7 Tips to Make Your Home More Functional

7 Tips to Make Your Home More Functional

2022 is all about sustainability, responsibility, and convenience. Sustainability and functionality are extensions of one another; functional choices are always sustainable and sustainable choices lead to practical life.

When it comes to the organization of your living space, functionality becomes the key to a convenient and clutter-free home.

Having everything conveniently placed, it is within reach. It doesn’t add to clutter and can be a paradox for many people.

Unfortunately, this can lead to stress, mismanagement, and misplacement of things within your home. We understand your dilemma and have brought these seven tips to make your home more functional.

Stylish Ideas To Make Home More Functional And Practical

1.Rent and Install Portable Equipment:

If you have a small home and your family struggle with the lack of space, the best bet is to look for portable equipment and rooms that can easily be moved from one place to another.

Then, depending upon your convenience, you could rent or buy it; however, ensure that the company you contact for rentals has responsible and responsive customer service.

We usually recommend looking for businesses that have good reviews and deliver on their promises. Rental businesses by social activists, veterans, and doctors are often responsible because of their ethically sound nature.

For example, if you are looking to host an outdoor event in Oregon, your guest list has thirty people. So your best bet is to rent everything from the furniture to the restroom.

This is because Oregon is not the best place for investing in outdoor settings, and rentals can help you save a fortune for small events.

While furniture, grill, and crockery might be easier to rent, a portable restroom might be a challenging ball game. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Hop on to google and type ‘veteran-owned porta-potty rental company in Oregon,’ you’ll be hit with the best and most reliable results in a few seconds.

Talk to your selected rental company and let them know about your requirements and understand their terms.

2.Maximize Use Of Closet Space:

Most houses have built-in closets, and they often have excellent storage space. However, this space can quickly run out if you have many personal items and possessions.

To effectively organize your items, categorize your belongings. See where they belong and whether you need them daily or not.

If it is something you might need for the next six months, look for a suitcase to store or put it somewhere that is a hard-to-reach place.

Combing through items like this will help you get rid of extra things in your closet and increase your closet space for things you need.

You could buy wire closet systems, organizers, and retractable hangers to further increase space. Moreover, ensure that you utilize the floor and door of the closet as well.

3. Look For The Best Layout:

If you have an open floor plan, look for a focal point from the entryway. It will help you develop an idea of how you want to properly design the space to make it more functional for your family. Also, look for complementary furniture options and upholstery to tie everything together more cohesively.

Look for how your family uses the space and how they flow through the house. See how they use each room within the house and how you can make their movement easier. Clear space and create an open path to frequently used areas and passageways.

4. Organize the Entryway For Effective Use:

Entryways are often seen cluttered with shoes, coat racks, pet leashes, and other items that can decrease the functionality of the space. Yet, this is one of the most critical places in the house and often has a significant effect on the morning routine of a family.

This space can make or break your children’s morning routine if you have school-going children. Having an organized entryway with all the essentials they need for school will make your life easier, and they will have a better chance of making it on time to school.

You could add a small rack to hang your children’s jackets, coats, and blazers. You could also add a shoe rack beside the door for their school shoes, and a small table for their lunch boxes or any other essentials they need for school.

This will make the entryway a functional part of your house and reduce the time they spend searching for their things.

5. Functional Furniture Makes Life Easier:

When shopping for furniture, make sure that you look for  functional furniture that complements your lifestyle. You use furniture daily, and if it’s not convenient and decreases mobility within your living space, it will make your life very hard.

If you have children and pets, then there’s a whole new dimension that you need to keep in mind while shopping for furniture.

First, try picking items that wouldn’t have you constantly worrying about them or them being ruined by your children and pets; look for colors that are darker and materials that are easy to clean.

6. Outdoors Work For Great Extensions:

Outdoors work as great extensions of living space and are often a significant change of scenery. In addition, a change of pace will be a great bonding experience for you with your family.

You can extend your outdoor space to your patio or front porch, whichever suits you and your family’s lifestyle and activities.

A back porch can be an excellent space for hosting get-togethers and having a fun Sunday barbeque. It is also great for setting up an open kitchen and study area. This will ultimately increase your home’s functionality and serve as a healthy change.

7. Use Your Counters As Storage Space:

Speaking of kitchens, your counters can serve as excellent storage space for daily use equipment and staples. Small storage cavities can reduce the hassle of looking for other places to store your equipment and cooking essentials.

Moreover, having everything in the same room will increase convenience. Ensure that everything is within reachable distance and that these storage cavities are cleaned out regularly. This way, you can avoid overfilling your cabinets and keep things organized.

Bottom Line:

If you want to increase your living space’s functionality, you must ensure that you properly analyze it. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of not understanding their living space and hence make wrong decisions when purchasing equipment, furniture, and other home essentials.

The size of the house doesn’t determine its functionality; the use of its space does. We hope the above points helped you understand how to use space to increase your home’s functionality effectively.

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