5 Essential Maintenance Tips, Every Apartment Landlord Should Know in 2023

5 Essential Maintenance Tips, Every Apartment Landlord Should Know in 2023

Being a landlord isn’t all fun and games. You have a massive responsibility on you in the form of looking after your tenants. Your responsibility as a landlord isn’t only to pop up in your tenant’s life every month and remind them to send you rent.

Instead, you must ensure they’re well taken care of, your property is up to mark, and you’re always ready to welcome a new resident.

Property maintenance is a multi-layered process; you have numerous areas to manage, including ensuring basic facilities like appliances you provide are functional, the apartment is secure, and there are no issues like a leaking faucet.

Since there are numerous issues you need to tackle, it’s best to outline them individually so you know what you need to take care of:

Must-Know Tips for The Landlords

Ensure There Is A Proper Mailing System

Your tenants will get mail, whether a letter, a parcel, or a brochure they requested. So your tenants need a space for all their mail. When distributing mail in apartments, most delivery services pool all the packages in one place.

However, this practice can be risky as unattended mail is vulnerable to theft, and package thieves are a common concern. According to the parcel pending blog, from March to July 2020, one in five Americans reported a stolen package.

Hence, to curb these thefts and guarantee that all packages stay safe, you should invest in the Florence USPS cluster mailboxes, as these are known for their security, rigidity, and aesthetically pleasing structure.

A mailbox doesn’t have to look clunky, but at the same time, you don’t want to be so slim that it can barely fit any package.

That is what makes these mailboxes superior; not only do they have a neat finish, but these boxes come with multiple locks that can hold your tenant’s mail without the fear of getting stolen.

Inspect The HVAC System

If your apartment runs on central air conditioning, you must ensure it’s in good shape. A well-maintained HVAC system can save you money and lower energy costs. That is why you should become proactive about inspecting the HVAC unit.

Ideally, you should get a professional to look at it after every six months, but if your HVAC is already in good shape, make sure to visit it in about a year.

Ventilation units gather dust and other pollutants with time; if you don’t take care of them right away, it can also cause the entire system to malfunction.

In some instances, if you live in an area where you experience immense snow, once it melts, the water can trickle into the HVAC system, causing it to shut down or, worse, completely malfunction.

While it may cost you extra, HVAC inspection needs to be a part of your tenant agreement. The price you pay now saves you a hefty cost in the long run.

Inspect A Rental Unit Before Getting New Tenants

When a tenant moves out, don’t move someone new just yet. You must inspect the unit and ensure it’s functional before accommodating someone else.

Check if the switches are working as they should, confirm that the appliances are running smoothly, and that there are no damages like a hole in the wall or a leaking toilet that the previous tenant didn’t tell you about.

Keeping a checkboard at hand also helps. Always keep tabs on the maintenance work you get done and the dates of these scheduled tasks.

As a result, you’ll know who caused these damages, and if the previous tenant tries to shift the blame on you, having a record can make it easy for your attorneys to get involved and hold your tenant accountable.

Once you’re happy with the inspection and can ensure everything is in its place, start looking for a new tenant to sign a lease with.

Maintain the Yard

Most apartments come with a yard. So if your apartment complex has one, you must ensure that the plants are neat, trimmed, and not hazardous to your tenants.

The grass should be free of weeds and short enough to allow your residents to walk freely; if you have trees, ensure no branch is sticking out or hanging in a low position that can hurt someone. It would also help if you found out about your tenant’s allergies. Some people are allergic to certain types of flowers and plants.

By knowing what your residents are allergic to, you can easily bypass a significant disaster by not planting them. But if you’ve planted flowers and later learned that a resident may be allergic to them, you can still save their life.

Make sure you label every plant in the yard and go out of your way to inform that resident about the plant so they can easily avoid it. While it may sound like an elaborate process, your tenant’s health and safety fall on your shoulders. Even though most cases of plant allergy are mild, you never know when it can become fatal.

Keep an eye out for Leaks

Leaks happen more commonly than you think. Factors like old pipes, constant climate change, and frequent clogging can cause the pipes to leak. When a pipe starts dripping, you need to get it repaired immediately.

A few drops can quickly become a massive puddle; you may be dealing with a significant repair job before you know it. There’s also another problem that arises with leaking water, which is that it can cause mold to form. It is a type of fungus that thrives in humidity and moisture.

Mold is a biohazard. It can impact the breathing of your tenants, and they may need to go to the hospital for extra care.

Therefore, to prevent this tragic sequence of events from happening, get your pipes looked at routinely, ensure they’re appropriately insulated in the winter, and call in a plumber immediately at the first sign of a leak.

Final Thoughts

As a landlord, you must work hard to keep your tenants safe. Because once you start renting out complexes, your tenants come under your jurisdiction. Hence, tasks like ensuring the heating systems are working, no leaks, and the plumbing is functioning properly all fall on you.

While it may cost you money and be a nuisance, taking care of your apartment can ensure longevity and keep your tenants happy. It will bode well for you as a landlord when your residents leave you a stellar review.

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