Roofing Types in Sunshine Coast

Roofing Types in Sunshine Coast

Eager to finally make your dream come true and build yourself the home in the Sunshine Coast you have always wanted? Sure will take a lot of work, especially if you have some special demands for the contractors.

Getting ready to do the necessary work, you’ve probably armed yourself with patience. Upon finding the right contractors, those that will meet your special requirements, you’ll be prepared to wait as long as it takes so as for the final outcome to be to your liking.

Some time has passed and you’re now watching the home coming to life, enjoying the view. At the same time, you’re also becoming aware of the fact that you haven’t chosen the roofing type for the house.

And, the project certainly won’t be complete without a roof. Realizing that, you’ll start thinking more carefully about how to pick the right solution.

Whether you’re building an entirely new home, or simply replacing an old and damaged roof, you’ll need to check out some ideas for roofing Sunshine Coast.

Why? Well, getting a clearer picture on what other people are doing and which roof types they are using could bring you closer towards making your own decision. A decision on the roof type you want to see on your home.

The Types Of Roofing Found On The Sunshine Coast

Getting familiar with the types of roofing solutions that are usually used in the Sunshine Coast is, therefore, a must. You may have heard of some of these types already, while some may be completely new to you.

Becoming an expert on all of them is not required, but you do need to at least understand that basics, so that you can later make an informed decision on which solution you want to use for your home.


Fairly easy to construct and quite inexpensive, flat roofs are certainly a popular option nowadays. While more commonly used for commercial buildings or apartment blocks, the minimum amount of pitch they have can look amazing on a single home as well.

But, they aren’t suitable in areas where there is heavy rainfall. That’s because the slight pitch will lead to the accumulation of dirt, leaves and debris. Thus, maintaining this roof type can be quite difficult.


A gabled roof is that type that has two sides sloping down towards the house. Simply put, it has a triangular shape. Due to the shape, it can provide you with extra space for an attic that you can convert into an additional bedroom, a playroom, storage space, or pretty much anything you want.

Read some more on the gabled type: 

Structurally speaking, it is completely sound and secure, as the sharp edges make the construction extremely effective when it comes to draining rainwater off.

A popular choice in the upscale home market, this type enhances the appearance of the house and also increases its value. Despite all of that, it isn’t expensive to construct.


Usually not attached to another roof surface, skillion roofs are those structures that can sit above the roofline or be a completely free-standing structure.

These single-sloped structures have some amount of pitch, most usually between 10° and 15°. Offering a clean and minimalistic look, while also being quite practical, these are certainly rather popular in the Sunshine Coast as well.

Yet, fitting an air conditioning unit with this structure can be expensive, and that could count as a disadvantage.


With three or more pitched planes, depending on the structure of your Sunshine Coast house, the hipped roof is the single most popular type in this area, and in Australia in general.

The large eaves these roofs often feature are not only highly efficient at draining water, but they also add additional protection and shade to your home. Not to mention that they look amazing.

Durable, while also modern, it is the perfect combination of style and effectiveness.

Choosing A Roof Material

Another thing you’ll need to do before actually having this structure installed on your new home, or having it replaced on your old home in the Sunshine coast is choose the right materials for it.

Quite a few different options to consider. And all come with their own advantages. So, you’ll have to learn about those, aiming at being able to figure out precisely which option could be right for your specific project.  Click this to get some ideas regarding the materials.

Asphalt Shingles

As the most common material on the market, asphalt shingles could very well be a good choice. Unique designs and durability are the features that make asphalt shingles popular, so do take some time to consider them.

Installing them is rather easy, which is another reason why homeowners love them. Plus, being able to choose among various different colours is another clear advantage for those individuals that value style and aesthetics.


Metal is probably the best option for every single roof in the Sunshine Coast. Why? Because it is a fire-resistant and an extremely durable solution – a roof that will not only be strong and sturdy, but also modern and stylish.

The clean and modern look it provides is quite appealing among the public in the Sunshine Coast, but people usually go for this option due to its quality.


Often grey in colour, but also available in others, slate provides for a high-end, traditional appearance. Furthermore, taking advantage of the natural insulation it can provide you with is definitely a good idea. So, it’s not only the traditional style that recommends it, but also the insulation it provides.

Of course, which material you’ll choose ultimately depends on you and on the specific area you live in. Considering the weather conditions in the area, while also keeping your personal preferences in mind, will lead you towards making best choice. Both structurally and aesthetically speaking.

And, if you’re not sure what to go for, you can always ask experts for their opinions. Letting pros guide you towards a decision is always the smartest move.

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