7 Things You Need To Know About Roof Lanterns

7 things you need to know about roof lanterns

The ‘light’ is often associated with hope and optimism. It is a gift of nature to us and we can use it free of cost. Light brings for us, the opportunity to clearly see the surroundings and admire the beauty of nature.

According to the scientists, speed of light is 3*10⁸ meter per second. As the sunlight covers a long distance, it takes around 8.3 minutes to reach the Earth. But this light can take less than a milli second if you have roof lanterns at your place.

Through these, you can enjoy a rainy day without getting wet, a starry night by staying inside your house. Exciting! Isn’t it? These roof lanterns adds to the height of your space, reduce your electricity bill by supplying a good amount of light inside your room.

They provide a very elegant as well as classy look to your space. If you want to know more about the roof lanterns, you must go through these points:-

Guide To Choosing A Roof Lanterns

1. About Roof Lanterns-

Roof lanterns is the age old of concept of lighting up the room or hall or space without using artificial light system. It makes your place like spacious and airy.

The basic design of roof lantern is actually a pyramid like structure, made up of multiple glass panes. Unlike a vertical window it rise is above the roof and due to this more light enters into your room.

2. Traditional concept-

Roof lantern system is not new. It has been in trend since the Victorian Times. In that era, roof lanterns were used to lighten up the stairwells, providing better ventilation.

Looking towards the ancient Romans, the large openings that were the roof lanterns were there to lighten up the rooms and halls.

3.Size variations-

The roof lanterns are available in different sizes. the size of the roof lanterns very according to the need of the customer. The size of the product is measured in the dimensions of length and breadth.

For small areas, 100*100 cm lantern is good, for middle sized roof, 150*250 cm can better serve the purpose. It’s sizes are variable.

The size of roof lantern strictly depends upon the area available for the lantern and the need. It is up to you that how much amount of light you want to enter your space.

4. Glass variations-

For a roof lantern you can choose the type of class from various class options like clear glass, blue tint glass, Aqua glass, brown glass etc.

The classes of roof lanterns can also provide you with additional benefits like UV protection, glazing, self cleaning, solar rejection, light absorption and reflection. These glass variations helps you in customizing your experience.

5. Consider U-value-

The U-value is, to much level a roof lantern can prevent the heat from passing through it. The roof lanterns are mostly made up of insulated material that can reduce the amount of heat from entering house through the glass of the lantern.

The lesser the U-value of the lantern the better it is, the higher its value, more amount of heat will travel to your place through this lantern. It makes easy to maintain a low temperature inside your house or your office.

The modern day roof lanterns are carefully developed with a capacity of reflecting back the heat and due to the technology, it is often made sure that good amount of light pass through the glass of the roof lantern, still your place remains cool.

All thanks to the U-value. Therefore it is advisable to always check the U-value of a roof lantern before installing it into your place.

6. Choosing a perfect frame-

The glass of roof lantern is fixed into a frame made up of PVC material that is well known for its light weight and better holding capacity. Here you get the opportunity to decide yourself which type of color option you would like to choose.

You can choose grey outside and white inside frame, white outside and grey inside frame, white outside and white inside frame and many more. You can choose the color of the PVC frame as per your choice and the interior color of your space.

7. Fixing and setting up-

The good quality roof lanterns often come up with clip on features. With the help of clip on feature, the complex task fixing of lantern becomes simple and easy. It makes the lantern fit in the roof properly and precisely without any loophole.

Roof lanterns has been a very popular architectural feature. With customized colors, sizes, glasses, the roof lanterns have become an icon of style and trend.

Whether it is a public property or a private space you can take the advantage of having a lit as well as a ventilated area with the help of these roof lanterns.

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