6 Ways To Make At-Home Celebrations Safe And Enjoyable For Everyone

6 Ways To Make At-Home Celebrations Safe And Enjoyable For Everyone

Parties at home are fantastic ways to get together with friends and loved ones for yearly celebrations and reunions. They cost less compared to renting an event place for a few hours. And the hosts can share the comforts of their homes with guests.

But when you have lots of people, liquor, and loud music altogether, accidents may happen. So, if you’re hosting a party in your home, you must work double time to ensure everyone’s safety while still having fun. Before you send out your invitations, read this post.

Here are some ways to keep everyone and everything safe during the most exciting at-home parties.

How To Make Home Celebrations Safe And Enjoyable For Everyone

Secure Your Pets

No matter how well-trained and mild-mannered your pets are, you can never know when they’ll act out of character. Many animals who’ve lived with small families may grow anxious and protective when several strangers enter their home.

They either become aggressive or find a way to escape. In fact, there’s a reported 30-60% increase in missing pets during the 4th of July.

To avoid this problem, keep your pet in a closed room free of items they could destroy. Put them in their crates for added security. Leave behind reachable food and water dispensers so they can eat or drink anytime. Don’t forget to place enough pee pads for them to do their business without ruining the floor.

Inform Guests Of Your Ground Rules

Guests may overstep your boundaries and house rules during a party. So, to keep everyone in the loop, include your ground rules in your invitations. It may seem like a party-pooper move to inform visitors of a list of dos and don’ts, but it’s to keep everyone and yourself safe while partying.

When guests arrive, remind them again of your house rules. You might have private places they’re not allowed to access, like your bedroom or the room with your pets. Some spots could also be accident-prone, such as the balcony.

Letting everyone know where not to go and what to do will make your at-home celebration safe and secure for all guests.

Stock Up On Hygiene Essentials

When you have many people and lots of food in one area, mess is inevitable. A puddle of water or grease near the dining table can cause accidents like slips and falls.

It’s a no-brainer that you must gather cleaning materials to prepare your home for a party. Stock up on paper towels, microfiber rags, and absorbent sponges and leave them in areas where spills could happen. You should also have a mop and broom on standby.

Additionally, before you start designing, clean up zones where guests can stay, such as the living and dining rooms. Decluttering junk will reveal more space for people to roam and safely enjoy the celebration.

Keep An Eye On The Kids

When you’re expecting guests to bring their children to the party, the more you need to secure your home for their safety. Kids, especially toddlers, are naturally curious and will touch and grab objects that attract them. They’re also small and likely to be bumped into by teens or adults.

There should be at least two people watching over the kids. These people will prevent the children from hurting themselves or getting into fatal accidents, like drowning in a swimming pool.

If you worry about the kids’ safety or if your place is too small, you may limit the number of participants or have a party exclusive to adults. The children can stay with relatives or a babysitter while you and your guests can focus on celebrating at your place.

Lock Up Your Valuables

Even if the partygoers are those you love and trust, you’re better off keeping your valuable items away from anyone else’s eyes. They might not steal anything. But if they touch or hold your items, they could misplace them.

So, if you have expensive trinkets in the party area, lock them up in a safe in your bedroom. You should also lock away other important items like prescription medicines and cash somewhere inaccessible to guests. Ensure you lock the doors to these rooms and keep the keys in spots only you know.

Have A Fire Extinguisher Nearby Fire-Prone Areas

A house fire is one of the primary causes of property damage, while smoke inhalation may be deadly for people trapped in a burning home. Unless you have candles everywhere or faulty wiring, fires will be the least of your worries. But it never hurts to practice fire safety, especially during a house party.

It’s a must to have a nearby fire extinguisher in case of an emergency. It shouldn’t be blocked or covered with clutter so you can grab and use it.

The kitchen and garage are the top two places that should have an accessible fire extinguisher. Also, inform your family or other housemates where it is so they remember where to get them.

It’s also crucial that you clean electrical appliances before the party. A dirty oven is one of the leading  causes of house fires. So, instead of cleaning them twice a year, do it regularly, like every week.

Have Fun But Stay Safe

Anyone can get caught up with the stress and fun of planning and being in a house party. But you shouldn’t ignore everyone’s safety.

Remember these tips before you plan your next family reunion at home. A celebration at home can become more enjoyable when you and your guests don’t get hurt while partying.

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