Troubleshooting 5 Common Flexsteel Recliner Problems With Ease

electric recliner not working

Don’t we all love sitting on a Flex steel recliner? Flex steel recliners are a very comfortable piece of furniture you may own. It may be expensive, yet you wish to invest in the comfort they bring along.

Owning a recliner is great, but you may have faced some common problems if you own one. One such common issue is difficulty in reclining, or another may be some electrical issues.

In this article, we shall discuss the top 5 common problems faced while using a Flex steel recliner and their easy solutions.

Top 5 Common Problems With Flex steel Recliners :

The Flex steel recliner’s working mechanism is controlled by wires. The connections may become faulty, or the cables may get lined up to create a malfunction in the working of your recliner.

Finding a solution to these problems might take time and effort. The common problems faced while using a Flex steel recliner include:

1. Electrical Problems

You may face some technical difficulties if you have an electrical issue. You must check the power supply in your electrical outlets before going for any technical fixes.

You may face a problem that your recliner needs to be fixed. This is a common issue and can be caused if you have a malfunction in the power supply or in the device itself.

Check for the voltage supply and see that the power supply is adequate. If your power switch is not working properly, then you may use an extension cord or call an electrician to install a new one for your recliner.

2. Problem with the Recliner’s Control Mechanism

If you face a problem with your recliner’s power button, it can be due to something heavy being put on it or if someone banged it down. You may not be able to smoothly switch it on if there is a problem with the button.

Try to unplug and restart the recliner so that it gets proper supply. If you see the power button flickering before you notice the issue, it’s also possible that there is a problem with the circuit board. This will need the intervention of a professional.

3. Problem with your electrical socket

This is another common issue faced while using a recliner. Try testing the socket by lighting a lamp or tester to figure out if the supply is appropriate. If the bulb also does not light up, then it indicates a problem with your socket.

The problem may also be due to a power outage. An electrical failure may have damaged the mainboard causing a power issue. In this case, you need to replace or repair the mainboard by calling a professional.

4. Hearing Weird Noises

Over a period of time, a Flex steel recliner may start making some weird noises. The problem may be due to its age or unequal weight distribution.

Whatever the reason, the standard issue can be solved by lubricating the joints and the springs of your recliner. Lay a clean sheet before you place the recliner upside down to start the lubrication.

Always use a flashlight to lubricate the recliner so that the joints and springs are properly visible. You must put the lubricant gently and clean off the excess oil to avoid a mess.

Let the lubricant sit for about half an hour so that it dries completely. Once done, sit on the recliner and see if the sound has subsided or not.

5. Recliner is not moving smoothly or is stuck

Generally, when you press the control button of your recliner, it should adjust to the desired position smoothly. At times, some parts of your recliner may become stiff and lead to difficulty in its movement.

Try to apply some force to release its stiffness. If this is not helping, then you must opt for greasing its joints using a lubricant. Generally, lubrication is the best way to solve the problem of stiff movements.

It may also happen that your recliner is completely stuck. This issue may occur as the recliner chair does not budge. The situation can be annoying, so you may follow some simple steps to get rid of the issue.

Do you need a Professional Help If Power Recliner Not Working?

The Flex steel recliner is an electrical device. The quickest solution to any such problem can be to call a professional service provider or an electrician to look into the matter.

They are technically well-equipped and qualified to address and fix such issues. You must also ask about the cost of repairs and compare it with purchasing a new one if your model is old enough and is asking for frequent repairs.

But if your recliner is new and does not have much wear and tear, just call the manufacturer to replace the damaged parts.

Also For parts replacement or recliner repair, contact Flexsteel customer service  or visit their website to find the right parts for your model.

Find effective ways to resolve the issue:

This is not the only way to resolve the issues. You may opt for some easier ways to get the recliner working again. Here’s what can be done.

1. If the recliner is stiff or has stopped working, carefully turn the recliner upside down and examine the parts you feel are jammed.

2. You may figure out that some springs or joints are out of place, disconnected, or misaligned.

3. Check for any loose wires or cuts that can be fixed easily at home. However, you must always ensure that the electricity supply is turned off before you repair the recliner.

4. Always use a good-quality electrical tape to correct the wiring and tape the wires securely if they have been cut.

5. If you cannot figure out any such problem, then there must be some internal issue with the recliner that needs the attention of a professional technician. It could be caused due to a dead motor, transformer issue, or internal malfunction of wiring.

6. Flex steel has different recliner models, so their wiring will always vary. It would be great if you referred to the booklet that comes along, as you would find the necessary details that will make the process easier.


The Flex steel recliner may face common problems that may persist if not taken care of immediately. You must consult their customer service or technician if you find it challenging to repair independently.


How To Manually Recline An Electric Recliner:

To manually recline an electric recliner, locate the release lever beneath the seat. Pull the lever while applying slight pressure on the backrest to disengage the motorized mechanism. Carefully lean back to your desired recline angle, then push down on the footrest to return to an upright position.

Once upright, push the release lever back to its original position to reactivate the motorized feature. Always prioritize gentle movements and clear space for safety.

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