When Is The Best Time To Replace Windows?

When Is The Best Time To Replace Windows?

Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat – if your windows require replacement, biding your time is counterintuitive. In other words, the ideal time is whenever your windows call for it!

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Now, if you’re a bargain hunter, it’s advisable to wait until winter, when window replacement companies offer discounts and sales.

But let’s face it; would you rather battle cold drafts, incur high energy costs, and contend with damaged and hard-to-operate windows so that you can replace them at the right time?

Well, they say to each their own, but regarding replacements, if your windows are out of commission, you can ill afford to wait for the opportune moment. Let’s compare various seasons to help make our argument.

1. Spring

In some quarters, spring is considered the best time of year to replace windows. Spring means the winter cold has passed, and the summer heat is yet to arrive.

Generally, the warm weather – not too hot – allows contractors to work without worrying about extreme temperatures. That said, rain showers can be sudden in spring, impacting your project.

Also, most homeowners are on the market during the season, shopping or hiring contractors to install window replacements. As such, expect higher prices for windows and more competition for services. Also, most homeowners are on the market during the season, shopping or hiring reputable contractors from Energyexteriorsnw.com to install window replacements. They provide different types of windows such as vinyl, fibreglass, aluminium, and wood clad.

Thus, your contractor might be booked for weeks or months ahead, meaning a longer waiting period to access their services. To avoid the last-minute rush to replace your windows, it’s advisable to think ahead of time.

This might imply scheduling an installation before spring kicks in or buying replacement units in winter.

2. Winter

Winter offers two benefits other seasons don’t – lower window prices and little competition for contractors. Since replacement windows aren’t cheap, winter might be a great time to score a great deal.

However, installing windows in winter requires some forethought. For instance, the contractor may have to take a few precautions, including:

Warming caulk to ensure adhesion –

Caulk generally adheres better during spring, when the weather is warmer. Alternatively, they can use silicone.

Sealing the room –

They can install plastic floor-to-ceiling sheeting to prevent drafts from penetrating the home as they install the windows.

Working on one window at a time –

This ensures minimal exposure to the cold.

Timing the project –

Your contractor might need to pop over on a sunny day when the materials can adhere properly.

While you can save on installation costs, factor in heating costs to determine if a window replacement in winter makes sense. Also, avoid hiring a contractor in case of anticipated extreme weather, as per the forecasts.

3. Summer

With summer temperatures regularly reaching the upper eighties and nineties in Katy, TX, it’s not the ideal season to replace windows.

If you must have your old units swapped out during this period, expect your contractor to work in short bursts. Even so, replacing a window takes about 45 minutes, meaning your installer can complete your project in a day or two.

Also, expect higher costs for windows and installation services, as contractors usually know that homeowners are rushing to complete their projects. If money is tight, summer might not be the ideal time to replace your windows – owing to increased costs.

Summertime is generally hot, although people don’t mind letting in some heat through open windows during the season. Plus, cooler nights allow the caulk to set for a robust window structure.

4. Fall

Like in winter, fall is a great time to replace your windows. Thus, expect lower prices and less competition, as finding a contractor isn’t an issue.

Nonetheless, temperature drops can happen suddenly, delaying your project or even affecting your windows’ performance. Unlike most other seasons, autumn offers mild temperatures and less precipitation.

This allows your contractors to work without worrying about sudden weather changes. Furthermore, caulk and sealants adhere better during fall as it’s not too cold or hot. Plus, you can ensure your windows are properly sealed before winter rolls around.

While timing is critical, your windows’ condition has the final say. If they’re severely damaged or become a security risk, don’t wait until winter or spring – have them replaced ASAP, so you can enjoy superior energy efficiency and year-round comfort.

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