Using Brilliant Quartz Countertops to Create the All-White Kitchen of Your Dreams

Using Brilliant Quartz Countertops to Create the All-White Kitchen of Your Dreams

Are you looking into design options for your new kitchen or bathroom remodel? Do you like the clean, modern look of a kitchen that is all white?

Using man-made solid surfaces like recycled glass or quartz, you can get that stunning look without having to worry about the darker inclusions that are often associated with natural stone slabs. When you go to the Countertop Shop in Monclova, Ohio, you can actually see all of the options.

Creating an Ocean of White, Prepared to Provide a Strong Contrast for Color While you may adore the idea of a kitchen that is entirely white, many designer examples of this choice in decor include striking splashes of color.

How can white’s beauty be brought out without making it cold and stark? Think about involving a hazier ledge for your island. In the center island, even a warmer white counter can soften the impression. If you want to add color and comfort to the space, think about black, brown, or a set of colored base cabinets.

Compare ENVI Calcutta and Illuminate’s brilliance to that of our other white stone slabs. Not all white countertop materials are actually white. The ENVI Calcutta and Illuminato Quartz products are two of the most recent choices that are readily available to our clients.

The ENVI products shine brightly across the room when placed side by side with our other quartz and natural stone slabs. By choosing the right quartz, you can reduce the number of darker inclusions in your white-on-white  kitchen or bathroom and enhance the effect.

Quartz is made to withstand stains, scratches, and wear. Did you know that quartz is made to withstand years of severe kitchen abuse? Heat and adhesives are used to press the natural ground stone into a mold.

The result is a stunning, polished surface that resists chips and scratches. Even if you do manage to make a scratch on the surface, the color of the scratch runs through the entire thickness of the slab, making it look like nothing is wrong. Enduring many years of family feasts and celebrations is prepared.

Simple to Clean and Sanitize With Common Mild Cleaners Quartz is also nearly impermeable, making it more difficult for germs and stains to penetrate the countertop.

Using a mild cleaner, most stains can be removed. It tends to be disinfected effectively utilizing normal non-rough items found at your supermarket. Over time, your white counter will remain nearly spotless.

You can! Imagine a huge kitchen with white quartz countertops, white geometric tiles on the floor, and gleaming white cabinets. Position a splendid bundle of roses and vivid dish sets about the room.

Transform them out with the seasons! You will have an immortal plan ready to stay aware of moving stylistic theme and flourish through enumerable feasts.

If you’re looking for that perfect white kitchen counter, come to the Countertop Shop in Monclova, OH. We’ll walk you through every option.

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