Comet Vs Ajax: What Do You Need To Know?

Comet Vs Ajax: What Do You Need To Know?

If you have been looking for a perfect powder cleanser, there is a higher chance that you might have come across Ajax and Comet. These two heavy-weights have been in the competition for the top spot on cleaning self. But which of these two is better?

Both Ajax and Comet have the same and unique qualities that make them stand out, but how to choose the best powder cleanser? Here’s an in-depth comparison of comet vs ajax that helps you determine the best cleaning champ:

Comparing Ajax and Comet

Before entering into comparing Ajax and Comet, it is important to have knowledge about the product lines of both brands:

Ajax Powder Cleanser:

Ajax powder cleanser comes in one formula and one scent, and the only difference is the container size. The product is available in 14 oz, 21 oz and 25 oz sizes.

Ajax Dish Soap:

The Ajax dish soap comes in six different scents and many formulas. The options include Ajax Ultra Super Degreaser, Ajax Ultra Vinegar+, Bleach Alternative, Triple Action, + Charcoal, and fragrances including citrus, lemon, lime, grapefruit, citrus berry splash, and orange.

Comet Powder Cleaners:

Comet Powder Cleaners comes in several scents that includes lavender, pine and lemon. Apart from the regular strength option, this powder cleaners comes in Ultra formulas and 2X. These are stronger than original cleaner and handle tougher dirt’s.

Comet Multipurpose Sprays:

Comet Multipurpose sprays includes concentrated bleach, multi-surface cleaners, speciality bathroom and kitchen sprays, foam bath spray, anti-bacterial spray and glass cleaner with ammonia. The size and scents vary for each product.

Comet Bath Sprays:

Comet Ultra Bathroom sprays come in regular, lemon and lavender flavour, and it is said to kill 99.9% of germs. The spray comes in 17 oz and 32 oz and there is also an option for foaming spray.

Comet Soft Cleaners:

Comet Soft Cleaners includes two cleaning creams and they are safer and cleaner to use. These creams comes in both Ultra formula and regular formula.

Comet Eraser Pads:

Comet Eraser Pads come in solid packs of either 4 or 2.


Apart from some variations, both Comet and Ajax use similar ingredients. The basic formula used is:

  • Sodium carbonate: It is a softener that helps in removing hard water or similar stains.
  • Calcium carbonate: An abrasive material that is used for scouring or scrubbing agents.
  • Trichloroisocyanuric acid: This is a disinfectant or bleaching agent
  • Fragrance
  • Dyes
  • The basic difference comes in the surfactant used in Comet and Ajax.

Comet uses alkylbenzene sulfonic acid as its primary surfactant and Ajax uses sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate as its primary surfactant. Both these surfactants have no significant differences.


While comparing comet vs ajax, it is important to consider the safety concerns. The best place to know about the safety of cleaning product’s environment safety is by checking on the Environmental Working Group’s website, which lists, rates and describes hundreds of brands.

According to the EWG website, Comet has several concerns. The site warns that the Comet cleaner carries an environmental concern and poses a moderate risk of respiratory problems and asthma. The EWG flags “some concern” on Comet regarding developmental/reproductive risks, allergies, and carcinogen risks.

The EWG website says, Ajax cleanser contains chemicals that are of moderate concern for respiratory and asthma complications. The site also mentions this pose a moderate risk to aquatic life if the product is mixed with waterways. Regarding carcinogenic compound exposure and allergy risk, Ajax poses “some concern.”

Both Comet and Ajax carry “F” rating in EWG. But in general, all powder cleaners contains some harsh chemicals, so be cautious while using them.

As mentioned in product labels it is better to use eye protection, gloves and ventilation. Don’t use the cleansers near waterways or unventilated spaces.

Cleaning Power and Surface Compatibility

Regarding cleaning power, both Comet and Ajax are well known for their ability to remove tough grime and stains effectively. However, there is a possibility that users may find one brand better than another for specific cleaning tasks.

For instance, Comet may be favored to tackle rust stains, and Ajax may be favored for its ability to remove hard water buildup and soap scum.

The next important factor to consider is surface compatibility. Both brands are considered safe to use on various surfaces like toilets, tubs and sinks. But it is always preferable to double-check the label before using a product on new surface.

Other personal preferences come into play when choosing cleaners, such as the scent of the brand or price. Ultimately, personal preference plays a major role in choosing Comet or Ajax.

How to Use

The direction of usage is more or less similar for both Ajax and Comet. Here are some basic steps:

  • Open the windows, put on your gloves, and follow any other safety precautions mentioned on the label.
  • The use of plain water dampens the surface so it can be cleaned.
  • Now sprinkle either Ajax or Comer powder cleaner in the surface and leave the surface without any disturbance for 15 seconds.
  • Use a cloth or damp sponge to rub the powder in the dirty surface that would form a thin paste.
  • Completely rinse the surface and allow it to dry.

In Ajax it is specifically mentioned against using its powder cleaner on painted surface, silver, plexiglass or fabrics. It is better to avoid Comet also in those materials.

Always follow the instructions mentioned on the label before use. If you want to clean a delicate surface like chrome fixtures or imitation marble, first test those cleaners on small area and see the result before using it on the rest of the surface.

Test Results

Now, you might have knowledge about ingredients used in Ajax and Comet, their cleaning power, surface compatibility, and how to use them. Next, it is time to answer the most important question of which works best.

When both cleansers are used in cleaning porcelain-coated cast iron bathtub, Ajax removed the dirt in 30 seconds and Comet took more time and effort to clean it. When these cleaners are used in stainless steel pan, the results were same as Ajax cleaned with less effort and time than Comet.

Both Ajax and Comets contain abrasive particles used in their formulas. These formulas helps to loosen the stains and dirt, but the abrasive particles used in Comet are larger. When you add water to the Comet cleansing powder, you can see the green granules.

In Ajax the green granules are smaller and less noticeable, even when you look very closely. You should remember that while cleaning surfaces like vinyl or plastics, the granules, especially in the Comet cleanser can create a visible surface scratches.

On overall result both Comet and Ajax had done a good job. Although, Ajay seems slightly more effective in stainless steel and porcelain tests, Comet wasn’t that much far behind. As both brands use nearly same ingredients the result wasn’t a surprise.

Final thoughts

When comparing comet vs ajax, it becomes apparent that both powder cleaners are efficient, versatile, and easy to use. Ajax finds itself in the traditional cleaning product range and Comet on the other hand offers more specialized and powerful cleaning but with little extra effort and time.

It is ultimately left to the customer’s choice to choose between Ajax and Comet based on their specific cleaning requirements.

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