Security Shutters for Home: Ultimate Guide 2023

Security Shutters for Home: Ultimate Guide 2023

In the last year 192, 060 home burglaries were reported in the UK. It might no doubt have alarmed you and caused you the most distress.

You must be feeling anxious about the safety and well-being of your family. There is a way through which you can protect your loved ones and possessions.

Security shutters are a residential home security product that protects homeowners against burglars and vandals. They can be fitted against windows, doors, and garage entrances.

These are generally made from hardened impact-resistant metals or aluminium. They can withstand even the gale forces of hurricane winds, so you can rest assured of your home security.

A security shutter consists of a curtain (coded metal track), guide rails, and a hood box. The perforated lath mechanism allows homeowners to get outside visibility and ventilation.

Based on the utility and function, these shutters can be either residential home shutters or commercial security shutters. This guide will find everything you need to know about home security shutters.

Types Of Security Shutters For The Home

Residential properties use rolling shutters. These come in either metal window shutters, door shutters for the main entrances and the garage entrance or non-mental ones.

These roll up and can be locked into place. They can be operated manually or through the use of an electric motor. Based on this, there are two main categories of security shutters:

 Electric Security Shutters

These operate on an advanced mechanism whereby you can control them using a switch. Nowadays, they can also be controlled via an app on the phone. An electric motor powers it.

You can set a timer for this security shutter to become active at certain times of the day, just like daily alarms on your phone. Furthermore, they come with the option for power backup in case of a power outage.

Manual or Belt-operated Security Shutters

The lower-cost option is the manual residential security shutter. These need to be closed and opened by the residents themselves.

They operate on either a hand crank or belt system. Although you can close or open them with minimal effort, they are not as viable as the automatic version.

Window roller shutters

Roller Shutters can also be installed as bolt-on or built-in. Bolt-on shutters have a headbox on the outside and are installed when there is insufficient space in the existing structure. Built-in shutters can be installed on a beam above a small opening.

Residential roller shutter garage doors

These roller shutters are usually made from electrified steel or anodised aluminium. These doors come strengthened with thicker curtain doors and increased locking strengths.

They open vertically to allow cars of all sizes to pass below. There is, however, a drawback to these kinds of shutters. You would have to compromise on the space in your garage.

Points to consider when installing security shutters

Homeowners should first consider the time and money required to install these security shutters. Additionally, they must also consider the following:

1. Roller shutters come in many colours and also patterns. Your best choice would be something in a neutral colour like white, beige, brown, etc.

2. Consider choosing a colour that matches with your roof or windows.

3. You must ensure your door and windows can still be opened after installing the security shutters.

4. Assess the level of security you need and plan accordingly.

5. Proper ventilation is essential, especially for garages. If not properly planned for air entry, the garage can become very hot.

6. Plan on the control options. The automatic option would be your go-to choice if you have back pain and cannot lift heavy things.


Besides metal window shutters, manufacturers are using other lighter materials to make durable shutters. So, choose the security shutter which meets your need. I hope this article has given you sufficient information about different types of shutters.

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