Questions to Ask Yourself before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Questions to Ask Yourself before Remodeling Your Bathroom

So it’s already mid-year, and you’re planning to remodel your bathroom to give it a close-to-perfect look. That’s a pretty good idea! While your bathroom might not be the largest room in the house, it’s likely the most used.

Planning makes remodelling perfect, our expert plumbers say. The more you plan how you want your bathroom to be renovated, the more smoothly the process goes.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you start your bathroom remodelling journey.

What Do I Need to Make the Bathroom More Functional?

The first question to ask yourself when planning on remodelling is how and what you want to make your bathroom more functional.

For example, if there’s an increase in the number of family members using the bathroom, consider adding a shower or sink. You can also use services such as retaining wall concrete sleepers in Melbourne to create a partition in your bathroom between shower space and vanity area.  If you’re planning on staying in the home ‘forever,’ you can remodel the bathroom to your taste.

However, if you have plans to sell your home, then focus on changes that will increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers.

How Much am I willing to Spend on this Bathroom Remodeling?

Bathroom remodelling can cost much more than you think. That’s why you must ask yourself how much you are willing to let go to have the dream bathroom you want.

Also, look at how bathroom remodelling will affect your budget. If it’s hurting your budget, consider leaving it until you’re on a less tight budget.

What next? When you determine how much you’re spending to refurbish your bathroom, stick to it! Else you’ll find yourself spending over your budget and still not getting the bathroom you’ve planned for.

What are the Important Features to Include?

Think about the important features you need to make using the bathroom a more amazing experience for your family.

Perhaps you want to change the bathroom fan to get rid of humidity faster, make the window a bit larger, or get a new shower head.

You may need underfloor heating to make you more comfortable while bathing and dry the floor quickly. Please list all these things and narrow them down to the most important ones that won’t break your budget.

Do I Need a Bath, a Shower, or Both?

One of the most important things to check before remodelling your bathroom is whether you need a bathtub or a shower. These preferences depend on several factors – is the bathroom the main in the house? Is there enough space?

Are children going to be using it? Is there a tub in another bathroom in the home? Are you remodelling the bathroom for yourself or reselling the house? You’re expected to consider these factors before deciding to remodel your bathroom.

You should know that a large shower is more suitable than a small bath/shower combo. Also, most people prefer to take showers than soak in the bathtub. Most importantly, walk-in showers tend to take less space than bathtubs.

Do I Need a Bigger Bathroom?

Remodelling your bathroom usually involves balancing what you have and what you need. This choice greatly depends on the size of your bathroom.

Chances are, you’ll spend not less than a decade before you remodel your bathroom again, so make sure you make the space look like you want it.

If the bathroom area is too small, you can make it more spacious and functional by employing space-saving ideas like moving walls, bringing out space from large closets, and changing from a traditional swinging door to a sliding door.

The pros of having a bigger bathroom are users no longer have to bump into each other and a higher resale value for your home. However, these forms of remodels can be budget-breaking.

How Can I Make the Bathroom Well Ventilated?

Bathrooms are inarguably the wettest rooms in every house hence the need for adequate ventilation to keep them dry and prevent molds.

Please don’t mention the need to ventilate your bathroom when planning to remodel it. Install a good bathroom exhaust fan to reduce humidity and large windows to let fresh air in and dry the space.

What Type of Flooring Do I Need?

Bathroom flooring is subjected to a lot of water, from splashes from tubs to steam from hot showers. Therefore, you must choose flooring that not only fits our style and aesthetics but is also durable and waterproof.

Luckily, there are a lot of flooring options that come at varying prices and meet the required criteria. Vinyl, ceramic, and porcelain are popular options for installing beneath tiles due to their heat-retaining qualities.

What Type of Wall Material Do I Need?

The ventilation system of our bathrooms helps eliminate some moisture but not all. Therefore, you must choose a wall material that can withstand excess moisture. If you want to tile the walls of your bathroom, go for ceramic tiles installed with durable cement boards.

If it’s wallpaper, choose a vinyl one that can handle excess moisture; even if you’re painting the walls, go for paints with formulas for inhibiting mildews and moulds.

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