8 Bedroom Wall Design Ideas To Create A Unique Look

8 Bedroom Wall Design Ideas To Create A Unique Look

Wall decoration is a crucial stage in interior design, but it feels particularly significant in the bedroom because nobody prefers to wake up in a blank white box.

The fact that the bedroom should really be relaxing goes without saying. However, if your bedroom lacks wall decor, it will feel unfinished.

If you are lacking inspiration, then these bedroom wall decor suggestions will help you brighten up the space, whether you’re on a limited budget, or searching for creative and expressive display inspiration.

Choose a design from this list of bedroom wall design ideas that suits your preferences, and stage your space with grace.

Ways To Decorate The Wall Of your Bedroom

1.Textured Wooden Panelling

The long, slender, and dark textured wooden panels provide gloss and grit to any place that it is installed in. These bedroom wall design concepts give the space dimension, a refined touch, and much-needed texture.

To create a more appealing space, you can add a velvety cream carpet and a red armchair to add warmth. The solid textured wooden panelling will help in adding a unique elegance to your space.

For textured wooden design, you can also opt for textured wooden tiles.

2.Opt for Bright Wall Paper Design

Choose a wallpaper pattern with bright, uncomplicated colours or bold, solid hues for the bedroom’s decor. It brightens the area, while being easy on the pocket.

A panel of mirrors or table lamps in light and wooden hues can make the bedroom wall design concept even more attractive. If your wall design has a lot of colours already, the remaining components should be neutral.

3.Floral/Mural Prints

Large wall murals for bedroom, which can be tiny or enormous in scale, can lighten up a wall. While a custom wall mural design is possible, it would require considerable financial resources.

The best part is that paint, wallpaper, or even tiles can be used to easily create a comparable design at a fraction of that cost. Headboards in plain colours should be used with floral designs.

If the prints are enormous, you can use strategically placed negative spaces to create a modern bedroom wall design.

4.Two-tone bedroom walls

If you want to add intrigue and the appearance of height, you can use two colour combination for bedroom walls of the same colour, but if you want more drama, two contrasting colours will provide it in spades.

You can also try using a light colour scheme with contrasting hues for this luxurious bedroom design.

Hues that complement each other wonderfully and are opposite each other on the colour wheel will create a unique look. They are also well-matched in saturation and depth, making for a dramatic yet simple combination.

5.Inlay Some Metallic Into the Paint Work

Sometimes, all you may require for a modern bedroom wall design is a painted wall. But, more often than not, you need to add an oomph factor to the space. Simply painted walls can often appear incomplete, especially if you’ve decided to forego wall art.

Therefore, if you’re looking for something modest that can significantly improve paintwork, consider adding an inlay. Inlaying is basically transferring painted motifs onto painted surfaces and using metallic inslays can help add some shine to your space.

6.Limewash Paint to Add Texture and Depth

People who like a simple paint style, but also adore the texture and tonal variety are increasingly opting for limewash paint as it provides you with all the aforementioned properties.

Although limewash paint comes in a variety of colours, people tend to choose neutral tones and gentle pinks for bedrooms due to their calming effect.

7.Go with patterns

Instead of covering up neatly painted walls with wall art, such as photo frames or artworks, paint a pattern on your wall to give it a unique look. For greater impact, you can either cover the entire wall with the pattern or just a portion of it.

There are even options for pattern tiles that you can opt for your bedroom walls. Take it a step further and include different patterns in different items like bedding, furniture, and lampshades to create a soothing mish mash of patterns.

8.Use Your Headboard as an Innovative Piece of Wall Art

A bedroom headboard can be a great idea to  fill empty space above bed and it can double up as a wall art piece too.

You don’t have to cover the entire bedroom wall with decorations to make a statement, a bold headboard can also do the trick in smaller, simply decorated bedrooms.

Instead of a plain headboard, opt for one with a bold pattern or a unique texture to make it the focal point of the space.

When infusing a touch of retro charm into your bedroom, consider using mid-century modern wall art to complement the style of your bold headboard. The iconic geometric shapes and clean lines of mid-century modern art can harmonize with the era’s design aesthetic, creating a cohesive and visually striking decor. Whether it’s a vintage poster or an abstract artwork reminiscent of the period, mid-century modern wall art can enhance the character of your bedroom, providing a sense of nostalgia and sophistication.

Try out these 8 bedroom wall design ideas to make your space look a more attractive and appealing part of your home.

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