Get A Fix On Refrigerator Stopped Running No Sound

Get A Fix On Refrigerator Stopped Running No Sound

There are many instances in one’s daily life when the refrigerator stops running without any sound and the first thing that one should do is look if the power cord is plugged into the socket.

Further, you will also need to check if the circuit breaker is not tripped due to power surge or any other factors. Naturally, if the electric supply/power is not the issue the refrigerator stopped running no sound is likely that the compressor or the thermostat is not functioning properly.

In such a scenario when none of these conditions explain the sudden shut down of your refrigerator then it’s time to get consultation from the technician.

Consulting a professional who has a sound knowledge in the appliance can also be the best decision which will allow you to repair your refrigerator successfully or give you a proper diagnosis.

5 Possible Reasons For The Refrigerator Stopped Running No Sound!

Oh, so your refrigerator stopped running and there is no sound from the interior unit, it is vital that you try to fix the problem or do a preliminary diagnosis. Here are some of the five plausible reasons that can attribute to the silence of your refrigerator;

1) Power Interruption

One of the primary reasons that can cause issues such as your refrigerator stopped running giving no sound is a sudden power disruption. It is obvious that, when there is no power supply to the refrigerator it will stop making any sound as the compressor won’t work. Here is how you can diagnose this problem;

Make sure that the plug is rightly connected to the fridge. Further, ensure that the socket is rightly functioning and the plug is placed in the right fashion.

You can also cross-check this by plugging in other basic appliances like a Hair dryer or maybe even a lamp to check if the socket works as expected. If everything seems well you can jump to the next possible reason for no sound coming from your refrigerator.

If for some reason, your socket isn’t working the possible issue could be a blown fuse or your circuit breaker might need some resetting. You can call a technician to fix issues with the circuit.

Naturally, if the socket is functioning and the plug wasn’t rightly connected then place the plug rightly to establish a power connection. So don’t get panicked if the fridge stopped making noise.

2) Unstable Power Source

Another possible reason for the fridge stopped making noise could be an unstable power source. This can also be indicated by flickering fridge flights with diminishing intensity. While the power source cannot completely be at fault, another reason could be the power chord interrupting the power supply.

Sometimes the power cord can be damaged due to external conditions which tend to go unnoticed. A quick fix in many cases is to replace the power chord. However, this is really hazardous as if the power cord is exposed, one can get a shock.

You can diagnose this issue by inspecting the wire and see for any bents or exposed conductors. It is easy to spot a frayed wire if you inspect it closely. Furthermore, ensure that there wasn’t an episode of power cuts or issues with the main switch in your electrical network at home.

While the easiest fix is to replace the power cord if the issue is related to it, the worst case scenario can be internal interruption. The components in the fridge could not be connected well, which could cause power interruptions.

One of the signs could also be that the refrigerator stopped working no light. Hence, it is crucial in such a scenario, you need to call a professional.

3) Defrost Mode

The defrost mode in a refrigerator can also be considered to be a self-maintenance system. It is present in the fridge, to defrost the ice formations especially when it causes a buildup in the components like the evaporator coil.

When the fridge slips into this mode, the fans & compressor present won’t function temporarily which causes the absence of sound.

This situation can be easily diagnosed based on one’s understanding of the defrost cycle. The defrost mode lasts for around half hour spacing 6-12 hours from every cycle. The range depends entirely on the fridge models or the brands that are responsible for it.

If your fridge is in the defrost mode and there is no sound coming from it, the fridge will automatically return to its normal mode. All you have to do is be patient and wait till the defrost mode is ended.

However, to be on the safer side it is crucial that you check the temperature inside in every compartment to confirm that it is in the normal range for a refrigerator.

4) Leakage Issues

Another possible reason behind the refrigerator stopped running no sound could cause a leakage in the components. This leakage can spurt out refrigerant which is a chemical compound that is responsible to reduce the fridge’s temperature.

It plays a vital role in the reverse thermodynamic process and if the refrigerant supply is disrupted the cooling system falls down. It functions inefficiently leading to a compressor shut down. This could also be one of the reasons for the refrigerator light on but no motor sound.

You can easily diagnose the problem by noting temperature fluctuations in the fridge. The temperature effects can also be noted down by the presence of the items stored in the fridge.

If the temperature is not as expected then the issue is narrowed down to the refrigerant leakage. If this is left untreated, the entire component system of the fridge will shut down.

You can check for leakage by inspecting oil stains in regions such as the coil, connections, or the piping system. While it is important to diagnose this, you also need to take into consideration your health precursors as refrigerant is hazardous when one breathes it directly.

Hence, ensure to shut down the fridge and proper ventilation while diagnosing the issue. You can avoid such conditions by cleaning the coil on a weekly basis.

5) Component defects

While the above mentioned reasons are quite straightforward, what happens if the components stopped functioning completely. Of course, you won’t hear any sound coming from the fridge.

There are multiple components involved that comprise the efficient working of a refrigerator which include thermostat, start relay, overload protector, compressor, and many more.

A defective component within your refrigerator’s system can be a significant reason why it has stopped running silently.

These components can include the thermostat, compressor, start relay, overload protector, or other vital parts that play a role in the refrigeration process. Here’s how to diagnose and address this issue:

You can make sure to listen to the sound such as buzzing or humming which can tell you a lot about the component at fault.

