7 Reasons For Garage Door Opens A Little Then Stops

Garage Door Opens A Little Then Stops

One of the most annoying problems garage owners face is that the garage door only opens a foot then stops. It’s time to run to work and these daily life hassles make life a bit more annoying.

Sometimes, the garage door starts to close then goes back up, or the garage door stops when opening. If you face similar issues with the garage doors, this article is just written for you. Don’t forget to read it till the end. 

Before spending plenty of bucks, try to look into several common factors because of which  the situation might occur. Even if it doesn’t work out, we recommend you to call a professional and get it checked. 

7 Signs Why Garage Door Only Opens a Foot Then Stops

#1 Remote Needs New Batteries

Remote Needs New Batteries

One and the most common issue for the garage door stops halfway up or up to a few inches is the need to replace old batteries. It has been really long; you haven’t changed the batteries then, this should be the first step.

It is always better to spend more at once than spend again and again. Hence, go for trusted manufacturer batteries rather than using ordinary non-branded ones.

#2 Fault in Logic Control Board 

Fault in Logic Control Board

Suppose your garage door stops randomly while opening; this could also be one of the possible reasons- Fault in the Logic control board. Generally, the proper functioning of a logic control board means responding to the signals received from any remote.

The possible solutions for this could be buying or replacing the logic board or purchasing a new opener for the door instead of going on complete replacement or exchange for the door. This could be both cost-saving and an intelligent option. 

Additionally, you can try rebooting the logic board. Sometimes, giving a fresh start to the machines makes them run effectively.

#3 Requires Some Cleanliness

Requires Some Cleanliness

If you haven’t cleaned the door for a long time, I recommend you do this now.

As there are high chances that some dirt and dust have been stuck onto the camera, there are high chances that the garage door only open a few inches. This might have made the door out of alignment.

#4 Out of Alignment 

Out of Alignment

While doing some cleaning, look for broken springs or any other attachment that might have gone alignment, something like excessive gaps in rails or bends.

This could probably cause your garage door to keep opening or prevent it from closing.

Another way to check it out is to unplug the cord from the opener and lift it manually to make sure the spring doesn’t fully open the door.

If it is difficult to lift, the problem may be in the opening mechanism. The smarter option would be to contact a specialist to solve the problem in this case.

Garage door springs are hazardous and can result in severe injury or death. 

#5 Break the Blocking Path

Break the Blocking Path

Modern manufactured garage doors have a reversible mechanism. This means that they can prevent the door from colliding with anything that comes into their path.

It could be anything from either a small toy or a trash can that activates the function of a mechanism. If you think nothing is in the way, check the lens and clean it a bit.

It is recommended to clean the lens from time to time to avoid the build-up of dust, cobwebs, and dirt. Wipe the lens thoroughly with a damp cloth.

Why Does My Garage Door Won’t Open All The Way In Cold Weather?

If you face the problem only during a specific time of the year, especially in the winters, then remember cold weather can have an adverse effect on the performance of the doors, just like it has on cars.

To solve this out, you should consider the following points:

#6 Poor Lubrication 

Poor Lubrication 

Especially during the winters, the grease thickens and hardens the door making it difficult to work. For smooth and effortless functioning, look for the lubrication of the tracks and connections.

Wipe off old grease with grease thinner and apply new grease. Make sure there is enough grease and add if necessary.

The door opens softly when it is heavily greased. Hence, appropriate maintenance is crucial to enhance the longevity of the door. 

#7 Shrinking or Contraction of Metal Pieces 

In addition to the previous one, if your garage door only opens halfway could be because of reduced metal.

The molecule’s space shrinks at low temperatures, causing the metal to shrink. Again, the solution is to lubricate the door properly for smooth and better functioning.

Lubrication springs, hinges, and other metal parts make the door easier to move.


Why won’t my garage door open all the way?

If your garage door opens and closes immediately, it may be due to the opening limit setting. You should refer to the manual to see the settings and change them if necessary.

Why does my garage door opener only work sometimes?

If the opener works but the garage door does not open, you should check that the disconnect switch is disconnected. You may need to refer to the manual on how to do this and reattach it.

Why would my garage door randomly open?

Safety sensor wiring problems are usually caused by poor contacts, improperly connected wires, or wire shorts in staples. If your garage door opener opens on its own due to a misaligned sensor, prefer to call a garage door specialist to have it inspected.

Why won’t my garage door open?

Repairing broken springs is one of the most common reasons garage doors won’t open. Garage tension springs store the mechanical energy that controls the movement of the garage door.

If your garage door partially opens and then stops, it could be because it was bumped into or caught on something. The door has safety features to prevent people from being trapped, so make sure the door is not closed with debris, tools, toys, etc.

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