How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost In 2023?

How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost In 2023?

Loft conversions have steadily become a popular way of adding space to your property. Most homeowners in the United Kingdom consider loft conversion the most affordable option to add extra space and value to their property.

With the surge in property prices, many individuals are preferring loft conversions in place of moving house.

Nevertheless, most individuals are wondering about the cost of loft conversions in Kent and across the UK. So, how much will a loft conversion cost you in 2023? This article explains the cost of a loft conversion in 2023.

How Much Should You Pay for a Loft Conversion?

The expenses associated with a loft conversion in 2023 differ based on a variety of factors. For instance, the conversion cost varies depending on the type of conversion, the location of the property, the loft’s size, and the materials used.

Despite the varying factors, a recent survey reveals that the average loft conversion cost in 2023 is £1200 – £2000 per square metre. The loft conversion cost varies depending on the project and other features. Let’s explore cost of the different loft conversions:

Rooflight loft conversion

This loft conversation requires roof light window installation on the roof. In addition, you must also include flooring, installation of roof lights, and strengthening of the existing floor.

Experts reveal that it’s one of the most affordable loft conversions in Kent. You don’t have to bear the costs of plumbing, basic floor strengthening, and other extensive electrical work. The cost of roof light conversion in the UK ranges is £15000 – £25000.

Dormer loft conversion

The dormer loft conversion refers to a boxed-shaped structure replacing one slope of the roof. This conversion results in a flat-roofed design, making it easy to install full-sized windows and use full-height furniture and other home appliances.

With the contractor required to rebuild one roof pitch completely, it’s a costly loft type. The L-shaped dormer can cost approximately £40000 to £75000, while the standard dormer loft extension costs £25000 – £50000.

Hip-to-gable loft conversion

The hip-to-gable loft conversion requires you to replace the detached house with a vertical brick wall. You can also maximise the space by combining it with a dormer conversion.

This process results in extensive alterations that require you to build a brick gable wall. What is the conversion cost of this alternative? You’ll pay approximately £32000 to £60000 for this loft conversion.

Mansard loft extension

It’s a unique loft conversion in the UK that helps create a flat roof space. Mansard loft extension contains four or two external walls gently sloping.

You can also extend it to have an additional storey on the existing building. Nevertheless, the extensive building alteration nature requires planning permission.

The permission makes the loft conversion higher than the other options. Assuming the mansard will only cover the loft’s extension, the average cost ranges from £40000 – £70000.

Obtain Various Quotes and then Make Final Decision

The cost of loft conversion in 2023 depends on various factors. For instance, the size of the loft, materials used, and location of your property can help you get the total cost or charges of loft conversions.

Studies show that the average loft conversion cost in the United Kingdom ranges between £30000 – £50000. With the variations, it’ll be wise to have extensive research, obtain multiple quotes, and include all the costs while budgeting.

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