Why are Ancient Stairs usually Worn Out in the Middle?

Why are Ancient Stairs usually Worn Out in the Middle?

Ancient architecture has stories that capture the essence of the era, the century, the cutlery, and the people that it hosts. There are many cities in the world that have survived through time and restoration works are being converted in some.

However, an interesting aspect has come to light regarding the ancient stairs in many cities with ancient architecture such as Edinburg, European cities, and more.

Many wonder what is the reason for a dent or a bent in the middle of the stairs. Hence, the quest to figure out why ancient stairs are worn out in the middle has begun.

Top Reasons why Ancient Stairs are worn out in the Middle

Well, there can be many logical reasons for ancient stairs being worn out. All possibilities come with scientific reasoning and the cultural habits of people. Well, conclusions can only be drawn and there is no solid proof of focusing on a certain reason.

Besides, it is always a good idea to draw multiple conclusions and then work towards a proof. This will help you keep your research focused and allow you to get the right answers backed by solid reasoning.

Well, to satisfy your curiosity about ancient stairs being worn out, here are some of the possible reasons why there is a dent in between;

1) Fundamentals of Elasticity & Plasticity in Physics

If you are not into science, this reasoning might sound a bit complex. However, this is likely the cause for the dent in between. In physics or material science, there is a concept of plasticity and elasticity.

Plasticity is when the material reacts to stress and after a threshold breaks. On the other hand, elasticity is when the material is bent and not broken when subjected to stress.

When this is applied to the ancient stairs situation, the material used to construct the stair bends in between due to stress over the years from people climbing up and down the stairs.

2) The Vigorous Use of Stairs for Horse Carriages

Ancient times were the best of many things happening in the market which is perfectly portrayed in Disney movies and movies. If you recall from the movies or books, you will know that in the previous centuries, people would use carriages to transport the people from one place to another instead of a car.

The carriages were powered by horses or cows. These carriages would also go up and down the stairs especially in busy markets and more.

Hence, the material used to construct the stairs is subjected to stress when the carriage moves from up to down or vice versa. Hence, this can be a likely reason for ancient stairs being worn out.

3) Transport of Goods

In the previous centuries, trucks did not exist to transport products from one place to another. Instead, physical labor was used to carry products to the market. While doing this, laborers would use the stairs to walk down the market or go upwards depending on the need.

The heavy burden of materials on their back and the consistent use of this path has brought a dent to the stairs. This is not a solid reason but this could be a possible reason.

Besides, there are many events of using heavy weights while walking down the stairs. The depth of the dent on the stairs is dependent on the material and the weight subjected on it.

4) The Action of Water Flow

It is likely that you have underestimated the action of water. When water consistently flows through rocks over the years, it has the potential to shape the rock. If the same is applied to this scenario, the water flow from top to bottom of the stairs is likely why the stairs are worn out.

The consistent flow of water over the years and the material of the slabs used to construct the stairs are responsible for the stairs being worn out in the middle. You can imagine this model in your mind. Therefore, visualizing this will allow you to understand why this is a possible reason.

5) The Material of the Stone

The Material of the Stone is also a great factor that determines its durability. If a flat surface has a dent in between then the material of the stone should always be inspected.

For instance, limestone is known to react quite well with water. The carbonate in limestone is known to dissolve in contact with water and form dents or cavities.

If the ancient stairs are built from limestone material then it can easily leave a dent in between. Hence, limestone based ancient stairs can be worn out easily in the middle. Therefore, the material of the stone used to construct the stairs always plays a factor into the possible reasons for the stone being worn out.

6) Time

The passage of time is also responsible for the stairs being worn out in the middle. The strain on the stairs and its construction are also the possible reasons for the dent. This is likely the result of time being a constant since the construction of the stairs.

7) And Many More

There can be a plethora of reasons why ancient stairs are worn out. Conducting research on it will help pin-point the possibilities. The research can be social, cultural, and scientific allowing you to understand the scenario from various aspects.

You can also create models that will allow you to determine the possible reasons for the bent. Hence, based on your creativity, imagination, and your knowledge you can easily determine the possible reasons for the ancient stairs worn out in the middle.

The Bottom Line

Next time when you come across such stairs, you can click a picture of it and post on social media. You will be surprised to know what people have to say about it. The reasons are restricted to your imagination and it can be confirmed by research.

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