Drainage Survey: What it is & what are its Benefits?

Drainage Survey: What it is & what are its Benefits?

Home buyers in the UK usually invest in a “property health check” before making a final offer. It is a wise decision since it provides them with all the information about the property they are investing in.

But what most home buyers forget is to also check the drainage system of the house. You may be wondering why drains are important. It does not warrant any extra attention until an issue arises.

But, just like any other problem, prevention is better than cure when it comes to drainage issues. By the time you notice anything wrong, the situation will have become significantly worse.

Some cases of  blocked drains in Maidstone were so critical that the homeowners had to spend thousands of pounds in repair costs. Most potential problems connected with the drainage system can be averted if they are brought to light on time.

Hence, a drainage survey should be a part of your house maintenance plan. In this guide, you will learn the procedures involved in a drain survey and what are its benefits.

What is a Drain Survey?

A drain survey is a detailed inspection of the pipes connecting the property to the main drainage system. It entails a thorough examination to identify any potential issues, such as leaks, blockages, infestations, tree root ingress, and many more.

Many British properties come fitted with pitch fibre pipes from the early fifties. These pipes last for around 40 years and will need replacing.

What are the Steps of a Drain Survey?

These are the following steps involved in a drainage survey:

1. Hiring a drain surveyor

In London, you have two options to choose between –

● A chartered surveyor – These are contractors doing your general property health checks and can offer you a preliminary drainage survey too.

● A specialist drain surveyor – They specialise in identifying all problems in or related to your drainage. You might need to shop around a bit to find a good surveyor in your area.

If you are living anywhere in London, Kent, Essex, and Surrey, BDS Drainage  comes highly recommended for its impeccable service.

2. Get the survey done

The technician will use many types of equipment, like a CCTV camera, to inspect the drains. This procedure can take about one to two hours. This service can cost you anywhere between £100 to £400.

3. Receive the report

The surveyor will provide you with a report with the three pertinent details.

● A “health check report” – This will tell you if there are any issues like leaks, clogs, or infestations.

● An ownership record – The origin of the issue may be in your pipes or in your neighbour’s. This will tell you whose responsibility it is to fix the issue.

● The CCTV footage – The surveyor will provide you with evidence of the condition of your drains. If there is any problem, the next step would be to fix it.

Benefits of a drainage survey

Diagnosing any problem in your drainage system before the situation worsens is key to avoiding unnecessary hassles in the future. These are the following benefits of a drainage survey:

● Quick and Accurate Diagnosis

A blocked drain might be preceded by a bad odour. Before the blockage leads to a rupture, it can be cleaned if detected on time. A quick survey using a CCTV camera can prevent future disasters.

● Cost-Efficient

Fixing a drain is costly. In London, it can go as high as £3000, whereas a drain survey costs no more than £400. BDS Drainage provides excellent survey services at cheap packages.

● Minimal Disruption

Blocked drains reflect years of negligence. Homeowners had to suffer for days till the pipes could be fixed. An early survey can cause the least disruption in your life at a fraction of the costs of repairs.


Get in touch with your local drainage surveyors now and get your pipes diagnosed. Look for surveyors in your area who have a reputation for providing first-class service at competitive prices.

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