Home Decor: 3 Decorative Ideas for Your Home Interiors

Home Decor: 3 Decorative Ideas for Your Home Interiors

D’LIFE welcomes you to the vibrant world of contemporary design, where artistic expression flows seamlessly, and living spaces are enhanced with walking-on-a-dream-level aesthetics and design.

Your life flows in front of the walls of your home. Leaving these walls empty with bland colours would be a crime in the era of interior design. The interiors you live in influence your mood through their aesthetics.

With that as a fact, imagine how you will feel around a well-designed wall. Whether for functionality, eye-catching aesthetics, or both, contemporary design can drive your curiosity to extreme levels.

Decorative design is a fundamental specialisation every interior design enthusiast dreams of mastering. D’LIFE, with 20+ years of experience, is one of the country’s leading interior designers, and we can safely say that we are leaders in decorative design.

From classy display units to modern cabinets or open shelves of your choice, we offer customisations to a great extent in interior decorative design. Our interior designers in Bangalore have compiled these tips to help decorate your home in style.

Transform Your Interiors Into Works Of Art With D’life’s 3 Decorative Ideas For Your Home

Discover tranquillity with nature

Spending time with nature is a healing and mentally elevating experience. Life in a busy world with 4 walls around you and frustrating traffic when you’re off to work, can drain us of our emotional and mental energy.

COVID made us face life within the walls of our home. During this time, people realised the healing benefits of greenery and started incorporating them into their homes. Biophilic design is a concept used to infuse infrastructure with natural elements to bring us closer to nature.

Plants replace the excess carbon dioxide with oxygen through photosynthesis, which has been proven to improve air quality. We have all dreamed of taking a vacation to natural wonders like the Amazon, the Himalayas, or Bali to detoxify from the stress of daily life.

But why not invite nature into your home or workplace?

Yes! You can. We can invite nature inside our homes through biophilic designs like:

a.) Hanging gardens

Hanging gardens are smart ways to utilise limited spaces. They are easy to maintain and also bring nature to your interiors. Apart from adding charisma to the empty space they have occupied, they surely entertain our eyes with their positive charm.

b.) Vertical gardens and Plant room dividers

Vertical gardens enhance your walls with greenery, and plant room dividers are strong enough to separate rooms. Is your house a bit noisy? Don’t worry; plants are also known to be sound absorbers.

They absorb noise to a certain extent. Turning your wall or any unwanted space into a beautiful natural spot adds a natural essence to your home.

c.) Terrariums

A terrarium is like an aquarium for plants. It looks like a forest inside a glass jar and feels like another world. You can use an open or closed jar depending on the kind of plants you want.

Caring for indoor greenery requires watering, fertilising, repotting, and placement at sunlight spots.

2. Decors

Before we dive into different decors, let us introduce you to tone & texture.

The tone is how the colour’s darkness or lightness resonates with the room. Here, you should focus on furniture, vases, and sculptures with tones that bring more life and balance to your room.

The texture is basically how it feels when you physically touch objects like sofas, chairs, floors, and tables. You can layer them with various fabrics customised according to your taste.

Keeping tone and texture in mind, the decor described below can be considered to enhance your room.

Sculptures can reflect history and also give a bold and intimidating look. Terracotta is a good choice if you like earth elements in your interiors. Mirrors not only serve as functional objects; they also reflect light and give the feeling of spaciousness.

They can also help reduce any less-than-pleasing room features. Candle stands are a symbol of timeless elegance and add a traditional ambience.

When mirrors and candle stands are placed together, they give off historic vibes like those from the Victorian or Mughal eras. Decorative bowls and trays can be used to display fruits or even as solo pieces. Finally, wall clocks can also be functional and artistic decor.

3. Curtains, rugs and lighting

Once we have all the elements of our home done, like paint, windows, and beds, we are left with the final challenge of adding finishing touches like curtains and rugs.

Layering rugs on each other is one way to make the floor look more vibrant. A basic approach is to choose a neutral-coloured rug with basic geometrical patterns below and layer a more colourful and vibrant one.

If you’ve figured out the colour and texture, you’re only halfway through completing the finishing touches. One of the best shortcuts to choosing the right curtain or rug is to make sure they resonate with the tone of the furniture around them. Also, it is necessary to wonder how light will filter through the curtains.

Lighting defines the aura of your space. Decorative lighting brightens your home and brings out its elegance. Table-top and wall-grazing lights that stay close to the wall to embrace its texture are good examples.

There are more lighting options, like wall-washing lights that illuminate a wall calmly, covering its entire surface, ceiling LED strip lights, and pendant lights that hang from the ceiling.

Decorative designs bring out the best beauty hidden in your home. Often underestimated as objects that clutter your space, they can elevate your interior’s elegance if strategically implemented.

There are no limits to creativity when it comes to home decor. Why be on the internet or go to shops? You can even make your own home decor! By following your instincts and feelings!

Ask yourself this question: How do you want yourself and your guests to feel when they walk into your home? You will have some blurred vision and feelings. What are you waiting for?

Set out on an amazing journey like a detective to discover your home’s best-suiting decor options. Consider consulting a team of  interior designers in India to help realise your dream home interiors.

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