle to create the handle. This will ensure that picking the lock becomes more accessible and more comfortable. Moreover, the end result will depict something as a half-circle.

5. Exert some pressure to stick the tension lever into the bottom. The bent end of the tension lever and stick it into the bottom hole in your door lock.

6. Try pushing the lever anti-clockwise to gain control. Maintaining force on the lever will rotate the round barrel in the lock, helping you pick up all pins. Keep pressing the lever until you feel the tension in the lock on picking it. Hence, the pins will drop back.

7. While picking into the lock, try to feel for the position of pins and slightly bent end of the pick right inside the lock to make the tip face upwards. Now, add some pressure on the pick’s handle to push the pins up until you hear a “click” sound.

8. Some pins will slide up with ease, but some require resistance. Locate a hard pin to push up, then push it down again and hear the sound of the pin setting on the barrel.

9. Now lift all the other pins, too, and shift to the top of the barrel. Moreover, turn the tension lever counterclockwise to open the door. Grab the end of the tension lever just like a key until the door is unlocked

If you wonder how to unlock a car door with a bobby pin, then remember the whole process will stay the same, and the car door will open in seconds.

How to Pick a Camper Lock With a Bobby Pin

1. The circular rubber knobs on both ends of the bobby pin must be removed. If you don’t have any other equipment, you can make it using just one fingernail, pliers, or wire cutters.

2. Once the spherical rubber knob end has been removed, we may start bending the bobby pin. Separate the first bobby pin into a single elongated, flat, and long metal piece.

3. Furthermore, it must be straightened to be aligned as the metal component will be your pick that will be used to clear a route between the pins by sliding it into the lock.

4. Bend the top of your pin into a pick using the lock as a guide. Then, with the flat side facing up, insert the straight edge into the keyhole of your lock. It simply needs to be curled slightly, perhaps a third of an inch.

5. Apply enough pressure to shift the rest of the pin to the left and bend the edge of the pin into a hook.

6. One end of the pick can be used to make a holder. Make a little spiral or loop with the tip of one of your picks by cross-bending it halfway into it. This will make gripping the pick and applying pressure much more accessible.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When How to Unlock a Door Knob Without a Key:

  • Make sure the bobby pin is secure and not fragile.
  • Check the lock if it functions clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Do not put too much pressure as the pin might break inside the keyhole.
  • If using your nails or teeth, be gentle as you might hurt yourself.
  • Check for any outer covering on the lock knob or the pin.
  • The size of the bobby pin sometimes depends on the size of the lock.

Alternatives of Bobby Pins:

If you don’t have bobby pins, you can also use two paper clips as alternatives. Those made of metal are most preferred and follow the exact instructions.

Another great alternative to bobby pins is to use metal wire. However, the thickness can give the pins a push and won’t get stuck inside the lock. Just be careful in handling them as they can cause cuts.

How to Pick The Different Types Of Lock With A Bobby Pin

Let’s dive into the world of locks! You’ve got the Pin Tumbler Locks, those are the ones you see on most doors. Then there’s the Wafer Tumbler Locks. Think of these as the simpler cousins often found on cabinets and less fussy locks.

Gather Your Tools:

Alright, time to get your toolkit ready!

  •       You’ll need just two bobby pins and maybe some pliers to bend them into shape.
  •       One bobby pin will become your magic wand (the pick), and the other will turn into your secret lever (the tension wrench).

Prepare the Bobby Pins:

  •       Now, let’s turn those ordinary bobby pins into lock-picking tools!
  •       Straighten one out completely; that’s your pick.
  •       With the other, bend the last bit at a right angle to create your tension wrench. It’s like crafting your mini toolkit.

Picking a Pin Tumbler Lock:

Got a pin tumbler lock? Here’s what to do.

  •       Slide the bent end of your bobby pin into the bottom of the keyhole.
  •       Apply just a little pressure, like you’re trying to turn a key.
  •       Then, take your straight bobby pin and wiggle it up and down inside the lock.
  •       You’re trying to coax those pins into the right spot. Listen for little clicks – that’s the sound of success!

Picking a Wafer Tumbler Lock:

If you’re facing a wafer Tumbler lock, don’t worry; it’s a similar dance.

  •       Try your tension wrench again, but these locks are more delicate.
  •       Your straight bobby pin must gently nudge the wafers to align.

How To Unlock A Deadbolt With A Bobby Pin

Bobby pins aren’t easy to use to unlock deadbolts, but sometimes you have to be inventive! Remember, this is for “I locked myself out” occasions with your lock. Avoid misusing this information!

Get Your Tools:

Please use two bobby pins. Simple, right? Pick and tension wrench. If possible, use pliers to shape them.

Make Your Tools:

First, take one bobby pin and straighten it out. This will be your pick. Bend a small part of the other one to make a right angle – this is your tension wrench. You’re practically a locksmith now!

Understanding the Deadbolt:

Deadbolts are tough nuts to crack. They’re designed to keep doors securely locked. Inside, there are pins that need to be moved just right to get the thing to turn.

Insert the Tension Wrench:

Take your bent bobby pin and put the bent end into the bottom of the keyhole. Apply a bit of pressure in the direction you’d turn the key. Not too much, just a gentle nudge.

