Sakrete vs Quikrete: Which Is Better Quikrete or Sakrete

Sakrete vs Quikrete: Which Concrete Mix Should You Use?

When concreting your home, it is important to choose the best concreting mix. Should you opt for a Quikrete or Sakrete concrete mix? You might not be familiar with the distinction between the two products.

Sakrete is a concrete mix commonly used for fence posts and flat surfaces. This mix is a mixture of coarse materials, sand, and cement.

On the other hand, Quikrete is another brand of concrete mix commonly used for repair purposes of the sidewalks, ramps, curbs, footings, and steps.

Quikrete is made using a mix of gravel, sand, and Portland cement. You will find a lot of differences in the composition of these two products. Let us discuss them in detail.

Brand History and Reputation Or Is Sakrete And Quikrete The Same Company

Sakrete is a well-known concrete mix brand and is also a leading manufacturer of numerous construction products. The company was established in 1936, but it is still a small manufacturer as compared to its counterparts.

The company offers a limited catalog. The variety of products offered by them covers basic constructions that involve concrete work.

On the other hand, Quikrete is considered to be one of the biggest manufacturers of construction products and concrete mixes. The brand is known for its excellence and quality, and a lot of homeowners and contractors vouch for the same.

Quikrete is a huge company that offers a wide range of products. The company deals with high-quality concrete mixes, wood and brick materials, remodeling pre designed products, and adhesives.

Difference Between Sakrete And Quikrete

Product Range

As stated above, Sakrete deals with a limited range of cement and concrete mixes that can be used for basic construction. The products manufactured by Sakrete are considered to be the best for flat surfaces.

Apart from this, the concrete mixes manufactured by the brand can also be effectively used to set the poles, posts, and slabs. It is highly recommended to keep Sakrete concrete combinations at least two-inch layers for best results.

Quikrete offers a more extensive product catalog as compared to Sakrete. Their concrete mixes can be used for various projects. Generally, their concrete mixes are widely used for making the curbs, steps, ramps, sidewalks, and footings.

Choosing the Quikrete concrete mix has some added advantages. For instance, the concrete mix comes with a detailed guide to help a layman who has no previous construction knowledge. This guide helps to choose the right product that will suit the requirements.

Quality and Performance

Typically, the Sakrete concrete mix is made using sand, coarse materials, and cementitious raw materials that ensure high-quality and durable results.

All the products manufactured by them conclude within a week’s time with a 4,000 mark psi, which will further increase in the coming weeks till the time the pour completely stabilizes.

Sakrete products come with different set timings. A few options are set as quickly as 30 to 40 minutes. Some other products may even take up to ten to twelve hours to set. So, you need to look for their quick set options if you wish to save on the setting time.

If we talk about the Quikrete concrete mixes, they are generally made using sand, Portland cement, and gravel. Apart from that, Quikrete also manufactures mortar mixes that are widely used if you want to opt for a mix that is flexible and strong.

Just like Sakrete, these concrete mixes also come with different set times. A few mixes have a set time of as low as 20 minutes, but some other products have a long set time that might go up to 24 hours.

Moreover, the strength of Quikrete concrete mixes is 4,000 psi in the initial week.

Ease of Use

The brand Sakrete concrete mix comes with a few big pebbles, even though the composition of both the brands is almost similar. This means that you will have to use more cement to cover the surface. On the other hand, Quikrete is easier to use and mix together.

Price and Value

Sakrete has highly affordable mixes, and all their products can be easily purchased from nearby hardware stores. The only thing to remember is to read the catalog properly so that you buy the right concrete mix for your project.

Quikrete products, as compared to Sakrete, are more expensive as the brand is known for its outstanding service, quality, and credibility. The major distributors of their concrete mixes are large hardware stores near your home.

Environmental Impact

Concrete is typically made using cement, coarse aggregate stone, and sand. The aggregates are sourced from a water body and crushed using a natural procedure.

This releases very low carbon emissions, but the actual problem is the cement that leaves a major carbon footprint. The concrete industry is a major contributor to overall global emissions.

As stated, both Quikrete and Sakrete concrete mixes are high-quality, excellent products. The major differences, in a nutshell, include the:

1. Talking of purpose, Sakrete concrete mixes are commonly used to make poles and posts, while Quikrete products can be used for slabs, footings, sidewalks, and steps.

2. In terms of pricing, Sakrete products are more affordable, while Quikrete products are a little expensive as they have a better name in terms of quality.

3. Quikrete has more products in its catalog, while Sakrete offers basic construction materials.

4. Sakrete concrete mixes come with some big pebbles, so you will need more cement, while Quikrete mixes are easier to mix.

5. Sakrete concrete mixes are set within 20 minutes to 10 hours, while Quikrete products are set within 30 minutes to 24 hours.

6. Both concrete mixes provide the same strength of 4,000 psi in the first week.


When choosing sakrete vs quikrete play sand concrete mixes, it is very important to analyze the kind of project you are working on. Your decision will be highly impacted by this.

Remember, both the mixes differ in purpose. Sakrete is better for flat surfaces, poles, and posts, while Quikrete concrete mixes are better when used for sidewalks, curbs, footings, and stairs. Factors like content and budget should also be considered.


Can You Mix Quikrete And Sakrete Together

It is not recommended to mix quikrete and sakrete concrete products together. Although they are both concrete mixes, they have different formulations optimized for their specific applications and performance characteristics. Mixing the two products could alter these properties in unpredictable ways and weaken the cured concrete. It is best to use them separately per each product’s instructions.

How Long For Sakrete To Set

Sakrete concrete mix usually sets in around 60-90 minutes under standard conditions. Setting time can vary based on factors like temperature, quantity mixed, and thickness poured. Sakrete products also include rapid-setting options that can set more quickly in around 20-40 minutes for projects needing fast turnaround.

How To Use Quikrete

Quikrete concrete mix is used by adding a specified amount of clean water to quikrete’s pre-blended mixture of sand, gravel, and cementitious materials. Mix thoroughly to achieve proper consistency before placing and finishing the wet concrete. Quikrete has specific mixing instructions, cure times, working times that differ across its various product lines.

Is Sakrete The Same As Quikrete

While sakrete and quikrete are both well-known brands of bagged concrete mixes, they are different products in terms of their chemical compositions. Each brand develops its mixes to meet particular performance specifications and cure characteristics needed for various project applications. So they are not interchangeable 1:1 replacements for each other in a given concrete project specification.

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