Buying a Mobile Home Vs, a House

Buying a Mobile Home Vs, a House

When we think of buying a house; the standard procedure that flashes before our eyes is visiting a particular location and surveying shortlisted homes.

A staggering development in buying a home today is the coming up of Mobile homes! Yes; you read it right; houses that can be moved!

These houses are not built on-site like most homes; but are prefabricated structures, built in factories and carried to a mobile home park or on leased land using a trailer chassis.

A mobile home allows you to design your dream home and carry it from place to place thereby facilitating great convenience and flexibility.

If you pursue a transferable job then there is nothing like a mobile home! It saves you from the hassle of the complex home buying process. All you have to do is choose a location and carry your home with you!

All of this most certainly sounds immensely alluring; however, you need to be thoroughly acquainted with the pros and cons of a mobile home before you jump in for it.

Here we have brought together information that will give you a fair idea of what a mobile home is like. We shall talk about it with reference to the on-site house and once we have listed the pros and cons of each, we hope you can make an informed decision for yourself!

Mobile Home

Mobile homes also referred to as manufactured homes are constructed in warehouses according to demand and then transported to the desired site. Let’s dive deeper and get an understanding of this!


1] Affordability

First things first; when buying a house; the price of the house is a major consideration. It dictates the entire home-buying process including the location you select, whether you go for prime areas or suburbs and so on.

One of the prime benefits that a mobile home provides is affordability. The price ranges anywhere between $20,000 to $200,000 depending on the area/size of the house.

Additionally, when you go for refurbishing the house or when it comes to maintenance, the inexpensiveness is retained which creates a cascading effect.

2] Customization

There are a plethora of layouts and appearances you can choose from when it comes to mobile homes.

If you are someone who wants a house just as you visualized; mobile homes provide you with the opportunity of bringing your vision to life.

3] Construction time

If you are in a hurry; mobile homes are your best bet. The house can be completed by manufacturers in a couple of days unless your house has a complex design. Even the buying process is carried out easily within a small-time frame as there is less negotiation, competition and complicated legal agreements.


1] Moving

One of the most critical downsides or difficulties when it comes to mobile homes is their transportation. You need to work really hard to find specialized movers who can carry the house efficiently.

The transport will add to the cost of the house. Additionally, once relocated, you need to connect it to all the utilities, which will incur costs too.

2] The lot

Finding the spot to place your mobile home can be quite a herculean task; which can be tedious.

3] Life and depreciation

According to estimates, mobile homes can stay in a crisp condition for a maximum of 55 years with stellar maintenance.

Another downside is you will never really make huge profits with these and the price will depreciate unless you make certain upgrades or have your house in a growing location.

On-site House

On-site homes are the traditional homes we all are familiar with. Below are listed its pros and cons as well:


1] Permanence

On-site homes can house generations of your family without a scratch on their foundation. They have greater resilience and can last for over 100 years. You won’t ever have to think of replacing them due to damage or deterioration.

2] Designs

Though on-site homes can’t really be customized; you can always find them in more varied designs as compared to mobile homes as they don’t have to be moved. This allows you greater choice.

3] Equity

You can rest assured most of the time that an on-site house won’t lose value over time. They are lucrative and can get you great profits with renovations.


1] Construction time

Contrary to mobile homes; on-site homes will take months or years to be constructed in their entirety. External elements like bad weather, supply order issues, disputes in labor and so on can cause delays frequently.

2] Expensive

The price of on-site homes will rely on several factors like location, size, age and so on. The average cost is no less than $200,000.

3] Buying process

Buying an on-site house is extremely time-consuming with house hunting, negotiating, competing with potential buyers, legal procedures and so on.

This drawback, however, can be tackled and the process can be made smooth by working in alliance with a skilled real estate brokerage firm or broker.

Now that we have weighed the two alternatives sufficiently; you can make a thoughtful decision! Contemplate your needs and choose smartly!

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