The Health Benefits Of Having Plants In The Workplace

The Health Benefits Of Having Plants In The Workplace

If you are an employer or the manager of any business then it is your job to make the workplace attractive to your employees so that they want to go there every single day.

You do not want them to be sitting at home trying to think of an excuse why they can’t go to the office today and so you need to do everything within your power to make work a welcoming and also relaxing place.

There are been many studies on the subject and all suggest that introducing plants into the workplace provides a number of health benefits both physically and mentally.

We always feel better when we are immersed in nature and this is why we take every opportunity to head off to the countryside whenever possible to get some fresh air and essential relaxation.

If you haven’t invested in office plants in Sydney then maybe now is the time to start and then you and your staff can get to enjoy the following benefits.

They’re a stress reducer –

Stress levels in the workplace are much too high for Australians and we have to try to take work a little less serious but still try to put in our 100% effort every single day.

If your staff members are stressed out then they are not working at their most productive and so by introducing plants into the workplace and creating a cosy space, can help to reduce their anxiety levels and help to calm them.

Less sick days –

As was mentioned briefly before, many more Australian employees are not happy in the workplace and so they are ringing in sick more often than they should.

This has led to high absence rates within the Australian workplace and this amounts to an incredible amount of Australian dollars lost every financial year. Many employees report that introducing plants into the workplace helps them with their concentration provides cleaner air and they don’t feel ill as often.

Attracting the best employees –

It is a bit of a minefield out there when it comes to getting the right kind of employees to come to work for you and it is so incredibly competitive as well.

You want prospective employees to feel welcome when they come for an interview and so one of the first things that they will notice is the environment that they have to work. If there are many plants distributed around the office place then this may affect their decision to join your company.

The other selling point for having plants in the workplace is that they clean the air for us and they take away the carbon that is later turned into clean air for us to breathe.

Plants are also incredibly effective at cutting down on noise pollution and they help to block out the noise coming from other sections in the office place. Best of all they help to boost creativity in the workplace and so this should be reason enough to start buying some and placing them strategically around the workplace.

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