Korky vs Fluidmaster- Which One is Better


Are you struggling to choose between Korky and Fluidmaster toilet replacement valves? You might have probably seen these toilet valves advertised on TV or online.

They promise to make your bathroom easier to use by replacing old toilets and installing new ones at an affordable price. These valves are also supposed to save you water and reduce your sewer bill.

But there is a big difference between the two brands of toilet valves. One is from a well-known manufacturer while the other one is made by a company that has been around a lot longer.

So which is better? Which is cheaper? Which valve will last longer? This post will compare the two different types of toilet replacement valves and see if they are worth buying.

Key Differences Between Korky and Fluidmaster Toilet Replacement Valve


A Fluidmaster can cost about $25, being more expensive than a korky toilet replacement valve. However, it will last much longer because it contains metal parts instead of rubber or plastic ones. In addition, it also comes with extra features like adjustable settings, multiple colors, etc.

Installation time

With a Korky valve, installation takes less than 10 minutes. But if you use a Fluidmaster one, you have to replace some essential components first before installing the whole thing on top of them.

You need to remove both bolts that hold the bowl cover plate onto the rim and the drain pipe nut from the bottom of the sink. Then, you will be able to install the entire valve unit by just pushing it down and screwing it together tightly.

This step alone could take up to half an hour, depending on how experienced you are when doing a plumbing job.


Most Fluidmaster come with a lifetime warranty, while most Korky does not. Korky only guarantees its products against defects in materials and workmanship within 1 year after the purchase date.

If you want to get a suitable toilet replacement valve without spending too much money, it is suggested to get a Fluidmaster. Even though it costs a bit more than other brands, its quality is definitely worth paying the price.

The best feature of this product is that no tools were necessary for installation; however, you may find instructions online that show how to properly tighten the nuts/bolts once it’s been assembled.

Overall, my experience with this product was great since it took me almost zero effort to put it together and install it.


Fluidmaster toilet valves use brass, while Korky uses plastic. Brass lasts much longer than plastic.


The most significant advantage with Fluidmaster valves over Korky is that they are larger.


Both Fluidmaster and Korky toilets work great when you need them too.


You don’t have to worry about cleaning both kinds of toilets because they clean themselves.

Pros of Fluidmaster Toilet Replacement Valves

  • They are easy to install.
  • They save water.
  • They come with a warranty.
  • They are more durable than Korky.
  • These factors make them an excellent option for families who want to reduce the amount of water used while flushing toilets.
  • They also help keep toilet water clean and prevent the spread of germs.

Cons of Fluidmaster Toilet Replacement Valves

  • They are expensive.
  • They don’t fit most toilets.

Pros of Korky toilet replacement valve

  • They are affordable.
  • They are available in many different sizes.

Cons of Korky toilet replacement valve

  • They don’t come with a warranty.
  • They are not much durable.

The Bottom Line 

There is a neck-to-neck fight between these two toilet replacement valves. If you are stuck between the two, consider both valves’ features, utility, price, and durability. Korky toilet valves are often recommended for people who have low water pressure issues.

These valves are usually cheaper than other types of toilets. They are also easier to install. However, there are some drawbacks to using Korky valves. They can cause problems if they leak. This can lead to flooding in your home. Fluidmaster toilet valves are another option.

They are more expensive, but they last longer and are easier to install. The main drawback with them is that they do not handle leaks as well as the others. Some may say that it’s better to spend money on quality rather than cheapness when buying a toilet valve. You should buy what works best for you.

Both options will work fine. It just depends on which one suits your needs better.

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