Which Style To Choose From The Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges

Which Style To Choose From The Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges

Granite is widely being used as a standard countertop in dream kitchen designs. But, the question that needs to be answered is about the countertop edge profile for your kitchen.

The countertop edge has a sizable aesthetic impact and also has an effect on the ease of cleaning the countertop. It is important to select one wisely so that the kids may not get hurt by the sharp edges.

You need to look into the pros and cons of different types of countertop edges to select a profile that suits you the best.

Some Of The Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges Choices:

There are numerous types of granite countertop edges to choose from. The choice largely depends on the aesthetics of your kitchen, usage, children, pets, space, and other lifestyle factors.

The most popular granite countertop styles are Full Bullnose Edge, Ogee Edge, Half Bullnose Edge, Straight Edge, Bevelled Edge, Waterfall Edge, Eased Edge, and Pencil Edge.

Which is Best Edge For Granite Countertops: Differentiate With Types

1. Full Bullnose Edge

This edge style curves all around and produces a round on the top as well as the bottom of the part sticking out of the countertop. It fits well into any kitchen style!

The round edges make it very safe for kids as they will not get hurt due to any sharp edges. But, the curved shape means that any spilled liquid or crumbs on your countertop may travel under these edges and enter the cabinets beneath.

So it may be a little challenging to clean.


· It suits any kitchen styles

· Very Safe for kids

· Suitable for small kitchens too


· Cleaning can be a concern

· Crumbs may travel underneath while cleaning

· Spilled liquid might enter the cabinets beneath

2. Half Bullnose

This edge style is almost identical to the full bullnose version, but the slope created is a right angle to the floor. This version is easy to clean as the crumbs or spills drop straight onto the floor instead and do not enter the cabinets.

The style is modern and matches well with the aesthetics. It is not very kid friendly as it has sharp edges.


· It can be cleaned easily

· It matches well with aesthetics

· It gives a modern look


· Not very kid-friendly

· A little too simple at times

3. Ogee Edge

This is a fancy granite edge commonly used in hotels, kitchens, and bathrooms. The edge is synonymous with luxury and comes in an S-shape. It is stylish and opulent when used in marble or granite. The edge is difficult to clean as it has an S-shaped detailing.


· Unique design

· Classy and timeless design

· Great for big, stylish kitchens


· You can look overboard in small kitchens

· It doesn’t suit every kitchen countertop

· Expensive

4. Bevelled Edge

This is another kind of edge design that fits into almost every aesthetic. It comes in a different 45-degree slant dropping into a right angle.

It is easy to clean, and the spilled liquids will not enter your cabinets. They run straight down the floor. However, these counters have sharp edges that might not be very safe for kids.


· Suits every aesthetic

· It comes in a 45-degrees angle

· Spilled items do not enter your cabinets

· Easy to clean


· Not kid-friendly

· A not so common edge options

5. Straight Edge

This is the most simple countertop edge option. It comes in a simple 90-degree angle and a straight edge. The design is simple, modern, sharp, and aesthetic, which is easy to clean.

It suits almost any space. But these edges are sharp and not very safe for kids. Some people may also feel it to be too simple and minimalistic.


· Simple and cost-effective

· Minimalistic design

· Easy to clean


· Not safe for kids

· Too simple design

6. Eased Edge

This countertop design is a rounded edge that gently slopes toward the floor. It is a common edge style that suits small spaces with pets and young kids. Eased edges might feel a little boring, but is the safest edge options for your family.


· Simple edge option

· Rounded, so very safe for kids

· Great for small space


· Boring for some people

· Top edge is more curved than the bottom

7. Waterfall Edge

This is a new edge profile that is a form of chiseled square edge which carries down towards the floor. The granite countertop looks like a waterfall falling off a cliff.

Kitchen islands use this style as it feels seamless and aesthetic. But, the sharp edges can be a problem with kids. It is an expensive edge style as compared to others.


· Add aesthetics to your kitchen

· Seamless granite countertop style

· Easy to clean


· Sharp edges

· Expensive

· Not suitable for small spaces

8. Pencil Edges

It is also known as a round edge. The edge has a rounded section that makes it safe for use. This rounded section is found both at the top and bottom corners of the countertop.

These countertops may sound boring, but they are safe to use. The rounded edges may allow liquids and crumbs to enter the cabinets beneath, which might make cleaning a bit difficult.


· Rounded edges

· Safe for kids

· Safest edge design

· Simple to use in small places


· Crumbs slide to the cabinets

· Little too simple

Why is it important to focus on Countertop Edges?

To put it clearly, granite countertop edges add to the aesthetics of a kitchen and provide a finishing touch to the countertop. It adds to the color combinations and lets the countertops blend well with the overall look of the kitchen.

It is the choice of these edges that serve the practical purpose of everyday use. You stay close to these kitchen countertops as long as you are in the kitchen, so the edges need to be comfortable and easy to use.

Edges make you feel comfortable during preparing to cook meals. Granite edge designs come in numerous sizes and shapes, so you need to analyze the pros and cons by looking at the practicality, safety, and overall looks.

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