Best Mops for Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Mops for Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) Flooring: A Comprehensive Guide

In trend, budget-friendly luxury vinyl flooring is comfortable and attractive underfoot that is super durable, and takes up the daily wear and tear quite efficiently. They make a wonderful addition to your home.

The LVP floors are water-resistant, affordable, and easy to clean. The flooring has up to eight structural layers made of cork, foam, PVC, SPC core, glass fiber, wear layer, design layer, print layer, and UV protective layer.

Some brands also come with an additional antimicrobial layer. Even though the flooring is easy to maintain, it requires proper cleaning and care to stay for long.

Choosing the right cleaning mop helps these floors look better. The article is all about the top-reviewed mops to keep the LVP spick-and-span.

These mops made for luxury vinyl floors can easily clean all the grime, dirt, dust, and spills and maintain the shine and protective finish.

The best mops are determined after comparing their type, compatibility with surfaces, ease of use, mop head material, and other features to keep the floor clean.

The most popular mops are the spray, flat, spin, sponge, electric, and vacuum mops. Let us evaluate this in greater detail.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mop for LVP Flooring

There are quite a few points to consider while choosing the best mop for luxury vinyl floors.

The key factors that will influence the decision are the porosity of the floor, usage of the floor, your budget, material of the mop head, type of mop (string, flat, steam, etc.), size and shape of the mop head, handle length and grip, and compatibility with cleaning solutions.

These are important factors when you select the mop for cleaning. For places with high usage, a durable and strong mop is a must. It must withstand repeated usage.

If we talk of porosity, LVP floors do not absorb liquids. Thus the mop must not be drenched with water to prevent streaking. Mop head made of microfiber cloths are the best for mopping LVP floors.

Another factor to consider is the design of the mop. String mops are good if you have a lot of usage. They have a wringing system to twist up the mop head. Flat mops come with microfiber or cotton pads and are the easiest to clean your floors.

Sponge mops are the most absorbent and can be used if there is a lot of moisture. The dust mops are a good choice to get rid of dirt and dust from the surface. Steam mops can be a good option to get rid of stubborn stains.

Another very important consideration is the ease of use. You must be able to wring your mop easily. A lot of models also come with a self-wringing option.

Top 5 Best Mops for LVP Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank floors are a great addition to any home. These floors are water-resistant, affordable, and easy to maintain. Picking the right cleaning mop can make LVP floors even better. Let us evaluate the top 5 picks for LVP flooring mops:

Captain’s Choice Mop:

This is one of the best mops to clean the Luxury Vinyl Plank floors. The mop comes with some amazing advantages.


· The mop has extra mop pads.

· The mop works on the swivel steering mechanism for excellent cleaning.

· The mop has a built-in spray function to control the fluid output on the floor.

· The mop has rotating pads that will automatically scrub the floor.


· The mop does not have a vacuum to suck the dirty water

· The mop is not able to remove large spills as it is not very absorbent,

O-Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop:

This is one of the best budget buys for LVP flooring. The mop comes with some amazing advantages.


· The mop heads are machine washable.

· The mop wringing is hands-free.

· The mop is flexible enough to clean the corners.

· The mop head refill can be used for over three months.

· It claims to get rid of 99% of bacteria without a cleaning agent.


· The mop head must be replaced timely.

Bagotte Robot Mop and Vacuum:

This is the best Robotic Mop to be used for LVP flooring. The mop comes with some amazing advantages.


· The robotic mop can be controlled using voice controls and app.

· The model is two-in-one as it can both vacuum and mop.

· The mop has a two-hour battery life.

· The water and dust canister is huge.


· You can use either the mop or the vacuum at a time.

· The canisters need to be changed for mopping and vacuuming.

3 in 1 Mop with Sponge:

This is the best multipurpose mop that comes with several advantages:


· Three-in-one mop that can scrub, sponge mop, and squeeze.

· The sponge wringing is hands-free.

· It can be used for multiple flooring types.


· The mop head needs to be replaced timely.

Cordless Electric Mop:

This is the best electric mop as it comes with numerous advantages.


· The mop is cordless.

· The machine can dry mop for an hour.

· The machine can wet mop for about 40 minutes.

· The machine has very low noise.


· No sponge to absorb liquids.

How to Properly Clean LVP Flooring with a Mop

Some useful tips for cleaning your LVP flooring are:

1. Use doormats where ever you can to keep your LVP floors clean.

2. Remove the soap from the floor and the mop by rinsing the mop thoroughly. The scum can attract dirt on the flooring. You may use separate mops to clean and rinse.

3. You must avoid roller chairs or put a felt under the chairs to avoid damage to the vinyl.

4. It is important to get the proper cleaning agent.

5. Do not drag the furniture across the floor; the LVP flooring is delicate.


LVP flooring is a great choice for homes, but it requires some effort to keep them clean. Get the right mop to avoid wear and tear on the flooring. With the best mop, you can eliminate all the mess you can’t handle. Happy Cleaning!

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