How To Check For Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E24?

How To Check For Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E24?

Bosch is a well-known brand. It is recognized as a brand that makes reliable, affordable, and high-quality dishwashers. A dishwasher is prone to wear and tear with time and may lead to a number of issues.

The Bosch dishwasher displays error codes that help you figure out the errors. An “E24” error code indicates that your dishwasher has a problem in the drainage. It is not able to drain correctly.

You may face this common issue if you have a clogged filter. It is also possible that the issue is not resolved even after cleaning the dishwasher filter. You now need to check for the drain pump, drain hose, or the pump cover that may cause this issue.

Most Common Causes For Error Code E24:

1. The most common cause for the error is a blocked drain hose.

2. Another common reason is that the dishwasher’s filter needs cleaning.

3. You must check if the inlet hose is damaged or kinked, as it may lead to this error code.

4. You must check if the siphon connection is properly sealed.

5. The error may be displayed if your pump cover is loose. You can look for the cover under the filter and check if it is tight or not.

6. The knockout plug has not been removed while installation. You need to look out for these common problems and fix the issue accordingly. The dishwasher needs to be reset after fixing the issue, and you must remember to follow the owner’s manual to do so.

Quick Ways To Fix The Error Code E24:

Some Quick Diy For Fixing This Common Error Is Mentioned Below:

1. Clean The Dishwasher’s Filter:

The Bosch dishwasher comes with a filter located under the dishwasher. You need to remove the spray arm and bottom dish rack to locate this filter.

The top of the filter needs to be turned clockwise to remove it smoothly from the dishwasher. You can also refer to the owner’s manual to do so. Please take out the filter and clean it using soapy water. Also, check if the drain pump is clean.

2. Check for the Drain Pump:

Once you have removed the filter, you also need to ensure that the drain pump is clean. An issue here can also lead to the E24 error code.

If the error code persists even after cleaning the filter, then there must be a clogged drain pump causing the issue. The error may also be displayed if the pump cover is loose.

You can easily check for the pump cover when you have removed the filter. They can be easily cleared of blockages. Remember to wear gloves while cleaning the pump, as it may contain broken glass or other sharp objects.

You can reach down and check for blockages once the cover is removed. Also, check if the impeller is turning freely or not. It will be stiff if there is a fault in the drain pump.

You may also check if the drain pump is working or not by simply lifting the float located near the filter.

In a lot of Bosch models, the dishwasher activates the drain pump as soon as you pull up the float. If the error still persists, then you need to look out for other possibilities.

3. Check If The Hoses Are Kinked:

The drainage will be blocked if the hose of the dishwasher is kinked or damaged. This may also lead to the E24 error. You must ensure that the hose is not damaged or kinked.

4. Clean Your Dishwasher:

If the E24 error still persists, you can go for a dishwasher cleaning cycle. Bosch also manufactures dishwasher cleaners that could be easily used to clean the appliance.

You can also make this cleaning solution at home by mixing white vinegar and water or use baking soda to clear the blockages. Never use a bleach-based solution to clean if the dishwasher interiors are made of stainless steel.

The vinegar and baking soda solution works wonders. You can transfer a cup of white vinegar into a bowl that can be placed in the dishwasher.

Place it on the top rack and start a normal cycle with just this bowl in the dishwasher. Next, run a short cycle after sprinkling some baking soda.

5. Check The Disposal Or S-Trap Or Air Gap:

The drain hose needs to be connected to the garbage disposal or an air gap or S-trap that is placed under the sink. Disconnect the hose and check for blockages. Clean the garbage disposal, air gap, or S-trap to solve the error.

6. Check the Drain Pump and Drain Hose:

If the E24 error code still persists, the drain hose connected to the pump may be blocked or the drain pump may be defective.

The hose needs to be removed and thoroughly cleaned. For safety, you need to first disconnect the power and turn off the dishwasher’s water supply. Remove all the screws gently, and also take out the wiring harness if required.

First, check the drain pump. The drain pump may be faulty and might fail to work efficiently if something is blocking it or if the motor has stopped working.

The pump needs to be checked thoroughly for any obstructions, and you need to make sure that the impeller is functioning freely. The drain pump needs to be replaced if your impeller does not turn freely.

You may now check the drain hose. Evaluate the drain hose connected to the drain pump. A lot of Bosch dishwasher models have a recirculation hose too. You need to check it for blockages.

Do not forget to place a container or cloth under the hose to prevent dirt and water from spilling. Always disconnect the hose from the pump and remove the wire clamp before checking for blockages.

You may use a drain snake to clean the blockage. Clean the hose using soapy hot water or a drain cleaning solution.


Hopefully, all these techniques can help you easily resolve the E24 issue. If the problem persists, it is a possibility that the control board is defective. You can contact the Bosch service team and call for a trained professional to get this issue resolved.

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