How can a Home Improvement Specialist promote his Instagram page in 2022

How can a Home Improvement Specialist promote his Instagram page in 2022

In 2022, it became quite obvious that now social networks are an opportunity to move your business forward, expand your customer base and gradually increase your income.

Specialists who have a wide audience on Instagram and have created their own brand are in demand much more often than those who do not.

The fact is that users have started to focus on media accounts of professionals – here they can see examples of work, see real reviews of people and get acquainted with the price list. In short, it will be useful if you have a goal to find new clients and receive more orders.

However, there are more and more home improvement specialists on the platform, and you, as a beginner on the online path, need to stand out from the crowd and strengthen your position so that the account is not lost among thousands of others.

In this article, we will talk about how you can find your target audience and increase your account coverage. Read on to find out how and where to buy real instagram followers for a quick start, why you need to use cross-promotion and how Reels will help you.

What Are The Effective Ways To Promote Your Home Improvement Instagram Page


The fact is that in order to become a more well-known specialist in your niche, it is not enough just to publish posts, post photos of well-maintained real estate objects and talk about the cost of services.

You need to do this on multiple resources at once if you want to expand your audience as quickly and easily as possible.

To do this, you need to have professional (or personal) profiles on other sites, such as TikTok, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. Having them, you will be able to increase engagement and interest potential clients.

Publish some of the most interesting and popular posts and write a link to the original source. If you already have a certain number of regular readers or viewers on the platforms, ask them to support your initiatives and tell them about the expert new blog.

2.Paid services

Did you start a blog in order to see the real result, get more new customers and become a more famous master of your craft? In this case, paid advertising services should be added to your promotion strategy, which help novice authors become more competitive.

We are talking about the possibility to buy Instagram followers cheap – this is an effective method for those who plan to stay on the site for a long time and increase attention to their account.

By purchasing accounts of real people (who become your subscribers), you provide yourself with the necessary base – this affects how often your publications will appear in recommendations, and will also significantly increase the rating of your account.

Together, this will give the same result that you expect from a social network, and the number of subscribers will increase in proportion to the growth of the page.


Reels appeared about 1 year ago, but they have already managed to win the hearts of thousands of users. Especially popular are clips in which the result is shown, for example, “before / after”.

For you, as a home improvement specialist, this is a great opportunity to get a certain number of regular readers for free, who after a while can become clients. Try it!

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