What is Inside a Gardener’s Shed? All is Revealed

What is Inside a Gardener’s Shed? All is Revealed

If you know nothing about gardening and would like an idea about the tools and equipment a gardener would use, you have come to the right place, as we take a peek inside a typical garden shed. The following are likely to be inside that small exterior structure we call a shed.

Lawn mower –

An integral machine that keeps the grass in check; some are rotary, some have a cylinder that cuts and some are electric. Most have a box on the front or to one side that collects the grass as it is cut.

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Wheelbarrow –

Essential for carrying tools, soil and plants to and from different areas of the garden. This handy vehicle can be used in many ways and every gardener would have at least one.

Hand tools –

A shovel, spade, garden fork and edging iron are staple tools for every gardener, you can expect to find pruning shears on a wall rack, with a couple of rakes hanging in the corner. A few stiff brooms and a soft one for sweeping up and an old dustpan would likely be in the shed somewhere.

Stepladders –

Needed for working at height, steps would be hung from a bracket on the wall, or simply leaned against the wall. You need steps when tree pruning and trimming the hedges.

Chainsaw –

It might be a small unit powered by an internal combustion engine or an electric model; a chainsaw is needed to keep trees in order; typically, in the autumn months, the trees are pruned and shaped, removing deadwood.

Leaf blower –

No one likes sweeping up leaves, which is where a leaf blower comes into the equation, simply walk along paths and grassed areas to shift fallen leaves. Old school gardeners would rake leaves up and use them in a compost heap at the back of the garden.

Garden hose/lawn sprinkler –

The garden hose can be rolled up and stored in the shed, although most gardeners leave it out as it is used almost on a daily basis. Click here for details on retractable hose reels.

Fertiliser, lawn nutrients etc –

Certain chemicals might be used to keep weeds down and to feed the lawn and these should be stored securely.

Garden furniture –

In the winter, many Aussie homeowners store their garden furniture in the shed, leaving just a couple of chairs and a small table.

So, there you have it, the contents of an average gardener’s shed. Other items you might see include kids’ toys and bicycles, depending on the size of the shed.

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