Comprehensive Kirby Vacuum Reviews – All the Different Kirby Models

Comprehensive kirby vacuum reviews - All the Different Kirby Models

Finding the perfect vacuum cleaner can be an arduous task. With so many models and features to consider, the decision can quickly become overwhelming and confusing. However, one brand stands out for its longstanding reputation of durability, cleaning power and versatility – Kirby vacuum cleaners.

Kirby has been manufacturing high-quality vacuums suited for various needs and budgets. You can analyze kirby vacuum reviews to know about different Kirby models available, keep in mind what you specifically require in your vacuum to narrow down the selection.

Upright Vacuums

Kirby offers three excellent upright vacuum models: the G5, G6 and Avalir 2.

Kirby G5 :

The Kirby G5 uses their proprietary Micron Magic Hepa Filtration system to trap 99.97% of dust and allergens. Itsrugged body is made of durable polymer materials ensuring a long operational life.

The adjustable height settings make vacuuming carpets effortless while a variety of attachments like the upholstery brush, crevice tool and pet brush provide versatility for diverse cleaning requirements.

Kirby G6 :

For advanced cleaning performance, the Kirby G6 incorporates an electronically controlled brush speed adjustment for optimal results on different surfaces.

Its micron filtration bags have 50% more capacity than previous models while an automatic height adjustment feature simplifies switching between bare floors and carpets. The sturdy construction can withstand everyday wear-and-tear.

Kirby Avalir 2 :

The latest Kirby Avalir 2 combines multi-surface cleaning efficiency with convenience features. The compact design stores neatly while powerful LED headlights illuminate dim corners and edges.

The fingertip control slides easily to adjust brush speeds between carpets and hard floors. An allergen barrier system containing a double HEPA media filter prevents dust dispersion back into the air.

Canister Vacuums

For maneuverable cleaning in tight spaces, Kirby offers effective canister models like the Sentria and Avalir.

Kirby Sentria :

The Kirby Sentria has a lightweight body weighing less than 9 pounds. This improves mobility around furniture legs or under beds where dirt accumulation can be high.

Its flexible hose stretches to 10 feet allowing access to ceilings and upholstery. The two-motor system creates strong suction power while the HEPA filtration captures irritants and allergens.

Kirby Avalir :

The versatile Kirby Avalir canister vacuum comes with a removable canister transforming easily into a portable cleaner. The multi-surface nozzle adjusts settings between bare floors and carpets while LED lights expose hidden dirt.

Like all Kirby models, it has durable construction for longevity and powerful cleaning against embedded dirt across different surface types.

Compact Handheld Models

For small cleaning jobs, Kirby handheld vacuums provide quick spot treatment functionality combined with Kirby’s signature power. The Cordless Hand Vac and Hand Vac excel in small area cleaning like couches, cushions or vehicle interiors.

Cordless Hand Vac :

The Cordless Hand Vac offers the convenience of battery operation without cords. Its strong lithium-ion battery enables extensive runtime between charges while cyclonic technology maintains consistent suction efficiency. The kit includes an assortment of handy tools for diverse cleaning requirements.

Hand Vac plugs :

The Hand Vac plugs into any outlet for unlimited vacuum usage time. The attached hose stretches to 10 feet allowing access all over the room.

Tools like the upholstery nozzle, crevice tool and floor brush provide application flexibility from tiles to carpeted stairs. The durable construction will keep running optimally for years ensuring value for money.

Kirby upright, canister and compact models cater to various vacuum cleaner needs effectively. Evaluate your cleaning requirements and budget to make the perfect

Kirby choice. With over a century of manufacturing excellence, Kirby vacuums deliver satisfactory performance consistently.

Applications of Kirby vacuum cleaners

Carpet cleaningPowerful suction lifts deep dirt from carpets. Signature models have carpet shampooer attachments.
Hard floor cleaningAdjustable settings adapt for hard floors. Optional bare floor spray cleaner attachments.
Upholstery cleaningUpholstery brush nozzle removes dirt, hair and dust from sofas, mattresses etc.
Pet hair removalMini turbo brush lifts stubborn pet hair from carpets and stairs.
Ceiling/wall cleaningExtendable hose reaches ceilings to clean cobwebs, dust etc.
Vehicle interiorsHandheld portable models allow vacuuming car seats, boot spaces etc.
Stairs and cornersCrevice tool accesses tight corners, edges and stairs.
DustingSpecialized dusting brush attachments for decorative items.
Allergen controlAdvanced HEPA filtration improves indoor air quality.

The Kirby Difference – Why This Iconic Brand Stands Out

In an increasingly crowded vacuum cleaner market, one brand that shines for its uniqueness is Kirby. With high-quality vacuums, Kirby has earned its reputation for durability, cleaning effectiveness and longevity.

Kirby incorporates thoughtful design features and robust construction to create vacuum cleaners that stand out from the competition.

Powerful Suction

At the heart of every Kirby system is an exceptionally powerful motor creating strong suction capabilities. Kirby vacuums use a two-fan, two-motor system with one fan cooling the motor while the other creates a powerful airflow for lifting dirt.

