When is The Best Time to Spray for Bugs and Pests?

When is The Best Time to Spray for Bugs and Pests

Handling bugs and pests can be draining and frustrating, especially if they keep coming back after each exterminating process year in and out.

Dealing with spiders, ants, flies, and other types of bugs is an unpleasant situation, and it would help to know when and how to eradicate them. Most bugs and pests transmit diseases to humans and animals.

Additionally, some pests damage the structure of your home by digging, burrowing, and breeding on them. However, you can eradicate bugs and pests in your home through various preventive procedures at the right time of the year before they take over your home.

The Life Cycle of Destructive Bugs and Pests

Understanding how and when bugs and pests multiply is essential to know the preventive measures to use. You will also learn the right time of the year the creatures are most vulnerable to conduct the extermination then.


As winter draws near, outdoor temperatures start to cool off, and bugs and pests move indoors for safety and warmth. During this period, you may notice some bugs, but their small numbers may not cause any alarm.

You may not see them until you hire the best pest control company in Michigan for an inspection.


During winter, you might not see many activities from pests and bugs in your house. They will likely stay dormant in the safety of your cabinets, walls, and wood items.

Most of them won’t survive the cold season and will die because of the harsh weather. Bugs and pests are inactive during winter, whether in or outside your home.


Pests and bugs leave their hiding places when the weather starts warming up. They become more active while looking for food and warm breeding ground.

You may witness some activities from the bugs and pests during this period, but not enough signs to show their infestation.


It is during summer when pests and bugs multiply most. That is because they get access to enough food and water and ample time to settle, breed, and populate. It’s the period you’ll experience most of the pests’ activities.

The Best Time to Spray for Bugs and Pests

It would be best to contact a pest control company to spray pesticides around the house to exterminate the creepy crawlies and prevent them from entering.

It works best at the beginning of the spring season because the bugs start emerging, looking for warmth. It would be best to eradicate them before they find a nesting ground.

During that time, the bugs are weak after emerging from their hiding period. As they get busy looking for food, it is the right time to terminate them since they have not started breeding yet.

When to Treat Your Outdoors for Garden Bugs and Pests

Pests and bugs that damage your plants and grass might also affect the garden and lawn. Many garden pests, such as aphids, hatch a few weeks before others, so they have ample time to reproduce and multiply without getting threats from predators.

It would be best to spray your outdoors with pesticides that won’t affect the plants during the onset of spring when temperatures exceed 50 degrees F.

How to Prevent Pest Invasion in Fall

During autumn, you should inspect your home and introduce the best pest prevention procedures. You can hire an expert to help you locate the spots where bugs and pests are likely to hibernate and block the places before they enter.

Check for cracks and open spaces on your house’s doors and windows and seal where necessary. Also, check for cracks on the floorboards and outdoor siding and seal any that you find. Sealing all the open spaces will prevent an infestation before it occurs.

Pest and bug infestation can cause stress to you and your household. However, you can control it using preventive measures that will save you the efforts and frustrations of spraying large populations of pests and bugs.

You can do that by fumigating your compound to keep them away from infesting your house in the first place. It would be best to spray your home with plant-safe chemicals during the first months of spring to eradicate the bugs and pests and ensure they don’t get into the house.

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