Can You Add A Fire Pit By The Pool?

Can You Add A Fire Pit By The Pool?

It’s that rare, enchanting hour as the sun bids adieu to the daytime sky, and the silky fabric of night starts to unfurl across the horizon. What could be more captivating than a gentle glow that dances on the water’s surface in perfect harmony with the firelight? Nothing.

That’s why adding a fire pit to your poolside has become the zenith of outdoor elegance. It merges the primordial allure of a crackling fire with the cool serenity of a pool.

But, as enticing as it sounds, this artistic juxtaposition calls for meticulous planning, safety, and styling considerations. In this discourse, we shall traverse the realms of design, installation, and safety to help you decide if a fire pit by the pool is just what your backyard needs to sizzle up the social scene year-round.

Design Considerations

When considering a fire pit for your pool area, it’s crucial to align the design with your overall outdoor aesthetic. A sleek, contemporary fire feature might complement an ultra-modern pool, while a rustic, stone-based pit could be the perfect accent for a natural lagoon-style pool.

Here are a few design focal points to ignite your creativity:

Size Matters

The dimensions of your fire pit should be harmonious with the size of your pool and the available space. A pit that’s too large can overpower the pool, while one that’s too small might get lost in the expanse. It’s about balance and spatial awareness. Measure thrice, design once.

Materials: Choosing the Right Stuff

Your material selection will affect the longevity and style of your fire pit. Common materials include stainless steel, copper, concrete, and natural stone. Each brings a different character and maintenance requirement to the mix. For instance, while stone can weather beautifully, it might require sealing to prevent staining.

Fuel Types and Their Fire

Fire pits can be powered by wood, propane, or natural gas. Each has its charm. Wood brings the classic campfire experience, but it comes with smoke and ash. Propane and natural gas offer cleaner flames but require a connection, limiting the flexibility of the fire pit’s location.

Keeping it Legal and Safe

Before you light the first match, acquaint yourself with local fire pit regulations. Many areas have stringent rules concerning open flame in residential spaces. Always opt for a professional installation to ensure legal compliance and, more importantly, safety.

Benefits of a Poolside Fire Pit

A fire pit by the pool is more than just a pretty feature; it’s a functional enhancement that can transform your outdoor living. Here’s how:

Extending the Splash Zone

As temperatures drop in the evening, the fire pit can offer a warm reprieve, allowing you to extend your poolside lounging well into autumn. It can even make a splash in the cooler months—quite literally—for those brave enough to switch between flames and frosty dips.

The Social Flame

Few elements instil a sense of camaraderie like fire. A poolside fire pit becomes the natural focal point for gatherings, creating an intimate space where stories are spun and memories are made.

It’s where friends old and new can warm themselves, body and soul, fostering a social scene that’s vibrant even when the thermometer isn’t.

Installation Process

Before you put elbow grease into the installation, consider the following steps to ensure that your fire pit installation goes smoothly and safely:

Planning the Pit’s Prowess

Do you need a gas line? Are you prepared for the power of propane? Preparing the patio and your backyard for the pit requires some pre-thought. You may need to work with a contractor to ensure that all the elements are in place to safely install and enjoy your new feature.

A Safe Distance Romance

Safety is paramount, especially when dealing with fire and water. The fire pit should be placed a safe distance from the pool to prevent accidents. A general rule is that the pit should be at least 10-15 feet away from the pool’s edge, ideally on a level, non-flammable surface.

Sugaring the Safety Pill

Choose fire-resistant materials like pavers, gravel, or concrete as the surface beneath and around your fire pit. Encircle the area with seating that’s fire-safe and that won’t tip over. Don’t forget the safety barrier; a glass shield or a decorative metal screen can protect against stray sparks.

Maintenance and Safety Tips

Fire pits, like any backyard piece, require maintenance to keep them both safe and stunning. Here’s how to keep the flames burning bright:

Pit-Perfect Maintenance

Regularly clean the pit to remove ash and debris that could pose a fire hazard. If you have a gas fire pit, check for leaks and keep the burners clear of obstructions. For wood-burning pits, the chimney or flue should be cleaned annually.

SOS (Save Our Sparklers)

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand, just in case. It’s a small investment in extra safety, and you’ll be glad you have it if anything goes awry. Remember, you shouldn’t swim alone, and you shouldn’t pit alone—always have a buddy and have a plan.

Learning the Fine Art of Fire-Time

Kids and fire don’t mix well without supervision. Make sure that your little ones understand basic fire safety. Teach them about the pit’s dangers and ensure that they respect the flame’s power. Better yet, invest in a fire pit with protections like screens or glass.


The allure of a poolside fire pit is undeniable. It’s a statement piece that speaks of elegance and the unbound joys of outdoor living. But, as with any great feature, it requires thoughtful planning and considered use.

From the choice of fuel to the installation and ongoing maintenance, each element is a brushstroke on the canvas of your outdoor sanctuary.

Adding a fire pit by the pool is not merely a question of design or necessity; it’s an invitation to create a space that’s as emotionally stirring as it is visually stunning. It’s the point in your landscape where warm meets cool, blaze meets glimmer, and social meets solace.

Whether it’s for summer splashes or autumnal arias, the question isn’t ‘Can you add a fire pit by the pool?’ It’s ‘Why haven’t you already?’ With this guide, you’re now equipped to turn the spark of an idea into the very real flame of a poolside dream.

Of course, if you haven’t already, take the first step and start the process to buy your newcastle swimming pool. They’re a fantastic way to keep up with your physical and mental health, and you can add a fire pit!

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