Combining this robust construction with advanced cyclonic separation principles results in consistent cleaning across all surfaces. Whether deeply embedded pet hair in carpets or fine particles on hard floors, Kirby vacuums lift and capture all types of dirt efficiently.

Durable Body

Kirby systems are constructed using high-grade polymer materials designed to withstand everyday wear-and-tear. The exterior body panels and inner components have extreme impact, moisture and heat resistance even after years of use.

Kirby thoroughly tests vacuum components using accelerated life testing principles to guarantee long operational life. This durable construction translates into a stable resale value as well making Kirby vacuums a worthwhile lifetime investment.

Adjustable Settings

Kirby vacuums offer adjustable settings to match diverse cleaning needs. The height adjustment settings transition smoothly between bare floors and various carpet pile types. Self-propelled operation simplifies pushing the vacuum especially over thick carpets.

The electronically controlled brush speed adjustment ensures gentle yet effective agitation on delicate surfaces. Combining adjustable features with Kirby’s signature powerful suction creates optimal cleaning experiences across multiple surface types.

HEPA Filtration

Enhanced filtration systems in Kirby vacuum models capture dust and allergens securely. Kirby uses HEPA media filtration along with multi-layered bags trapping 99.97% of particles above 0.3 microns. An allergen barrier prevents dust exposure during bag replacement.

Kirby systems maintain strong suction despite growing dirt accumulation in the bag unlike regular vacuums suffering significant efficiency losses. The high-quality filtration protects indoor air quality for cleaner, healthier living environments.

Wide Accessory Range

Kirby vacuums ship with a versatile set of tools meeting diverse cleaning needs. The crevice nozzle accesses tight corners and edges while the upholstery brush removes pet hair from furniture. Low floor tools adapt for hard floors or wall-to-wall carpeting.

Mini turbo brushes dislodge embedded dirt from carpets and stairs. Kirby’s optional handheld vacuums provide portable cleaning functionality for vehicles, upholstery and more. With comprehensive accessories, Kirby owners enjoy whole-home cleaning using a single vacuum system.


In addition to dry vacuuming, Kirby systems deliver other home cleaning solutions as well. The Signature Series models come with an integrated water filtration attachment converting the vacuum into an upright carpet shampoo system.

The high-powered clean water and vacuum removal ensures deeper carpet refreshing compared to regular carpet cleaners. Various Kirby models also accommodate portable spray-gun attachments allowing chemical-free cleaning solutions for bare floors and walls.

This multi-functionality enhances Kirby vacuum utility significantly.

Customization Options

One unique aspect of Kirby ownership is the ability to customize vacuums by adding attachments like a handheld vacuum. Because Kirby systems retain operational integrity for decades, owners can upgrade existing vacuums with convenient accessories like a detachable hand vac.

Kirby also offers seasonal packages like the Diamond Edition bundle combining popular add-ons at a bundled price for gifting. This customization flexibility improves user experiences over long-term ownership.


What Distinguishes The Kirby G5, G6, And Avalir 2 Upright Vacuums?

The Kirby G5’s Micron Magic Hepa Filtration technology and polymer body provide long-term performance and dust and allergen trapping.

Automatic height adjustment, electronically controlled brush speed, and expanded bag capacity make the G6 easy to use on varied surfaces. LED illumination, fingertip brush speed control, and a double HEPA media filter improve allergen control in the Avalir 2.

How Do Kirby Sentria And Avalir Canister Vacuums Differ?

The lightweight Kirby Sentria sports a two-motor system and a 10-foot flexible hose for hard-to-reach areas. Also has HEPA filtration. The Avalir canister vacuum meets Kirby standards for durability and cleanliness with a replaceable canister, multi-surface nozzle adjustments and LED lighting to reveal hidden debris.

What Makes Kirby Vacuums Stand Out In The Market?

Kirby vacuums provide strong suction, durable construction, and flexible settings. They have a two-fan, two-motor system for efficient dirt removal, high-grade polymer components for durability, and changeable settings for different surfaces.

They’re also adaptable for home cleaning due to their wide range of accessories, including carpet shampooing and spray-gun attachments.

Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Suitable For People With Allergies?

Krisby vacuums are made for allergy patients. HEPA media filters capture 99.97% of particles over 0.3 microns. Allergen barrier systems like the Avalir 2 prevent dust from dispersing back into the air, making them ideal for cleaner, healthier homes.

Can I Upgrade My Kirby Vacuum Over Time?

Kirby vacuums are customisable, which is unique. Vacuum owners can add attachments like a hand vac or buy seasonal bundles like the Diamond Edition. Kirby vacuums last decades, so you can upgrade and customise your system to match evolving cleaning demands.

With thoughtful engineering and design investments into every model, Kirby delivers satisfying cleaning across homes and budgets. If seeking a quality vacuum that lasts for years while simplifying whole-home cleaning needs, Kirby systems are worth considering.

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