If you suspect that the components in your fridge are damaged then it is time that you call a technician or a professional to help you fix your refrigerator. This will help you fix the refrigerator light on but no motor sound conditions.

Refrigerator Stopped Working No Light

Another issue that one might encounter is that the fridge stopped making noise and there is no light. It is crucial that this issue is diagnosed rightly to avoid further stress.

Power Supply Problems

Again, malfunctioning of the fridge lights could be due to power supply issues. A tripped circuit can also cause loss of power leading to no interior lights. A quick fix is to test the outlet with another appliance.

Faulty Light Bulb

Sometimes, the light bulb of the fridge interior lights gives out due to regular usage. A quick fix is to replace the bulb when it stops working and your fridge will be as good as new once again.

Electrical Issues

Another cause could be electrical issues in the fridge’s circuit board. It could be that the supply responsible for the interior light is disrupted due to a component not working. In such a scenario, it is advisable to contact a technician.

Defective Door Switch

As you are aware, the interior light is switched on when one opens the fridge door. There is a switch mechanism associated with it. If there is no light when you open the fridge door, then it’s possible that the mechanism has failed and the switch needs to be diagnosed.

Why Fridge Not Making Noise But Light On?

In such a scenario, one can narrow down the issues easily. Here are some common issues in a condition where the refrigerator stopped running and makes no noise but the light is on;

Compressor Stopped Running

As you are aware, the compressor is the beating heart of the refrigerator’s thermodynamics. The sound that you hear comes from the compressor.

Of course, if it stops working, it means that the heart of the fridge has given out and the fridge won’t keep the contents cool. Possible reasons for compressor malfunctions include faulty motor or relay issues.

Thermostat Malfunction

As the name suggests, the thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature in the fridge. Therefore, the thermostat communicates to the compressor and if it stops functioning, the compressor also shuts down which leads to no sound but light.

Defrost Cycle

In the defrost mode, the compressor is temporarily shut down to bring the fridge back to room temperature as the ice formations on the coil and filter meltdown allowing for an increased lifespan. Hence, one cannot hear any sound during this mode as the compressor is temporarily shut down.

Motor Issues in the Fan

Fans are responsible for generating white noise. The same applies in the refrigerator, where the function of the fan is to circulate cool air. If its stops working there is no sound.

Faulty Circuit Connections

Another reason could be the interior connections of the components which are at fault. This could lead to the light working and the compressor switched off as its getting no power supply. This could also disrupt the thermostat, fans, and other components in the fridge which can also cause uneven cooling.

Why Refrigerator Stopped Running No Sound No Light?

In this condition, the problem can be quite puzzling as it leads to increased possibility or the entire collapse of the refrigerators components. Here are some of the reasons for the same;

Power Supply Issues

Power supply issue is one of the most important reasons for the refrigerator stopped running no sound no light. Again, you need to make sure that all the connections are properly made including the uninterrupted supply of power from the socket.

Make sure that there are no blown fuses to ensure an efficient functioning of your fridge.

Internal Electrical Issues

The internal electrical issues are quite difficult to diagnose as only a technician knows their way around the fridge. If the internal electrical system is faulty, it can lead to complete shutdown of the refrigerator.

Tripped GFCI Outlet

In cases where the fridge is connected to a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit interrupter) outlet, the system can trip. The possible reasons could be a ground fault or an electrical imbalance. This could be diagnosed easily and can only be fixed by technician. A temporary fix could be bypassing the current or resetting it.

Circuit Breaker Tripped & defective power chord

Sometimes, a minor issue in the circuit breaker could cause the system to trip and you can easily fix it by resetting the circuit breaker. Another issue could be with the power chord. Hence, make sure to check if it leads to hazards or complete shutdown of the refrigerator.

Hence, a fridge not making noise but light on among other cases can be easily diagnosed if you know what you are looking for or you can easily contact a technician.


1. What’s The Fix For The Refrigerator Where There Is No Sound Or Power?

As mentioned in the article, it is first important to check if the power supply is uninterrupted and if the power chord is not damaged. Once you do this, you can check for other defective components. The worst case scenario is that you would have to call a professional technician to help you out.

2. Is It Possible To Fix My Fridge If There Is No Sound And If It Has Stopped Running?

You can perform the basic troubleshooting steps like power supply, socket connection, and other preliminary analysis to ensure that it’s ruled out. If the problem still persists it is time to take your phone and call a technician to help you out.

This could be a good decision considering it’s quite difficult to navigate the complex electrical systems without prior knowledge.

3. Does The Defrost Mode Last Longer For An Extended Period?

If your defrost cycle has been prolonged for a longer time, there could be an issue with the defrost time or most likely the thermostat as these components contribute to the defrost mode. Malfunctions in these components can cause an extended defrost system and it can only be fixed by a technician.

4. How To Prevent My Fridge From Causing No Sound Events?

You need to ensure that you perform regular maintenance on your fridge especially by cleaning condenser coils and filters. Also, ensure to keep your fridge hygienic and avoid overloading.

This will in turn help increase the lifespan of the fridge and will prevent future incidents of silent episodes of the fridge where its components aren’t functioning.

5. Is A Noisy Fridge Dangerous?

It depends on the type of noise. Usually, in the cooling mode the compressor makes some sound while it performs its task. In such a scenario the fridge is healthy. However, if you report buzzing or some weird sounds then there is a possible malfunction of the components.

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