Preparing Your Lawn for Your New Stone Walkway or Patio

Preparing Your Lawn for Your New Stone Walkway or Patio

When installing a new stone walkway or patio, naturally, you must start with some lawn preparation work. Here are some things to know before you start.

Things To Do To Prepare Your Lawn For New Stone Walkway or Patio

Visualizing Your Dream

Online you can find several tools to help create a perfect new stone walkway for your patio. These tools allow you to experiment with various textures, styles, and colors. This can give you a better idea of how your walkway to the patio will look upon completion.

Always Order Extra Pavers

You can find pavers in different shapes, sizes and colors. Once you find a style that you love, make sure it fits your budget.

Be sure to always add a few extra pavers to your total for extra precaution. With the extra pavers, you can cut them to fit into smaller spaces. The same applies when you outfit your patio.

You Will Need to Dig Deep

Before laying down pavers, you will need to dig at least ten inches into the ground and remove the lawn where you want to lay the stones. Before you start digging, contact your local utility company to check if any cables or water pipes are running through that section.

Lay a Solid Foundation

To prevent settling or shifting of pavers, it helps to prepare a base. This step needs to be done correctly to keep the foundation strong, while also making sure it stays compact and drains correctly.

Next, place the paver base along six inches using crushed stone, which needs to be extended beyond the boundaries where you plan to put pavers. With a tamper compactor, you can pack in the base and use a level to check how even the surface is.

For proper drainage, ensure the patio slopes away from the foundation. You can use a ¼ inch pitch every two feet apart on the patio. If you are unsure, we recommend you contact a stone patio construction contractor for help.

Leave an Edge and Place Your Pavers

Add an edge restraint around your backyard paver perimeter to prevent them from shifting. Next, position your pavers about ⅛ apart and top them into place.

You will also find that those extra pavers you purchased and set aside will come in handy. Fill in the cracks with a shallow sand layer and take a push broom to spread the sand over your pavers into the proper spaces.

Admire and Maintain Your Hard Work

When installing a stone walkway or patio, you may spend a lot of money at first. But in the long run, you will spend less when maintaining it.

This is because you only need to give it an occasional sweep with a power washer to remove stains. Most pavers you buy have a stain-resistant layer to protect them.

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