Find Out If Farberware Is A Good Cookware Brand Or Not

Find Out If Farberware Is A Good Cookware Brand Or Not

Have you ever been disappointed after buying a hyped-up cookware? Have you ever felt that your current cookware is missing something that your old cookware had? Don’t worry, because today, you’re gonna look at a brand that has over 100 years of experience in cookware production.

When buying cookware, buying a brand with a good track record is the safe strategy. One such cookware brand that has it is Farberware.

Farberware makes everything from aluminum and stainless-clad cookware to stovetop coffee percolator and hybrid ceramic nonstick. It does offer a range of kitchen products, but is farberware a good brand? Read below to find out.

Find Out If Farberware Is A Good Brand:


Farberware always keeps its design simple and functional. If you want to know if Farberware is a good cookware brand, take a look at the features of their most popular cookware series, the Farberware Classic.

Offers Versatile Surfaces For Exteriors

Farberware uses polished stainless steel for its cookware’s exterior. These products have traditionally shaped skillets with sloping sides and rolled rims. They have an aluminum core with a base made of stainless steel.

The strong steel base and aluminum core of the Millennium collection are likewise made of stainless steel. But the walls of the skillet are less sloping and straighter than in Classic.

The exterior of Farberware’s Cookstart, Glide, and Smart Control models is coated with a nonstick silicone polyester coating. The cookware’s coating prolongs its new-looking appearance and makes cleanup easy. You can choose among the exterior colors, such as red, light blue, black, gray, and copper for all three collections.

Uses High-Quality Metals For Interiors

Black nonstick interiors or brushed stainless steel interiors are features of the Classic and Millennium cookware collections from Farberware. The dimpled surface of Classic Traditions stainless interiors allows searing and food release. This is the case even if the textured surface of High Performance is nonstick.

The rivet-free interiors of the Classic (Series and Traditions) series are the primary advantages of these cookwares. You get an entirely unbroken cooking surface that is simpler to clean when there are no rivets. However, on the inside, Millennium cookware features visible rivets.

The company used the DiamondMax Nonstick feature in their Smart Control and Cookstart cookware ranges. According to Farberware, the finishes on these items are three times more resilient than conventional nonstick coatings. The interiors have light or dark hues.

Features Amazing Nonstick Technologies

PowerDiamond is a black nonstick interior that is exclusive to the DuraStrong series. According to Farberware, this coating makes the surface 2.5 times more durable than conventional nonstick.

The interiors of the Glide and Classic Traditions series are colored copper. The copper adds a nice pop against the black exterior when combined with Glide.

Comes With Heat Resistant Handles And Knobs

The majority of the handles on Farberware’s cookware are black and composed of phenolic resin. This is a tough plastic that can tolerate temperatures as high as 350°F.

The Classic series comes with handles made of polished black phenolic. The upward-curved edge of the handles, which gives them an antique appearance, is intended to give a firm grip.

There is a tiny ring at the end of the handle to hang the pan on a hook. The handles of the Classic Traditions and Classic Series cookware are screw welded to the cookware’s sides.

The only handle alternatives available that are welded are the Classic and Glide collections (the other handles are riveted). While all Classic handles are black, Glide handles feature highlights in copper tone.

Compared to many other brands, Farberware’s Classic handles are notably shorter. The 10-inch skillet’s handle measures just over 6 inch. Most 10-inch skillets have handles that are about 8 inches long.

Gives Versatile Options For Lids

The Classic Series is the only collection from Farberware that has lids made of stainless steel. Other items from the company use tempered glass lids. The Classic Series lids have knobs made of black phenolic.

The Farberware series features a wide variety of shapes and styles for their handles and lid knobs. For instance, Millenium has an arc-shaped handle, and DuraStrong has a spherical knob with a recessed top.

The Smart Control series features a knob design that is among the most intriguing. A built-in vent is part of the knob, and it releases steam upon pressing.

Materials and Construction

Farberware makes three types of cookware: aluminum, hard-anodized aluminum, and stainless steel. Not all of the stainless steel pans are fully-clad. Instead, an aluminum core is encased in a robust, tri-ply steel base. Impact-bonded bases are a common term used to describe this kind of build.

Because the bonded layers are all the way up the sides of the pan, fully-clad cookware warms more evenly and endures longer. So, is farberware a good brand when it comes to materials and builds? It surely is, without a doubt.

Uses advanced materials

The interiors of the Millennium and Classic Series are nonstick PTFE or stainless steel. The Classic Traditions only comes with stainless steel on the interior. For effortless cleanup, the aluminum cookware has an exterior coated in silicone polyester. It also has either one of the two nonstick materials: ceramic or PTFE (Teflon).

Two nonstick PTFE specialized coatings are available from Farberware. DiamondMax is the most powerful. According to Farberware, it is three times more durable than conventional nonstick coatings.

Compared to conventional nonstick, PowerDiamond is said to be 2.5 times more durable. So, if you want a PTFE-free solution, you can get the ceramic nonstick in the Glide and Eco Advantage collections from Farberware.


Demonstrates Amazing Heat Conductivity

The Farberware pans have the advantage of heating up very quickly. In comparison to brands like Demeyere, Made In, and All-Clad, pans from Farberware are thinner. It helps move heat rapidly through the material.

This cookware makes tasks like boiling water or grilling a lunch for a restless toddler very easy.


Likewise, Farberware pans are lightweight and easy to handle because of their comparatively thin walls. These are not the lightest pans out there, but there are lighter options that function better.

For instance, the 10-inch Farberware Classic skillet has a weight of 1.3 pounds. Much heavier than two pounds, and occasionally even three pounds, are most 10-inch skillets.


It’s difficult to regulate the heat with Farberware cookware because it’s so light and thin. The short handles are yet another drawback that merits discussion.


Farberware’s affordable price is one of its biggest advantages. To put it simply, Farberware is one of the most reasonably priced cookware brands. Cost-conscious home cooks are its target audience.

Here is an example to put things in perspective: eight Farberware skillets can be purchased for the price of one All-Clad D3 stainless steel skillet. You can purchase four Classic frypan sets, which comprise 8.25- and 10-inch skillets, for the same amount of money.

The cost varies according to the collection and retailer. As an example, the Easy Clean Pro collection is the easiest to use, but Millennium is the most expensive. But regardless of the set you select, you can purchase multi-piece cookware sets from a company like All-Clad for the price of one or two skillets.

The most popular Farberware pots, pans, and sets are available online, so you can check their prices online.

Final thoughts

So, after reading this overview, would you choose Farberware? is farberware a good brand for cookware products? Farberware is an amazing cookware brand that also has some drawbacks.

In short, Farberware is a good choice for a budget-friendly cookware that you use every day. And if you love Farberware’s features, you can easily buy them online.

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