The Dangers of Water Damage: Why Robinson Restoration is the Best Choice

The Dangers of Water Damage: Why Robinson Restoration is the Best Choice

Water damage is one of the silent yet devastating disasters that can affect a building. Usually caused by issues like plumbing and drainage problems, flooding, etc.

Water damage can lead to many unfortunate outcomes that can be prevented by detecting the problem early and contacting a restoration company via the Robinson Restoration website.

Understanding the dangers of water damage can help homeowners see why they should act fast when facing such problems. Here are some of the dangers of water damage.

What Dangers Or Problems Causes By Water Damage

Structural Damage

Water problems can start small but lead to bigger issues that could compromise your building’s safety, structure, and integrity.

Small amounts of water can enter into wall cracks and open them up to widen the crack. Wider cracks may lead to wall or building collapse when not addressed quickly.

Water problems can also compromise the building’s foundation, widening cracks and percolating into the indoor space to cause basement flooding or moisture problems.

Over time, the foundation may become weak due to excessive exposure to moisture and its effect and may cause building collapse.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in moist areas with the right nutrient source. They can grow in as little as 48 hours after a water problem is left unattended. With mold and mildew, both the property and its inhabitants are at risk.

As a fast-spreading microorganism, mold and mildew can spread throughout the home while damaging the construction material they grow on.

In addition, the growth compromises the indoor air quality and exposes inhabitants to allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, asthma attacks, runny nose, and other symptoms.

Foul Odor

Odor problems are perhaps one of the biggest signs of moisture and water problems. Moisture problems often give off a thick and damp smell which may also be attributed to the growth of mold and mildew in the area.

However, water damage causes a more pronounced and repulsive odor, especially if caused by sewage backup or wastewater backup.

Damaged Personal Items

Water damage can affect your personal items like electronics, furniture, gadgets, carpets and rugs, furnishing, flooring, etc. The extent of damage will depend on the extent of water damage as well as how long the problem existed before it was discovered and addressed.

Longer standing water may cause more extensive damage and may require an in-depth structural analysis of the property to ensure it hasn’t been compromised.

Electrical Damage

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. With water problems, there’s always a chance of electrical damage and safety problems like shocks and electrocution. It is important to contact a professional to handle such related damages to prevent disasters.

Expensive Repairs

Water damage restoration can be expensive, depending on the extent of damage your property has suffered. In most cases, restoring items or replacing them after water damage can wipe out a huge part of your savings.

You may also need to deal with the cost of temporarily relocating yourself and loved ones from the water-damaged property until it has been fully restored.

Why Robinson Restoration Is The Best Choice

Property owners who have suffered water damage could use the services of a reliable and experienced restoration company to reclaim control of their space and return it to its pristine condition.

Robinson Restoration is often selected as the best choice because;

100%Free Inspection

Robinson Restoration offers a 100% free inspection service to customers who have suffered water damage and other disasters like smoke, mold and mildew, and sewage backup.

The company ensures that its team is on the ground to assess the problem, the damages, and how fast to mitigate further damages, which may cause more expensive repairs.

24/7 Restoration Services

Robinson Restorations has a team of trained and experienced disaster restoration professionals who are available around the clock to address customers’ needs.

Homes and businesses can contact their helpline at any time of the day or night to report water damage or disasters and expect a timely response from the company.

The Right Equipment And Technology

Robinson Restoration pairs its experienced restoration experts with the right tools, equipment, and technology for the job.

Customers can expect that the restoration company will arrive at their property armed with the right equipment to get rid of standing water, dry their property, and restore it to its pre-accident condition.

100% Satisfactory Customer Service

Robinson Restoration maintains the highest quality standard, whether on or off the job. The company has a team of experienced staff members who are always ready to help customers as they navigate the tiring process of reclaiming their property after a disaster.

Full-Service Restoration Company

Robinson Restoration is a full-service restoration company providing water damage restoration, mold damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and sewage cleanup services.

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