5 Signs Your Fire Alarm System May Need Maintenance

5 Signs Your Fire Alarm System May Need Maintenance

For optimum fire protection, every property needs a tailored fire alarm system. For your fire alarm systems to function properly in case of a fire, they must be frequently examined and maintained.

Signs That Indicate When Your Fire Alarm Is Due For Maintenance.

1. Continuous Beeping

Beeping is one of the most obvious indications that your fire alarm needs maintenance. Typically, this means that the batteries need replacement, but it could also mean that some parts are faulty.

If you only remove the batteries and ignore your fire alarm, you risk damage if a fire breaks out. Instead, you should go ahead and change the batteries or get in touch with a reputable fire protection service provider if the noise persists.

2. Dirt Build-up

Fire alarm systems are prone to dirt build-up, just like any other household appliance. Dust, insects, or dirt build-up may reduce a fire alarm’s sensitivity, thus slowing the alarm’s response to emergencies and putting your household at risk.

Vacuuming and dusting off your smoke alarm once a year can help avoid these build-ups. However, you may need to replace your fire alarm if it gets too dirty and clogged to function correctly.

3. Lack of Response in an Emergency

If a fire recently broke out in your home, but no alarms went off, this should be a significant cause for concern. In this situation, your fire alarms are obviously not functioning correctly.

Whether you require a quick fix or a new home alarm system installation, setting up a fire system service and maintenance appointment can solve the issue.

4. Lack of Sounds and Noises While Testing

It’s crucial to frequently test your fire alarms to ensure they function appropriately. At least once every month, test your fire alarm system by holding the test button for at least five seconds until the smoke alarm starts to beep.

If your test button does not trigger a beep or your alarm produces low sounds, you may require your fire alarm system checked because it is not fully functional to protect you.

If you have any questions, you can contact the product’s manufacturer or a professional electrician.

5. Long Periods Without Inspection

A fire alarm system must be maintained at least once a year. The primary detector is turned off for maintenance so that the local fire department won’t receive an alarm during the inspection process.

Besides a visual inspection, it is also checked whether the detectors—including smoke detectors and manual call buttons—are activated and that the fire brigade control panel’s display of the situation is accurate.

Inspections are also necessary to see if any other alarms or fire protection systems have been triggered or activated.

Since a fire alarm system must operate without power, the batteries are examined by measuring the load current or voltage and quiescent. Regular fire alarm system inspection is vital in identifying any underlying issue that may cause failure later.

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