Best Tile Leveling Systems for Achieving Flawless Floor and Wall Installations

Best Tile Leveling Systems for Achieving Flawless Floor and Wall Installations

A tile leveling system is needed for floor or wall tiles, large tiles, wooden plank tiles, and almost every tile material. The tile leveling makes the tile projects look professional and brings in a unique tile experience.

Usually, the wedge and clip systems and built-in spacers come in a kit including items needed to complete a project. A clip and wedge system helps in the proper installation of tiles and helps with their even leveling.

Usually, a spinner, clip, wedge, or T-lock system is used to take care of lippage. Lippage, in simple terms, is shifting that appears if two tiles are not properly leveled.

With proper tile leveling systems, the elimination of lippage can be achieved to a great extent. It also reduces call-backs caused because of poor tile installation.

Using tile leveling methods while installing floor or wall tiles acts as a foolproof method to go lippage-free. A tile leveling system consists of wedges and clips that together prevent the moving of tiles till the compound sets.

Tile leveling systems ensure that there is zero elevation difference between the adjacent tile edges as it clamps the edges together and creates an even plane. The system is beneficial for large-format tiles, rectified floor tiles, thin tiles, or rectified wall tiles.

The tile leveling systems are a handy tool for professionals who deal with superior installations in an effective manner. With tile leveling systems, you get all these advantages on the go. If you need, you can also get grinding & polishing tools from Stonex.

Criteria For Choosing The Best Tile Leveling System

Many tile leveling system options are available in the market. You need to make a perfect choice after analyzing a few factors. These factors are:

1. Affordability and Quality

The use of tile leveling systems is the same; thus, choosing the best becomes complicated. The first thing to consider is to segregate them according to price range and look for differences in every kit.

You need to look at the quantity of the kit and look for some additional products. Some kits provide extra clips and wedges that make the product worth it.

Another important consideration is the price range. Although these kits are affordable, there may be some significant differences in price range.

2. Usage

You need to evaluate the usage of these systems and look for differences in different leveling systems. Some may take a lot of time to set up, while others may be easier to control.

3. Compare the Method

Method of use plays an important part in selecting a tile leveling system. The two main methods are the auto-rotating cap and the clip-and-wedge methods.

The method plays a key role in fixing the lippage. The clip-and-wedge system works a plastic wedge, while the auto-rotating has an auto-rotating cap.

Top 5 Best Tile Leveling Systems

A lot of tile leveling systems are available in the market. The top 5 choices include:

1. Tile Leveling System by DGSL

This is a heavy-duty tile leveling system that comes with the highest-rated tools. It can be used for both floor and wall tiles. It comes with reusable wedges that make it convenient to use.

The kit comes in handy with 100 reusable wedges, 300 clips, and tile pliers. “This tile leveling system proved to be the best time saver and was super easy to use,” told one reviewer.

2. Tile Leveling System by Peygran

This is a clip and wedge system that can be best used for floor tiles. It has an easy design and can be used to install a large format tile or porcelain tiles easily.

These are easy to break after the tiles are set. “Worked so well for our floor tiles, No lippage at all.” reported a reviewer.

3. Tile Leveling System by Storystore

This tile leveling system can be easily used by both homeowners and professionals as it is really easy to use. “It was so easy to use and quite effective, too,” clarified a reviewer. It comes with 300 clips, 100 wedges, and a thin grout joint.

4. Tile Leveling System by RTC Lev-Tec

This is a 500-piece wedge system that is a good choice for larger projects. The clips allow less space and result in a fine and consistent grout line. “An amazing product for large format tiles, super easy to use and no lipping at all,” clarified a reviewer.

5. Wedge System by Storystore

Bathrooms or balconies where you require a slope can be best leveled using this tool. The t-lock tools are simply the best. They are easy to use and reusable. “I am a contractor and use many leveling systems, but these worked best,” clarified a reviewer.

How To Use A Tile Leveling System

Tile leveling systems are commonly used on-site and are designed to level the tiles in order to prevent any kind of lippage while installing the tiles.

They interlock the tiles so that the tiles can be kept on a level when laid, and you get a flat and smooth surface once the tiles are set. The tile leveling system lowers the tile that is higher and levels it to the adjacent tile.

A tile leveling system mainly comprises three main parts: caps or wedges, strips, and pliers. All these together prevent the tile movement while setting and provide a leveled surface.

Once the tiles are set, and the adhesive dries, you can remove the strips out from the grout line. Knock all the clips or wedges in the same direction to achieve the best results.

Leveling systems help in leveling the tiles. We recommend using larger spacers as compared to the clips near the corners.


Tile leveling systems will accurately level tile to your surfaces. Most tile leveling systems have a built-in level, straps, and cap or wedge. All these components work together to prevent any kind of lippage. Also, uneven floors might cause tripping and lead to injury.

So the benefits of tile leveling include even flatness, same tile gaps, no lippage, installation in lesser time, and limited efforts. Tile leveling systems like the strips will help keep your tiles even during drying and produce a finished look.

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