How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

How Do I Find My Moen Faucet Model Number?

It can get quite annoying when you are unable to get your Moen Faucet Model number. It is either that its dripping water is terrible or some plumbing issue has occurred and you have decided to change it.

Well, whatever the reason is you still need to get a serial number or a model number to help you find a replacement. In this article, you will get some hints on how to identify faucet model numbers and get you started with your journey of fixing the issue.

Before knowing the hints to identify it, you should also know about the need of identifying the model number.

Why is Identifying Faucet Model Number important?

Well, Moen is a very large company. They manufacture a variety of faucet models depending on the design and the need for it. Therefore, every faucet has a model number associated with it.

This unique identifier makes it easier to classify a Moen Faucet allowing you to troubleshoot it efficiently. Another aspect is that when you call the customer support and need some assistance on figuring out the issue, you need a model number.

This will allow you to give an accurate date to the customer support representative who will assist you in finding a fix to your issue. Hence, your issue gets resolved efficiently provided you know the model number of your faucet especially if it is from a large company like Moen.

Where is the serial number found?

In most cases, the serial number or the model number is likely found at the base or the spout of the faucet. You can refer to a diagrammatic representation provided in the manual to easily locate the model number.

It is most often found behind the decorative ring. This is also found behind the scout. You can easily identify the model number as it usually starts with the number 7 or 8 and has letters followed by it.

This is how you identify the serial number which also gives you the location of it on the faucet.

Is your Faucet Model fake?

Well, while looking for your model number you might also know if your faucet model is fake or not. You can easily check this before purchasing.

However, if you have already bought it there is nothing that can be done. For instance, you can check if the model is fake or not by the placement of the sticker.

There should be a Moen logo printed on the faucet which also guides you to its model number. In this way, you get insights into the model number as well as the legitimacy of the product.

Before buying it, you should definitely inspect it closely to get a brief overview on it and then make a decision.

Tips on Finding the Moen Faucet Model Number

Well, there are certain aspects that you need to remember while finding the Moen Faucet Model Number. Here are some the tips that you should consider while finding the model number in Moen Faucet

1) Inspect the Faucet

Yes, instead of looking up online how to find the Moen faucet model yourself, you should check for it on your own. It is likely that you inspect it and stumble upon the model number on your own.

Hence, the very first attempt of yours should be to inspect the faucet model yourself for the number.

2) Check if it is Legitimate

Well, if you check and check and don’t get a model number on it then it is likely illegitimate. You should check for the logo of the brand or some sticker so that it is evident that you have an original product.

Beware of this when you first purchase the faucet. Hence, checking its legitimacy is quite important.

3) Look Up Some YouTube Videos

It is also a good idea to check for solutions on YouTube. You will be surprised to know that there is a ton of content on the same. You can get tutorials on how to check the Moen Faucet Model Number. Hence, it is a great idea to look up some YouTube videos.

4) Cross-reference with available brands

You should also cross-reference the model of which you know the number. This will allow you to compare the data and help you find the model number for the same. Hence, it is a great idea to cross-reference with available brands.

5) Visit a Local Store to get Assistance

Yes, visiting the local store to get assistance can help you resolve the issue quickly. They will surely assist you with the model number as they are experienced and well-versed with the placement of the model number on the product.

Hence, visit a local store to get assistance and all your problems will be resolved.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom line is that the model number is always present on the product. You need to closely look at it to find it. This will allow you to troubleshoot the issue that you are facing and your problem is resolved.

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