Five Crucial Advantages Roof Hatches Bring Into Your Commercial Building

Five Crucial Advantages Roof Hatches Bring Into Your Commercial Building

The roof areas and roof-mounted equipment of your building also require some cleaning and maintenance attention from time to time.

Hence, contractors and building owners need to secure an easy, safe, and secure entry point to these elevated spaces. One of the most economical ways to do it is by installing roof hatches.

In this blog post, you will discover the numerous benefits roof hatches deliver to your structure and why installing them can maximize your property’s value and make it last.

On top of that, the article will list some essential factors for you to consider when purchasing a roof access panel to ensure that it best fits your establishment’s needs.

Five benefits of establishing a roof hatch on top of your building

1. Provides easy roof access

As mentioned, your commercial space’s roof area and its facilities need regular upkeep to prevent truckloads of issues that can happen once you neglect this specific field.

Detrimental damages such as leaks, water damage, molds, pest infestation, and more safety hazards can lead to expensive repairs.

It’s one of the main reasons why installing access doors, especially in your commercial buildings, is necessary, as it grants easy and convenient access toward the topmost part of your establishment.

Making maintenance personnel’s routine inspection or cleaning tasks more proficient and much quicker to finish.

2. Safe roof egress and ingress

Maintenance authorities will work on the highest point of your structure, so it’s critical for you to create sturdy and safe access. Roof hatches are more than capable of bringing reliable platforms to egress and ingress to the rooftop.

To guarantee a safe landing, you can embellish your roof hatch with other safety products that can avoid fall accidents, like the telescopic post, safety railing, and grab bar. To learn more, click at the roof asset management.

3. Adds extra roof security and fire protection

Many owners hesitate to install roof hatches because they think thieves or intruders can utilize the utility to break in effortlessly inside the building.

It would be best if you debunked this misconception now as experts furnished roof hatches with solid and durable elements that can adeptly protect your establishment from any unauthorized entry attempt.

It also offers many locking mechanism options to ensure heightened security in your commercial spaces.

More importantly, roof hatches are well-known fire-resistant utilities, and by partnering them with appropriate fireproof roofing materials, you’re blessing your establishment with additional fire protection measures.

4. Boosts building insulation

Naturally, roof hatches showcase better insulation than other relative roof utilities, including skylights, rows of roof windows, and many more synthetic-type window frames.

This type of roof panel significantly contributes to retaining the high thermal performance inside your building and causing minimum energy usage.

Therefore, no matter what type of roof hatch you install will help boost insulation in your establishment’s interior. However, keep in mind that each roof access door has varying thermal insulating values, as manufacturers also utilize different insulating materials for every type.

5. Scale down outdoor noise

Another crucial benefit that roof hatches bring your way is that it significantly aids in cutting down outside noise, like car beeps, kids playing loudly, howling or barking dogs, and other environmental sounds that can disrupt the operation inside your structure.

This feature is ideal for office buildings wherein employees need total concentration to finish tasks or conduct a clear meeting.

Restaurant owners can also find this valuable to serve their customers the perfect ambiance to date a special someone, chitchat with friends, or bond with family.

Furthermore, there are various roof hatch factors essential for you to look at:


You must purchase a hatch fitting your roof opening measurements and purpose. Determine whether specified personnel will use the entry point to gain access or store and move equipment.

Roof access panels are available in a wide range of sizes. If its objective is to grant easy specialist access simply, then straightforward, small, and single-cover hatch units will suit your needs already. Some of its industry-standard sizes are as follows:

  • 36″ x 30″ (ladder access)
  • 30″ x 54″ (ship or steep-stair access)
  • 30″ x 96″ (service stair access)

On the other hand, if the purpose of your roof access doors is for moving in or out of large equipment, the two-cover hatch models will perfectly match your necessities.


Manufacturers often furnished roof hatches with sturdy and durable materials, like galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

However, the most typical component in roof panels is the galvanized steel containing an essential corrosion-resistant degree and topping off a primer paint finish.

Meanwhile, aluminum roof access doors have a mill finish offering a much higher level of corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel and copper hatches, on the other hand, are considered premium materials as they exhibit the highest level of corrosion protection, ideal for installation in chemical plants or coastal areas experiencing severe weather conditions.


The roof access panels you’ll choose must feature lifting mechanisms for easy operation and climbing in and out. It’s a helpful device giving you uniform lift assistance, guaranteeing seamless and effortless operation and curtailing the extra work you need to put on just to open and close a hatch.


Suppose one of your building’s goals is to achieve sustainability and smart energy usage. It would be best to consider installing well-constructed roof hatches that ensure high-performing energy levels inside your establishment.

When deciding which roof panel to buy to secure energy efficiency, always look for units with fully welded corners and insulation from the cover and within the curb. Check the insulation options and pick the one that best enhances your structure’s thermal performance.

Install roof hatches and secure the building’s lasting value

The highest point of your establishment is a home for many facilities and serves as an additional storage space for equipment.

Thus, it’s vital to integrate safe, secure, and practical access platforms like roof hatches for authorized personnel to safely and quickly reach the area at the top.

In addition, it brings thermal insulation inside your building, enabling a pleasant interior climate and making your guests’ or tenants’ stay satisfactory.

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