Keurig Still Says Descale After Descaling: 3 Ways to Solve

Keurig Still Says Descale After Descaling: 3 Ways to Solve

Descaling is an essentially vital process to ensure the well-being and hygiene of the machine and that of the consumer.

Getting rid of the dirt and other undesirable materials is of utmost necessity to ensure that the machine works ideally and that your coffee is friendly and safe for consumption.

Without any doubt, Keurig offers excellent features ranging from different brewing sizes to various delicious varieties of K-Cup pods.

However, some consumers have been facing trouble with its descaling option. After the machine has been descaled, it still demands to descale; the descaling light does not go off. Hence, coffee enthusiasts are upset. Coffee lovers, we hear you.

Dive into this article to know what causes the device to say descale after being descaled and how you can sort out the issue and treat yourself with a delicious cup of coffee every day.

Why does Keurig Still Say Descale After Descaling?

The descale light on the Keurig coffee maker notifies that the device requires descaling and cleansing. The descaling light should turn off after the cleaning process has been undertaken.

But sometimes, this fails to happen; the light stays on even after the machine has been descaled. Several reasons can bring about this problem. Here are some of them:


Even when the machine has been descaled once, it may be possible that some clogs remain unattended. Particles of dirt and calcium, which may arise due to the hardness of the water being used, can lead to blockage of some crucial inner parts of the machine.

This may result in the descaling light turning on and giving the user the notification that the clogs need to be removed. Clogging can even cause the machine to stop appropriately serving its function.

Unfit Cup

It may occur that the cup you are using in the coffee maker might not be made for it and thus does not fit into the Keurig.

Using refillable K cups or other utensils that might be too large for the Keurig holder and packing them tightly restricts water flow, leading to the descale light turning on.

It may be possible that the cup has some gooey and sticky particles, which may get removed by rinsing it.

Unclean Keurig Exit Needle

The exit needle is present on the inner side of the K cup holder. Often, ground coffee or cocoa, or other debris gets stuck in the exit needle, thus resulting in its blockage, which in turn commands the descaling button to stay on, and even stops the machine from working altogether.

How to fix the issue?

Flashing the descale message once you have already undergone the process can be frustrating and annoying. Here are some quick tips that can be used to effectively deal with this problem:-


Undergoing the descaling process and cleaning the machine will assist in removing clogs that are built up in the device, hence making the machine work with ease and smoothes.

If the clogs are hard to remove, using a different cleaning solution or more robust solutions like vinegar and citric acid for tougher built-up might help you get through and turn the descale light off.

Pressing the 8 oz and 10 oz

To turn out the light of the descale function after you have already cleaned it, holding the 8oz and 10 oz down for 5 seconds may do the trick and return your Keurig to function like usual.

Cleaning the exit needle

Removing unwanted substances from the exit needle of your Keurig might also help to switch off the descale service after the machine has been descaled by you recently. To do this, you can use a paper clip or something analogous to that.

Detach the funnel from the K-cup holder and insert the paper clip into the pipe and move it around to loosen the needle and make it squeaky clean.

How often should I descale my Keurig?

Descaling your Keurig coffee maker once within 3 to 6 months is enough to ensure its smooth and efficient functioning, besides making the coffee that suits you the best.

Although it is an average time for cleansing, it may require change depending on how often you use the brewing machine. Cleaning and replacing the water filter is also strongly recommended within two months to keep the merry taste of your coffee intact.


Thus, Keurig is popular amongst the masses for its excellent coffee-making skills. The descaling feature in this product is a palpable and much-needed function that detects any blockages in the machines and suggests resolving them.

The methods mentioned earlier offering viable solutions are worth a try if your Keurig coffee maker is giving you a hard time by asking you to descale once you have already done so.

With this, it is easier to identify the root cause of the issue and fix it with uncomplicated and easy steps to set our coffee maker’s functioning back to normal.

It is necessary to understand the importance of this feature and use it to enhance the machine’s performance and improve the taste of your refreshing coffee.


For how long should the Keurig be left to rest after descaling?

For most Keurig machines, the ideal resting time for the coffee maker’s brewer is 30 minutes.

Can I use any solution to descale my Keurig coffee maker?

It is recommended that you use the Keurig descaling solution designed for the coffee maker you use since it is most effective in dealing with scales. However, you can also use vinegar solutions to carry out the procedure, which is natural and much more economical.

How much time does it take to descale the Keurig?

It takes about one hour to descale the Keurig appropriately. This process should be carried out after every three months.

How to prevent descaling?

The best way to do this is to clean up the machine routinely. Checking the quality and, in turn, the amount of hardness your water holds will also be instrumental in maintaining the long life of your Keurig and promise you more of your delicious coffee in the years to come.

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