Crate And Barrel Vs Pottery Barn: Deep Insights!

Crate And Barrel Vs Pottery Barn: Deep Insights!

Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel serve as well-known furniture brands that manufacture rustic, traditional, as well as modern furniture designs for the house.

Both brands have established a strong offline as well as online presence in the U.S. and global markets. They offer amazing home furnishings for your home.

The furniture variety includes sofas, tables, storage, chairs, outdoor furniture, bedroom furniture, and other decor accessories.

Both brands are famous for their modern yet rustic and high-end pieces. These two brands have been long-time favorites of people who wish to create a comfortable and elegant space.

All You Need To Know About Crate & Barrel:

Crate and Barrel is a well-known furniture brand established in 1962 by Gordon and Carole Segal. It is a sister concern of the furniture company CB2 and part of the Otto Group.

Crate and Barrel was the result of a dream to supply simple, elegant, yet practical and beautiful furniture to the U.S. market.

Crate and Barrel are known for their modern and contemporary furniture, décor items, and housewares displayed in over 100 stores across nine countries.

It has emerged to be a lifestyle furniture brand that boasts of high-quality, exclusive designs and elegant style. The furniture has amazing aesthetic value and provides a comfortable shopping experience to its online as well as in-store customers.

In addition, the rand is committed to sustainability as they follow eco-friendly practices for packaging, 100% L.E.D. usage in stores, and sustainable forestry.

The key advantages of choosing them include the following:

  • Both in-person and online presence.
  • A large variety to choose from.
  • White glove delivery for large pieces.
  • Design consultations at home.
  • One month return policy.

The key disadvantages include the following:

  • There is no free shipping of orders.
  • The price point is a bit high.
  • Short return period.
  • No warranty on goods.

All you need to know about Pottery Barn:

The well-known furniture brand Pottery Barn is recognized for its extensive catalog featuring numerous designs and a variety of items across more than 200 showrooms throughout the U.S.A.

The brand offers mid-range to high price points for the styles that appeal to customers who are looking for a contemporary, traditional, or modern design. In addition, the company believes in the use of sustainable materials and also follows sustainable production practices.

Overall, they make a lot of effort to control the carbon footprint through their organic products, reclaimed wood, and recycled materials.

The key advantages of choosing them include the following:

  • Both in-person and online presence.
  • A large variety to choose from.
  • White glove delivery for large pieces.
  • Design consultations at home.
  • One month return policy.
  • Flat rate shipping if you have selected a non-parcel item.

The key disadvantages include the following:

  • No free shipping for the products.
  • No warranties are advertised.
  • Short return period.
  • Offers no trial period.

So while they have a lot of similarities, the brands also come with a few subtle differences that can help you to pick one. Let’s see the differences that can help make an informed decision while you shop for your bedroom, living, kitchen, or dining piece.

These key differentiators are in their return policies, pricing, manufacturing, and aesthetics. Let’s see them in detail:

1. Return Policy:

Purchasing a high-end decor piece and furniture makes you think about the terms underlying their return policy. It is a big risk if you spend a lot of money on furniture and it does not fit well in the space. Both the brands have some strict return policies.

Crate and Barrel can let you return the non-furniture items within three months but will accept returns for furniture within a month only if you have a receipt.

Pottery Barn provides a return period of 30 days to return anything. You must keep the time period in mind while buying the products.

2. Production of furniture:

The manufacturing location and brand sustainability also play a subtle role while you decide to choose between furniture brands.

Locally manufactured furniture and décor items at times lure the consumers more than the overseas ones, especially if there are not many differences otherwise.

Crate and Barrel has a manufacturing unit overseas as well as in the U.S. Their quality and shipping at times are a bit compromised. Pottery Barn treats sustainability as a priority and has locally-sourced materials.

3. Pricing:

Crate and Barrel as well as Pottery Barn, are mid to high-priced. If the two need to be compared, then Crate and Barrel products are priced a bit higher than Pottery Barn.

But otherwise, both brands offer some amazing products in the best price range. The two brands also do a lot of collaborations that set them apart in the competitive marketplace.

4. Aesthetics:

While choosing a furniture brand, it is a must to compare them on their looks and aesthetics. Both the brands offer a wide range of traditional, modern, simple, and rustic furniture with a neutral shade palette.

Pottery Barn offers a cozy and warm place while Crate and Barrel offers more edgy and modern-looking furniture.

5. Product Range in these brands:

Crate and Barrel manufactures different types of sofas in a wide range of sizes. They also manufacture other kinds of accessories and furniture. Pottery Barn too deals in all types of furniture and accessories.

6. Ease of Ordering:

Crate and Barrel is a well-known brand and offers its customers standard delivery and in-home delivery services for large pieces of furniture at a rate depending on the distance.

The shipping time is generally 1-2 weeks. They offer various color options in different fabrics and the ability to customize furniture as needed.

Pottery Barn delivers the products by offering front door delivery and truck delivery for smaller pieces while a white glove delivery for larger furniture pieces at a flat rate.

Their shipping also takes about 1-2 weeks. They too offer various color options in different fabrics and the ability to customize furniture as needed. Both the brands also offer free Interior Design Services over the phone, in-store, by email, or through personalized home visits.


The similarities between the two brands are many, so the consumers often get confused about which one to choose. Both provide ample choice in furniture and decor items and have a strong presence online and offline.

The brands also offer consultation regarding designing so that you can create the lovely space of your dreams. So, you must minutely study your requirements, budget, and space specifications before you choose furniture from any of the two brands.

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