Does Vinegar Kill Spiders? If Yes, How? Learn By Step By Step Guide

does vinegar kill spiders

The answer to this question, without springing any loop, is yes. Spiders are frequently spotted in houses and are very effective in eradicating other insects like ants. But without an argument, people find them unwanted or slightly dislike them.

People usually refer to environmentally friendly solutions to such problems but often have failed results. On the other hand, almost all the insect-killing sprays and pills are very high in chemical composition, which can be very harsh not only to spiders but to humans too.

So to assist the homemakers in these stuck-ups, vinegar is the correct accessibility. But how should you use it in the appropriate way?

Eliminating Spider via Vinegar:

Vinegar can be the most appropriate substitute in this situation as the parameters it stands on are very favorable for the homemakers. Being simple to utilize, it is entirely harmless to humans. But vinegar is available in different varieties, so the proper selection of vinegar is essential.

White vinegar is usually witnessed to be involved in such performances because of its solid and significant smell, but it’s not the deal sealer. White vinegar is, in reality, accompanied by acetic acid, which has a very affirmative response in killing or harming spiders.

However, to ensure the safety of others, one must first make sure that the vinegar has been diluted as thoroughly as possible because it is the most concentrated vinegar; after dilution, it will spread with ease; only then can it be considered as a viable solution to repel spiders.

Besides this, white vinegar also plays a hand in cleaning as it’s comparatively more concentrated.

Way of Preparing the Right Solution with Vinegar to Eliminate Spiders:

The most appropriate and straightforward way of using vinegar is to dilute it with water. So to avoid any hustle in the first place, refer to these listed algorithms.

Prerequisites Required:

The white vinegar
Room temperature water
Small separate dishes / Mini spray sprinkler
Note: If all of these are available at one table, one can resume the task.

Step by Step Guide to Prepare Solution:

  • Firstly one should separate an equal amount of water and vinegar into two different containers of the same size with the exact measured amount.
  • After separating, in a larger container, mix both the separated mixtures together to form one single solution. Be very sure about the quantity of water; it shouldn’t be more than vinegar.
  • Once you have the ready solution in hand, get your socks up and look around for the corners that spiders invade. Spiders that are in direct contact with the vinegar will be killed. Not only this but the cabinets of the kitchen, corners of rooms and sides of closets must be accompanied with this solution to construct a barrier for them.
  • Don’t forget to sprinkle it on cracks of walls and crevices of floors.
  • We highly recommend that users follow this spraying activity often to eradicate the existence of sports from those sides permanently.

How to Balance out the Strong Odor?

If the user feels the scent reflection is considerably high, then we suggest that orange peels are the right way out one could refer to. Have at least 3-4 orange peels and then insert them into the bottle, where the solution is stored.

This will assist the citrus scent to get infused inside the prepared solution and balance out the odor. But this step must be attempted before using the solution as the infusion period stands for 24 hours.

How Often Should Spiders Be Sprayed With Vinegar?

Spoonful vinegar is very threatening for spiders, just as fire is hazardous for humans. The duration period is, however, connected and subjected to the type of vinegar.

If spiders are in direct contact with the White vinegar, then spraying for one time will be enough. But since spiders may come back after a while, this solution should be preserved and used after two weeks in routine to draw the red line for them.

On the other hand, if the attempt to kill spiders is connected with apple cider vinegar, then the duration may show variation. Apple cider vinegar isn’t that concentrated nor that effective, so it should be resprayed to mark its presence on the spiders after one week.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Also Be Used in Killing Spiders?

Yes, even apple cider vinegar can be looked upon as vinegar that could terminate spiders; it solely relies on the harsh smell it produces. This vinegar is commendable to resist spiders as it not only repels spiders but also helps clean cobwebs.

Unlike white vinegar, this vinegar has a different method through which it should be executed. To use this vinegar, cotton balls should be wholly soaked inside the vinegar, and then the soaked cotton balls should be placed in the corners of rooms or kitchens or unused storerooms, where spiders usually roam.  The smell may last long; that’s what doesn’t allow the spiders to return.


Vinegar is of great use in this, and on the other hand, this will kill spiders and will safeguard the people staying in the house from any other chemical concentrated sprays. This method is pocket friendly and home-friendly at the very same time. Also, it’s not that time-consuming either. We assume this piece of information serves your thoughts.


Is Vinegar Perfect for Breaking Down Spider Webs?

The spider’s web includes thin and sticky strands that are broken down and are removed by the dissolving of white vinegar.

How Much Time Would the Home be Spider Free By Keeping a Solution?

Keeping the solution in a bowl with water where spiders might be attracted is very effective. Keeping the bowls for two to three days would lead to spider-free homes.

Is it True That Spiders are Irritated By Vinegar?

The odor and acidic taste of vinegar offend spiders. In a spray bottle, combine 50/50 water and white vinegar to keep spiders out of the nooks and crannies of the house, shed, or greenhouse. Spray any familiar spider-infested places and any exits where spiders could enter from the outside.

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