How To Sell Office Furniture?

How To Sell Office Furniture?

Let’s be honest: Furniture is the first thing that tops the list of least recycled household goods. What does that indicate? It is time to adopt the “Out with the old and in with the new” philosophy.

There has been an increase in the number of people who are coming forward to use reused office furniture. This has compelled furniture companies to play their part and help other businesses sell their furniture items, all for a sustainable future.

How can a furniture company help you in this aspect? By making it easy to sell the used furniture. Tell me, what are you most afraid of when you decide to sell any used item?

It could be finding the right buyer, getting the right price, or transporting the furniture. A furniture company will take all these worries on themselves and serve you in the best possible manner.

Let’s Find Out More About How To Sell Office Furniture.

Look For The Buyer

When you have decided to sell your office furniture, it’s time to look for a reliable buyer or a furniture company who can take your stuff back. A furniture company not only takes your office furniture items but also fixes them up, refurbishes them, and re-sells them to other customers.

Instead of looking for an independent buyer, a furniture company can take the load off your head when it comes to taking back your stuff. They later worry about finding the buyer.

This is a win-win situation for both parties as you not only get rid of the old chairs and tables of the office, but the company also makes some money, and the next buyer can purchase the furniture items knowing that they have contributed to a great cause.

A Liquidator Can Also Help

Do you know what is the most challenging part of selling your office furniture? Finding the seller. Want to get rid of this task? Get in touch with a liquidator.

Office furniture liquidations assist you in getting you a fair price for your furniture items. This way, you are saved from taking out extra or additional time out of your schedule for this particular task.

Moreover, there are many liquidators who do the job of moving out the furniture. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for them. Also, keep in mind that a liquidator will certainly take a commission for their efforts; discuss the percentage amount of commission before giving him the responsibility.

High-Resolution Photos

You must have seen the board of “sight unseen.” This means people have to lock the price before they see the photos of actual items. This makes it more important for you to take high-resolution photos. Here are some tips that you can follow to take quality pictures –

Include all sides of the product for the people to see it.

If there are any labels of the manufacturer, include them in the photos.

Show the space of the furniture so that the furniture company can know how they will remove those pieces from the office. It makes it all the more significant if your office has elevators, as they will have to use the stairs to eliminate the furniture items.

Keep the images in their actual resolution. Don’t compress them. If you still do it, don’t compress it beyond “medium.” It is said that a good image should have pixels of 200 KB pixels or more and a resolution of at least 1000 pixels or more with regard to each dimension.

Talk To The Employees

You have decided to sell your office furniture to a furniture company. But before doing that, talk to your employees and see if they want any of them. This practice is commonly found in businesses that really want to provide their employees with office furniture solutions that they would truly benefit from.

Many employees nowadays have set up their home office, and such quality and used furniture items can help them stay and perform their work tasks efficiently. It makes it easy for you to clear out your office building.

Sell Locally

If you have small quantities of office furniture that you want to sell, try selling them locally. Get your company or business listed in the local marketplace, or you can consider the option of an old-fashioned yard sale.

Ensure that you have arranged a large truck to deliver the furniture items to the sale destination, as many companies won’t have their truck for picking up the furniture.

One major disadvantage of this method is that you have to lock your prices fairly low because local marketplaces have multiple options and are flooded with different kinds of office furniture. But here is the alternative: you can get the contacts of other local businesses to see if they are interested in your deal for their benefit.

Move Quickly

With the continuously changing office culture, more and more companies and organizations are giving the leverage of work-from-home options. If you are one of those, it is important for you to liquidate your assets as soon as possible to completely switch to a work-from-home model successfully.

It will definitely work towards ensuring a good customer base for your office furniture solutions, and you won’t be experiencing any major loss on the assets.

Get A Decent Price

What is the worst part of selling anything? Having arguments or haggling over the price factor. Nobody wants to sell anything at a loss. That is where a furniture company helps you make the most of the selling agreement.

They will aid you in accurately appraising the furniture items and tell you the price honestly, putting an end to haggling over price.

To Make A Long Story Short

Disposing or selling off used office furniture is a commendable way to make a huge difference to this world in the form of reducing the carbon footprint.

Combining small acts of conservation gives back to the community and the environment much more when you talk about sustainability. So go green and sell your office furniture with the help of a furniture company right away.

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