3 Benefits of Having Luxury Furniture in Your Garden

3 Benefits of Having Luxury Furniture in Your Garden

We often indulge our taste for the finer things in life in our homes. After all, we spend more time in our homes than anywhere else. Where better to splash out on the extra bit of quality and comfort?

Plus, our surroundings have a big impact on our psychological and emotional well being. Investing in our homes is therefore investing in our own happiness. And besides, some of us are just naturally very house proud. We want the best in their homes, plain and simple.

These are all reasons why luxury furniture is so popular. When you shop at the higher end of the furniture market, you are looking at items with better build quality, better longevity, more aesthetic appeal, more comfort.

But how far should we go with this taste for luxury furniture? Should we, for example, apply the same principles when choosing furniture for our gardens?

Is it worth investing in high-end luxury furniture for our gardens when it is going to be exposed to the elements and therefore deteriorate more quickly over time?

One way of answering that question is to turn it around – do any of the benefits of investing in luxury furniture for inside your home not apply to your garden?

When you think about it, the answer is no. Everything luxury furniture brings to your home, it does the same for your garden.

Stand-Out Benefits Of Splashing Out On Luxury Garden Furniture

Better quality means better longevity

If you’re worried about the prospect of investing in top-end furniture for your garden only to see it deteriorate quickly when bad weather strikes, you needn’t be.

Better quality furniture should mean it is made from better quality materials and to a higher standard of build. Both of these factors mean that the more you pay for a piece of garden furniture, the longer it should last.

Take teak outdoor furniture, for example. Teak is considered a luxury material for making furniture out of and teak pieces therefore sell for a premium.

Part of it is down to the fact that teak is a beautiful timber and looks great in and out of your home. But even more importantly, teak is astonishingly tough and durable, and will survive for years unscathed in all conditions.

If you buy cheap plastic furniture for your garden, the extremities of temperature will soon weaken it and it will start to crack.

If you go for something in the middle of the market like pine, you have to be well on top of your maintenance, sealing and varnishing it once or perhaps even twice a year to stop it waterlogging and rot setting in. Ideally, you need space to store it indoors through the winter.

Not so with teak. With its dense grain structure and naturally full of oils, teak is uniquely water resistant as well as strong. You can leave teak furniture outdoors all year round.

It won’t weaken, it won’t split, it won’t develop rot. It will last for years with minimum maintenance required.

Comfort matters outdoors, too

There’s no reason to treat your outdoor spaces any differently to indoors. Especially through the summer months, they are an extension of your home, a place to sit and relax, to socialise, to entertain.

There’s every reason to invest in a little extra comfort for your garden as there is inside your home.

Whether it’s big, spacious day beds or outdoor sofas, a grand outdoor dining table with sumptuous seats for your guests – the more comfortable and welcoming your beachside furniture is, the more you will want to use it.

Investing in luxury furniture made with the best materials to offer the highest standards of comfort is therefore an investment in using your outdoor spaces more.

Make a statement

One of the key reasons people are drawn to luxury furniture for their homes is because of the aesthetic appeal it carries. Top quality materials and expert craftsmanship adds up to highly attractive, visually appealing pieces.

The top end of the furniture market is also where you find unique one-off or small run pieces, rather than the mass produced examples that are widely available at a lower price.

If you want to make a statement in your home with a piece of furniture that doubles up as a key feature, you are best off looking for a luxury piece.

Exactly the same applies to garden furniture. If you want to make a statement, if you want something a little out of the ordinary, if you want to wow visitors and guests, buying luxury garden furniture is the way to go.

The luxury end of the garden furniture market is where you find artistic sensibilities being applied to what could otherwise be quite functional and plain items like tables, chairs, benches and so on.

Skilled designers and artisans lift furniture above the level of the ordinary with innovative approaches and attractive touches that add interest and appeal.

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