Pick the Lock:

Now, with your straight bobby pin, start feeling around inside the lock. You’re looking to push those pins up and out of the way. It’s like you’re tickling the inside of the lock, coaxing it to open. Listen closely. Each little click is a pin setting into place.

Feel and Finesse:

This part is all about feeling. You need to be gentle and patient. Apply just enough pressure with your tension wrench, and use your pick to carefully lift the pins. It’s a slow dance between the two tools.

How To Open Cupboard Lock Without Key With Hairpin

Ever found yourself staring at a locked cupboard, key nowhere in sight, and wondered, “Now what?” Well, if you’ve got a hairpin handy, you’re in luck!

Gather Your Heroic Hairpin:

Grab that hairpin. It’s about to go from a hair accessory to a lock-picking tool. Feel like a secret agent yet?

Straighten Your Tool:

Gently pull your hairpin open until it’s straight. There’s a natural curve to it, but for this job, you need it as straight as possible. Think of it as your makeshift key.

Understanding the Lock:

Most cupboard locks are pretty simple. They’re not Fort Knox. Inside, there are usually a few pins that need some nudging to let you in.

Insert and Wiggle:

Slide the straight end of your hairpin into the keyhole. Now, it’s time to wiggle it around a little. You’re not trying to force it; you’re trying to coax the lock open. Gentle and steady does it.

Feel for the Click:

As you wiggle, feel for a slight movement or click. That’s the sound of success! It means you’ve moved a pin and you’re one step closer to getting that cupboard open.

Apply Some Twist:

While you’re wiggling, start to twist the hairpin as you would a key. Sometimes, it’s the combination of the right wiggle and twist that gets the job done.

Patience is Key:

It may take several tries. Even with a hairpin, lock picking isn’t precise. It takes patience and feeling your way.

Be Gentle:

Try not to break your hairpin in the lock. A broken hairpin and lockout would be a terrible combination. Be gentle when moving.

How To Open A Round Lock Without A Key.

 If you lose your key, you may need to open a round lock without a key. Being patient and understanding the lock is key. You should only do this with your own lock or authorization!

Know Your Lock:

Round locks, often called disc locks, are strong and complex. Don’t be discouraged by their pick-resistant design. They use discs and pins.

The Right Tools:

You’ll need something thin and strong, like a paperclip or a small screwdriver. If you’re using a paperclip, straighten it out. This will be your makeshift key.

Feel the Lock:

Insert your tool gently into the keyhole. You’re going to be feeling for the pins inside. These locks usually have several, and each one needs to be nudged just right.

Gentle Motions:

Start by gently rotating your tool in the lock. You’re not forcing it; you’re guiding it. Think of it as trying to convince the lock to open, rather than demanding it.

Listen and Feel:

As you move your tool, listen for clicks or shifts. These sounds are your friends; they mean you’re making progress. You’ll also want to feel for any give or movement in the lock.

Apply Pressure:

While you’re doing all this, apply a bit of pressure in the direction you’d turn the key. Not too much, just enough to keep the pins where you want them once they move.

How To Unlock Cylinder Lock Without Key

When you’re faced with a locked cylinder lock and no key in sight, fear not! With a bit of patience and the right tools, you can unlock it yourself. Here’s how in five straightforward steps:

Find a suitable tool:

Look for a small, thin tool like a paperclip or a bobby pin. Straighten it out as much as you can. This will be your makeshift key.

Insert and wiggle:

Gently insert the straightened tool into the keyhole. Feel around for the pins inside the lock. These little pins need nudging! Wiggle the tool up and down, and side to side.

Apply slight pressure:

While you’re wiggling, turn the tool as if it’s a key. Imagine you’re trying to turn a tiny doorknob. Don’t force it; be gentle. If you’re too rough, the lock might get more stubborn.

Listen and feel:

Pay close attention. You’ll feel the pins moving and might even hear a click. That’s a good sign! It means you’re close to getting it open.

Keep trying:

If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t give up. Each lock is a little different. Try a few more times, adjusting your technique as you learn how the lock responds.


How To Open A Locked Door With A Knife?

Use a butter knife or thin, flat utensil. Stay away from sharp blades to protect the door. Insert the knife between the door and frame near the lock. Target the door latch, the metal piece sticking out. Wiggle and push the knife gently. Push the latch back into the door. Be patient and press steadily. Turn the knob and open the door when the latch moves. Reposition the knife and repeat if it doesn’t move.

How To Unlock A Bathroom Door With A Bobby Pin?

Straighten the bobby pin. Your pick is the tip bent slightly to make a tiny angle. Put the bent bobby pin into the bathroom lock keyhole gently. Once inside, locate the lock pins. You’re pushing them up and away like a key. As you push up the pins, turn the lock like a key. Maintain mild tension. When the pins stop moving, twist the bobby pin like a key. Turning the lock will open the door if done correctly.

How to Make a Tension Wrench

To build a bobby pin tension wrench, insert the closed end of the bobby pin approximately an inch in the keyhole and firmly apply downward pressure until the pin bends 90 degrees.