Can You Paint Over Surfaces That Have Thompson’s Water Seal?

Can You Paint Over Surfaces That Have Thompson's Water Seal?

Most people run into the situation of painting over a surface with Thompson’s water seal. Thompson’s water seal is famous and is one of the best treatments available for water sealing wood.

But, people are not sure if it is okay to paint over it or if it is a good idea. Thompson’s Water Seal can be painted over, but only after 45 days and with the right precautions.

The last thing you want to do is waste a layer of paint. So, can you paint over thompson water seal? Many people like you who plan to refresh their surfaces ask this question. Read this article to find out the answer.

Thompson seal on wood

It’s likely that you’ve used Thompson’s water seal on any wood that has to be waterproofed. When it comes to maintaining the excellent appearance of your materials, this waterproofing stain is regarded as one of the greatest in the home renovation industry.

Of course, a lot of us wish to add a new coat of paint to our projects to make them appear even better. Is this really feasible, though?

Hydrophobic seal

Thompson’s water seal cannot be painted over unless 45 days have passed and priming has been applied. Painting over concrete is the only way this works, although paint doesn’t always adhere properly to the Thompson’s seal. Thompson’s Water Seal has a tendency to be hydrophobic, so your paint might not look as intended.

You shouldn’t take the decision to paint over a water-repellent treatment lightly. For this reason, before you pick up a paintbrush, read this article.

Is It Possible To Paint Over Thompson’s Water Seal?

Although it appears feasible, it is good for you if you decide not to do it. The official Thompson’s website states that you should not paint over any of their water seals.

The product’s hydrophobic properties, according to the manufacturer, may cause the paint to bead up or perhaps fail to “catch” on the wood.

Despite the official website’s disclaimer, users have succeeded in painting over outdated Water Seal by using a power washer and a thick layer of primer. Make sure you use the appropriate paint for the job if you decide to paint over the water seal.

It appears from anecdotal information that latex-based paint is not compatible with this treatment.

Is It A Good Idea To Paint Over Thompson’s Water Seal?

To be honest? Actually, you shouldn’t.

The majority of jobs that use Thompson’s Water Seal include waterproofing cement or wood stains for patios or decks. This implies that the Water Seal may already be stained to complement the color of your cement or deck. Covering it with paint is absolutely unnecessary.

Furthermore, painting a deck that has received TWS treatment can be too much work. There is a lot of prep work involved, and the paint may not adhere as well. Expect doing touch-ups and frequent repainting sessions over the area for life if you want to paint it and maintain its brightness.

What Do You Have To Do To Paint Over Thompson’s Water Seal?

Look at the hydrophobic coating

Everything depends on these steps. Some claim that a waiting period is necessary, while others believe that the water sealant should be completely removed. Examining the Thompson’s Water Seal’s ability to repel water is a smart place to start, and you can take it from there.

This is what you’ll need to do if you need to prepare and paint the space around your deck.

In a big bucket, mix water and wood strippers. Look for a wood stripper that is effective on hydrophobic materials when making your selection. Apply the mixture on your deck in the manner specified on the packaging.

Removing the layer

Before painting, give the desired area a power wash with a power washer. Rinse off the stripper along with any residue that comes off. Give the area time to dry. The hydrophobic substance should have virtually disappeared, even if your deck may still appear stained.

Get a sandblasting kit to remove the water seal if you are painting over concrete. Although a little “extra,” this typically works.

Sand down any wooden surface that you wish to paint with a power sander. You must sand down the area in order to completely remove the Wet Seal. It could take some time, but it will be well worth it when you see the finished paint job.

Priming the surface

Put on a few coats of primer. Make sure the primer you use complements the paint you have chosen. We advise against using latex-based paints unless you are positive that Thompson’s Water Seal has been completely removed. As directed on the can, allow the primer to cure.

Try a small test area in a corner using your paint. Proceed with painting the remaining portion of your deck if the spot test results are satisfactory.

How Can You Tell If It’s Okay To Paint Over The Water Seal?

You might be able to get away with only applying priming and painting your deck if you haven’t sealed it recently. The majority of Thompson’s water seals lose their ability to withstand and repel water after four to six years.

Generally, you can paint concrete with the seal after 45 days unless you use Thompson’s WaterSeal AdvancedClear. (AdvancedClear seals cannot be painted over!)

If you see water beads up on the surface or if the sealant can stay dry, these are good indicators that you shouldn’t paint over your water seal. If so, you might have to wait a bit longer or just take the sealant off.

So, can you paint over the Thompson water seal? To know that, you need to consider the compatibility of paints with water seals from Thompson’s.

How Can You Tell If The Paint Isn’t Compatible With Thompson’s Water Sealant?

It is best to remove the sealant completely to ensure that compatibility problems won’t arise. Avoid latex-based paints if you wish to try to avoid this issue because they are known not to stick to any surfaces that have been treated with water sealant.

That being said, a spot test will assist you in figuring out what may function the best.

According to official company statements, they say Thompson’s Water Sealant is incompatible with all paints. Therefore, they recommend that the best thing to do for your asphalt or deck is to remove any existing sealant before painting.

Related FAQs

Can Water Seal Be Used On Top Of Painted Surfaces?

On Thompson’s website, the response is a strong Nope. This is due to the possibility that the paint will run or that the water seal will not stick to the paint well.

What Happens If It Starts To Rain After Applying Thompson’s Water Seal?

Your water seal will successfully block off rainwater if enough time is allowed for it to dry. You may notice a clouding of the Water Seal coat if you experience a sudden downpour soon after it is applied. You shouldn’t be concerned, though. It’ll function properly and get better eventually.

Can You Apply Thompson’s Water Seal To Wet Wood?

Although wet wood and Water Seal don’t go together well, there is good news to report. Damp wood can be successfully treated using Thompson’s Water Seal. Therefore, simply wait two to three hours if the wood you wish to seal is moist. By then, it should be sufficiently dry to handle the sealant.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this article has all the information you need to know about painting over the Thompson water seal. Now, what would you say if someone asked you, can you paint over thompson water seal? You can tell them what you know or ask them to contact a paint professional.

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