Know about Can You Use Pex B Fittings On Pex-A Piping

Know about Can You Use Pex B Fittings On Pex-A Piping

For plumbing PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipes are becoming increasingly popular because of its flexibility in its construction, durability, and the simplicity of installation.

But, there are different kinds of PEX pipe, including PEX-A and PEX B, that are distinct in their characteristics and needs. The most frequently asked question is Can You Use Pex B Fittings On Pex-A Piping.

What is PEX Piping?

Before diving into the particulars of PEX A and PEX B we’ll briefly talk about the basics of what PEX pipes are. PEX is a form of tubing made of plastic, which is used to distribution lines used in both commercial and residential plumbing systems.

It is manufactured of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that is cross-linked to increase the strength, flexibility and resistance to temperatures of high and corrosive chemicals.

Pex Pipe Has Several Benefits Over Copper And Cpvc Pipe:


PEX tubing can easily be bent around obstacles and corners which reduces the requirement to install fittings, and easing the process of installation.
The durability of PEX is excellent. PEX is impervious to scaling, corrosion, and freeze-thaw cycles. It makes PEX a durable selection for plumbing systems.

It is cost-effective:

PEX pipes are generally more affordable than copper, and has a smaller number of fittings to be used, making it easier to install, reducing the overall cost of installation.

PEX-A vs. PEX-B:

Both PEX-A and PEX-B are forms of cross-linked polyethylene pipes however, they are different in their manufacturing methods and characteristics.


PEX-A is made together an Engel method that involves a cross-linking process during the process of extrusion. This process payoff in more consistent and seamless cross-linking across the tubing.

PEX-A offers a greater degree of expansion and flexibility as compared to PEX B. It’s more resistant to cracking stress and the slight advantage of having a higher burst pressure rating.


PEX-B is made with the method of silane that allows cross-linking during the extrusion procedure. The cross-linking process in PEX-B is not as uniform and thorough as when compared with PEX-A.

PEX-B is less flexible and has lower levels of thermal expansion and flexibility as compared to PEX-A. It is more susceptible to cracking under stress but also is slightly more resistance to chlorine.

Can You Use PEX-B Fittings on PEX-A Piping?

In short, the no. You should not utilize PEX B fittings with PEX A pipes. Even though both forms of PEX tubing look identical however, they are different in terms of dimensions and tolerances for expansion and can have an impact on the seal and functionality on the part of fittings.

The PEX-A fittings have been specifically developed for the increased temperature expansion and the flexibility of PEX-A tubing. They typically employ a crimping or compression process for a secure, leak-free connection.

However PEX-B fittings are designed to function with the specific features of PEX-B tubing. They might not offer additional an effective seal when used with PEX A.

The Use Of Pex-B Fittings For Pex-A Pipe Can Result In A Number Of Problems:


A poor connection between the fitting and the tubing may result in leaks which could cause the growth of mold and water damage.

Poor performance:

Unmatched fittings may restrict the flow of water and lower the overall effectiveness that the water system.

Code violations:

Many plumbing codes require fittings compatible with the particular sort of PEX tubing that is being utilized. The use of PEX-B fittings for PEX-A pipe could be in violation of these codes and result in failures in inspections.

It is crucial to ensure that you are with the correct fittings to match the kind of PEX tubing that is being used. The manufacturers often offer additional explicit instructions and suggestions regarding the choice and use of fittings.

It is vital to follow these rules in order to assure the safety and reliability of your plumbing installation.

The PEX-A as well as PEX-B are two different types of polyethylene pipes that are cross-linked They have their own distinct features and needs.

Due to the differences between their manufacturing procedures and characteristics and properties, PEX-B fittings should never be fitted on PEX-A pipe. This could lead to problems with leaks, performance reduction, and violation of code.


Are Pex-A And Pex B Pipes Within The Same System Of Plumbing?

It is possible to utilize both PEX-A as well as PEX-B pipes within the same system of plumbing however, it is crucial to separate them and make use of the fittings that are appropriate that are appropriate for each type. Combining PEX-B and PEX-A fittings could result in the possibility of leaks, and a reduction in performance.

Fittings Made Of Pex A And Pex B Are Can Be Interchanged?

The PEX-A and PEX B fittings can’t be used interchangeably. Every type of fitting was made to be used with PEX-A and PEX-B tubing to accommodate their distinct dimensions and properties. The wrong fitting could cause problems with leaks, among others.

What Happens If I Employ A Pex B Fitting On Pex-A Pipes?

Utilizing a PEX B fitting on PEX-A pipe can result in water leaks as a result of an improper fitting between the fittings as well as the tubing.

It can cause moisture damage, growth of mold as well as a decrease in the effectiveness that the pipe system. This could also be a violation of the plumbing code and lead to failing inspections.

What Can I Do To Assure That I’m Together With The Right Fittings For My Pex Pipes?

To assure that you are with the right fittings, you must always follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer to the sort of PEX tubing you’re installing. Make sure that the fittings are marked as compatible with PEX-A or PEX-B.

Then, follow the directions for installing that are provided by the company. In case you’re not sure, check with an well-qualified plumber, or with the Support team of the manufacturer.

If you know the difference between PEX A and PEX-B, and with the right fittings that are appropriate for the type you choose and type of fitting, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a reliable economical, effective and affordable plumbing system for your business or home.

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