How to Tile Shower Niche Without Bullnose

How to Tile Shower Niche Without Bullnose (1)

Designing every corner of your bathroom is an underrated skill. You would be surprised to know about the potential of making effective use of the interior space in the bathroom. Yes, shifting your focus to the bathroom interiors will allow you space management and make your bathroom look compact.

The shower niche makes a great component in the bathroom as the walled shelf allows you to store toiletries and bathroom essentials. You get added space in the smaller dimensions of the bathroom.

Well, the only one aspect that can be quite annoying or unsatisfactory is tiling the shower niche with curved tiling. Yes, here you will know how to tile shower niches without bullnose.

Tips to Tile Shower Niche Without Bullnose

Take a look at these tips to tile shower niches without bullnose. This will allow you to achieve your goals and add tiles to your bathroom based on your requirements even if it is quite specific. Here are some of the tips that will help you tile your shower niche without a bullnose.

1) Cut the Metal Profile Accurately:

Well, the very first step for you is to cut the tiles accurately based on your shower niche. First, ensure that your niche is constructed perfectly without any issues. The next part of this is to cut tiles in-sync to your requirements. For instance, first measure the number of tiles needed and how much is the dimensions of the tiles required to cut.

This will give you an estimated and accurately help you add tiles to your shower niche. Hence, you place the tiles accurately without any issues and it will avoid making a bullnose. In this way, cutting the profile of the tiles will accurately help you determine its placement.

2) Make Edges of the Tiles Compatible:

If you want to completely avoid the bullnose, then it is crucial that the edges are cut to be compatible. Well, you can achieve this easily by first cutting the tiles based on dimensions and then placing it accurately. For instance, the edges can be cut such that it gives an angular look.

This is quite crucial since this tip will determine if the shower niche will require a bullnose or not. You can laterally make a slant cut on horizontal and vertical tiles such that they fit like a jigsaw puzzle. The cut will be difficult to achieve and you might need to rely on a professional mason.

3) Don’t Curve The Edges:

Of course, if you don’t want a bullnose don’t curve the edges. Some masons use a grinder to make the edges of the tiles curved instead of keeping it angular. Well, this will completely ruin your design and your requirements.

Instead of using a grinder to make a curve at the edges, you can keep it as it is. Instead you can paint the edges with the same color as the tile so that the lateral side of the tile is not visible or its cross-section. Hence, if your tile is white in color you can also paint the lateral sides white.

4) Make use of Plain Tiles Without Prints

This tip will be quite handy for you. This is because tiles with prints don’t look good in the shower. You will soon realize the reason for this. Firstly, the tiles are cut to fit the niche. Hence, the print will also get cut and joining two different tiles might not be compatible as well in terms of their design.

This can make your shower niche look shabby and take away its elegance. Instead of using printed tiles for the niche, always ensure that you use plain colored tiles for your niche. If you desire a printed tile, then keep a single print tile at the center of the niche.

The Bottom Line:

Yes, it is possible to construct a shower niche without a bullnose. However, it ultimately depends on your requirements. This is an essential part of your preferences for your interiors especially when it can make a difference to you. You always have an option and it’s not necessarily true that the shower niche should have a bullnose. Therefore, this will allow

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