How do I fix the EC code on my Frigidaire dehumidifier?

How do I fix the EC code on my Frigidaire dehumidifier?

In an era where we are pretty much dependent on one or another availabilities invented by human race for betterment of self or humanity itself, we come across a vast range of devices, machines, gadgets etc in our daily lives.

It eventually lead us to be prepared for facing some situations at times when it comes to errors, tech malfunctions or breakdowns. One of the very efficient inventions by mankind is a Frigidaire Dehumidifier.

It’s pretty much a lifesaver for those who are located on some extremely humid terrains. But yes, like other electronic devices it may put us in a situation at times when we need assistance.

One common problem people face with these Frigidaire dehumidifiers is EC code issues. Below is some potentially useful information which might come handy when dealing with EC code issues with your dehumidifier.

What Is An Ec Code ?

EC stands for electrically commutated, which means that the motor installed inside the unit runs on DC voltage, but comes from an AC power source.

An EC code tells us that a unit has a certain pressure level limit which is hampered or else the refrigerant level is low. To understand the problem let’s first get to know what the basic issue or term is all about.

An EC code error happens when the unit is either placed or being used in an environment where external temperature conditions are either too cold or very hot as compared to suggested parameters i.e. between 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Technically speaking, the coils inside either start freezing or stop condensing and hence make your dehumidifier ineffective completely.

To make things even simpler to understand, the temperature of your Frigidaire dehumidifier and ambiance where it is being used should be balanced or let’s just say, within presets.

Causes Of EC Code Error

Major causes of EC code error on a dehumidifier are listed below :

1.Blockage in air filters is one of the main reasons for malfunctioning in most units.

2.Ambiance temperature is another vital cause for a misbehaving humidifier.

3.Humidity Percentage preset disturbance is one of the important reasons for EC code error.

4.Insufficient space in the unit.

5.Improper air circulation.

6.Refrigerant leakage.

7.Uneven displacement of dehumidifier unit.

8.Long usage without breaks.

These are some pointers which lead to malfunctions and further are elaborated possible cures to the same.

Checks To Be Done For An EC Code Error

Below are a few possible checks that may help you while dealing with error situations for your Frigidaire Dehumidifier.

1. There is a filter installed inside the unit and with time it starts getting blocked by micro particles, some dust of any possible blocking agents.

Keep an eye on this one and make sure the filter is cleaned from time to time to avoid the above mentioned situation in order to make your device work smooth and effectively for a longer period of time.

2. Always have an eye on room temperature where the unit is installed. As mentioned earlier, terrain ambiance matters the most in case of EC code error on your Frigidaire dehumidifier.

Keep checking temperature parameters to avoid malfunction. Neither too cold nor very hot. This will keep things going easy and relaxing for you.

3. Along with the temperature, the second most important point to be checked regularly is to avoid error EC is to keep a track of humidity parameters decided for units.

Usually it varies between 45% – 50%. At some places it may be higher. Rather than pushing your device beyond limits and ending up with a malfunctioning one, it’s better suggested communicating customer care or concerned person or team.

Some Important Points To Keep In Mind

Same as humans, machines do need space these days, heh. Talking about space here means one should have a regular check if there is enough space inside your Frigidaire dehumidifier for air to revolve.

Better air circulation results in absolute hassle free performance by unit. There are a few terrains where there is more dust, dirt or some other external natural particles which may lead to a blockage with the time and hence needs to be taken care off.

Sometimes a small issue will lead to a disaster. Same as a minor but very critical check is refrigerant leakage. Same as coolant in automobiles, refrigerant plays a vital role in keeping unit cool and working efficiently. Please keep a good note of this one.

Placement of the unit plays a vital role in overall performance of your Frigidaire dehumidifier as similar to other electrical inventions which perform on a condenser; the device should be placed flat but not touching the floor.

For example, if a unit is installed on a concrete floor, it should be a few inches above it, a plank or any other block of a sustainable quality is recommended.

Wrapping Up

Last but not the least, a very important point to be checked and done whenever one faces an EC code error issue. When you notice an EC code on display, power off and plug out supply for approx 4 to 6 hours.

Usually EC error code displays after an average usage of 250 hours. Probably this helps the unit to cool down or reset it. EVERYONE NEEDS A BREAK as they say!!

After all this good, possibly handy and helpful information and checks, there are some cases where it has been observed that dehumidifiers can get reset or start working normal as before error by just leaving them unplugged for a few hours.

But parallel to this there have been scenarios where replacement of internal circuits or condensers had to be done for all goodness.

However lots and lots of cases, scenarios and real time dehumidifier failures and error encounters have shown that if you are lucky that your unit might start working properly the same as pre error by simply keeping power off and plugged out of supply for a few hours.

Then systematically restart it step by step. But just in case the same error resumes or stays unresolved it is best recommended to get in touch with a professional as soon as possible as over experimenting to try to resolve the problem may even worsen things for you and the dehumidifier itself.

Trying different things with your device without information and clueless efforts could further increase the damage. Avoid this and ask your customer care to deal with it if required.

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