5 Reasons to choose Picseal Natural Stone Sealer

5 Reasons to choose Picseal Natural Stone Sealer

Are you worried about protecting the natural stone surfaces in your home? If so, consider using a natural stone sealer. In this case, your best choice would be the Picseal Natural Stone Sealer.

This sealer is a protective material that is poured over the face of a stone surface. This protective material acts as a sealer to keep water, dirt, and other debris from getting into the cracks and crevices of the stone.

The sealant is applied as a thin film coating on top of the exposed surface of the stone. The layer of protection, although very thin, can effectively protect the natural stones against stains, abrasions, and other contaminants.

These sealers can be applied to any structure made of stones. It could be patios, walkways, walls, driveways, pool decks, countertops, or any other surface which comes in contact with water.

5 Effective Reasons For Choosing natural Stone Sealer By Picseal.

1. Stain Resistance

You have invested a lot of money to make your house look beautiful and glamorous. One of those investments has gone into installing natural stones like granite or marble countertops.

The last thing you would want to see are those beautiful stones marred by stains and spills. Hence, the main reason for sealing an exposed natural stone surface is to protect it from stain.

While choosing a sealant, consider the different types of stains you are likely to get on the stone. For example, the natural stone countertop will attract different kinds of stains than your stone walkway in the backyard.

Choose a sealant that can take care of most kinds of stains. If you are living in Essex, you can ask your local Picseal Supplier in Essex about why Picseal is the best choice for sealant.

2. Slip Resistance

There are many kinds of stone sealants to choose from. Topical sealers made from acrylic or natural wax are very slippery for home use. Moreover, they wear out quickly and have to be reapplied.

Penetrating sealers like Picseal are made using silicones, fluoro-polymers, and siloxanes, which are water-repellent compounds.

Penetrating sealers can seep deep within the stone to block pores and capillary pathways. They are the best alternative to slippery-topic sealers.

Slip resistance should be your most important consideration for sealing your patio or walkway. Without the proper sealer, these places can become slippery, leading to injuries.

3. Weatherproofing

Anything that you build outside is at the mercy of the weather. Careful considerations have to be made to protect these structures, especially in London, where the weather is extreme wet and cold.

Alternate cycles of freezing and thawing can have a tremendous impact on your precious outdoor landscaping.

Picseal Natural Stone Sealer is designed in a way that it expands and contracts in relation to the stone’s changes. This ensures that the protective layer remains intact for a longer period of time.

4. UV resistance

You already know what UV rays do to your skin. It affects the natural stones in a negative way too. The outdoor landscape of natural stones is exposed to UV rays. Any sealer that is applied to an outdoor natural stone surface should provide UV resistance.

Moreover, the sealer should not become yellowish in look after long exposure to sunlight. Picseal Natural Stone Sealer can last longer under sunlight without showing any signs of deterioration.

5. Breathability

Natural stones have pores to let out moisture. The sealant you apply on the face of the stones has to be able to provide an escape from this moisture.

If the sealant prevents the transmission of this moisture-vapour, it can lead to deterioration of the stone as well as spalling of the sealer.

Penetrating sealers like the Picseal Natural Stone Sealer are more breathable and highly coveted by landscapers.


Hope this guide has helped you make up your mind about the right natural stone sealer. If you need more assistance in London, contact Picseal Supplier in Essex.

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