6 Garden Party Ideas For A Perfect Event

6 Garden Party Ideas For A Perfect Event

Summers are for long walks on the beach, conversations under the night sky, and ice cream any time of the day. Our summers look like for most of us when we are kids.

Yet, as we grow older and busier, we sometimes forget about the magic of summer and all the particular ways it can make us feel.

So if you have been looking to bring back the magic of summer for you and your loved ones, why not throw the ultimate garden party and make your guests forget about their work and worries? The following are six ways to create a starry-eyed evening right in your backyard.

Brilliant Ideas To Entertain Outdoor

1. Flowers flowers everywhere

A garden party needs flowers and lots of them. One pot of hydrangeas in a corner will not work if you want to create real magic.

Your goal should be to drench your backyard in flowers on every corner, table, window, and anywhere else in sight. Consider hanging rose stems over your dining table for a makeshift floral chandelier perfect for an outdoor event.

You want your guests to  feel overwhelmed by the beauty of nature and make them feel like a fairy coming out from among the flowers is a possibility, no matter how tired they are with the world. You should not stop at the decor.

Think of other ways to incorporate flowers by adding edible flowers to your drinks and dishes and encouraging your guests to wear floral patterned outfits.

2. Delicious smoky dishes

The scent is an important sensory way of taking your guests back to their magical summers, and you can do that by grilling delicious smoky dishes.

Invest in a sturdy drop in grill that can infuse your food with that undeniable smoky flavor, or set up a makeshift grill to cook right in the backyard so you can mingle with your guests. Be mindful of color when deciding on your menu.

Scent and taste are essential but so are visuals. When choosing the vegetables you serve, go for bright yellows, reds, dark greens, and oranges.

3. Create a cozy haven

Outdoor furniture is great but often sturdy and slightly uncomfortable as it must endure outdoor conditions. For a magical garden party, consider bringing your couch and armchair outside to make your guests as comfortable as possible.

Fold blankets on chairs, scatter cushions everywhere and make your guests feel like the furniture is hugging them. If you have a floral patterned carpet, consider bringing it outdoors too.

4. Keep the lighting low

While it is convenient to have harsh lighting to grill your meat to perfection, your guests will not benefit from too many lights. For the perfect, cozy atmosphere, go for soothing warm lighting that is gentle on the eyes and allows your guests to see the stars in the sky.

An easy way to create this cozy atmosphere is to invest in a set of string lights, also known as fairy lights. Like the Christmas tree sets, string lights generally come in warm yellow light and are not too bright, creating a romantic atmosphere no matter where you place them.

Fairy lights are inexpensive, so you can invest in various sets to place in different areas in your backyard. For a truly romantic garden party, consider stringing the lights in the flowers and around any trees or bushes you may have.

Candles are also great at creating an atmosphere, but with so many flowers and foliage around, it is essential to keep the candles away from them. Place candles on the dining table or in lanterns for added safety.

5. Create a magical dessert table

Most people get very excited about dessert no matter their age, so why not make this part of the dinner a feast on its own? The key here is to have as many dessert options as possible to make the guests feel spoiled. Set up a separate table for the desserts. Decorate with flowers and a beautiful tablecloth, unless the table looks good without one.

Then, bring out various desserts and place them on different patterned plates. Use different heights to your advantage by placing some desserts on cake stands and others on the table for a beautiful effect. After that, encourage your guests to get up and make up their dessert plates however they please.

6. Bring out old-school games

Projectors are perfect if you want to host a movie night in your backyard. However, movies, phones, and other gadgets can keep the conversation flowing and stop your guests from talking and sharing as much as they want.

So if you crave an evening of long discussions about anything and everything, keep the gadgets away and bring out old-school board games instead.

From monopoly to cards, scrabble, and guess who? There are many options for board games where your guests can laugh and compete, all in good fun.

Backyard mini golf is another party game that is definitely worth a try. The goal of the game is to get the golf ball around the obstacles and into the hole in as few shots as possible. It can be played with any number of people. And you don’t need a lot to set this up too. Search the web for a putting mat that’s the best money could buy.  You could maybe add some toy clubs and golf balls to your online cart before you check out. Once you have all that, look around the house for items you can use to create obstacles. Maybe borrow some of your kids’ toys for this purpose?

No matter how big or small your garden party is, your energy will set the tone for your guests, so remember to enjoy yourself too and relax.

The best way to do this is to prepare many things beforehand. Moreover, if you are not an expert at making cocktails, set up a section with various drinks where your guests can help themselves.


Furthermore, don’t feel you should not accept your guests’ help. If they offer to bring food out from the fridge or serve canapes to the other guests, accept the help so you can enjoy the party.

Finally, don’t forget to put on the right music to enhance the atmosphere. Go for relaxing music and keep the volume low to avoid interrupting conversations.

A garden party is an opportunity for your guests to unwind and walk barefoot on the grass, and with these six-party ideas, you will be one step closer to creating the summer party.

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