How to Install a Split Ac Unit?

How to Install a Split Ac Unit

Installing a split AC system is the best way to keep your house chilled and pleasant throughout blistering summers. Compared to central ACs, these units have easy installation, high energy efficiency, and are noise-free.

Since these ACs are ductless, they merely require installing the cooling unit inside and the compressor and condenser unit outside the home while connecting the units with pipes and a power connection.

However, a lack of attention may complicate the split AC installation task. Moreover, inappropriately installed AC will not only be inefficient and trigger high energy bills, but it will demand maintenance more frequently.

Yet, if you possess electrical skills and don’t want to hire an HVAC company in Sacramento for AC installation, you can do the task alone.

Although every AC unit is distinctive, the installation procedure is generally similar. Continue reading to learn the process!

The Steps to Install a Split Ac Unit

Choose the Best Location-

Install a split AC on a solid wall supporting inside and outside units. Even if you haven’t installed an outdoor unit on the same wall, a robust wall will prohibit vibrations from being generated into the wall. Furthermore, ascertain a 15 cm gap above and around the indoor

AC unit before installing. Also, it must be 7 feet above the ground.

Install the Mounting Plate and Drill the Exit Hole-

After selecting the location, horizontally place the mounting plate against the wall and highlight the pointers using a pencil where fasteners will be drilled.

Now, insert plastic anchors after drilling holes in the marked areas. Tighten the screws while holding the mounting plate. Subsequently, drill a 7-8 cm hole in a suitable place for the pipes and wires to pass to the outside split AC unit.

Mount the Indoor Ac Unit-

First, remove the AC’s front cover to lift it towards the mounting plate. Now, pass the two copper pipes, drainage pipe, and wire via the outlet hole drilled in the wall.

For effective cooling performance, ensure the bends in the copper pipes are seamless. Use electrical tape to tie all four together.

After this, attach the front cover to the AC while ascertaining that it is appropriately mounted to the plate. If you find this installation process tricky, call the Air Conditioner Service in Sacramento professionals for its quality installation.

Now, Install the Outside Unit!

Select the Right Place:

While finding a suitable place, consider avoiding hot or dusty spots. Additionally, maintain a gap of at least 30-35 cm around the outside unit to achieve optimal functioning.

Install the Brackets:

Once you’ve selected the right spot, drill a hole for the brackets and verify they are aligned horizontally. Employ the fasteners to secure the bracket.

Mount the Unit and Connect the Wires:

Place the outdoor unit on the bracket while ensuring the screw holes on the bracket and the AC unit match. Now, secure the unit with the bracket.

After this, connect the power wire to the outdoor unit by following the AC unit’s connecting diagram. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions while connecting the wires to prevent damage.

Connect the Copper Pipes:

Clean the copper pipes using a vacuum pump before connecting them. Now, flare nuts connect the copper pipes to the relevant pipe port. After verifying that the flare nuts are securely fastened, turn on both gas valves.

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